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  1. national naval flags please
  2. Primace

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    If we add submarines, do we still have to 12 v 12?
  3. Primace

    Premium Shop Price Decreases

    Good, Wargaming finally learns how to undercut the price and be competitive in gaming industry
  4. my suggestion: those light cruisers reveal their position even firing behind a cover
  5. Friesland suppose to have AA missiles
  6. Primace

    Best credit maker ship?

    USS Midway no surprise, consistent damage
  7. Canadian manpower was and still is so low that maintaining a 200k combat personnel was hard in WW2
  8. So the when will this current season end?
  9. World of Token Currencies, expecting more
  10. Primace

    Research Bureau Stacking

    no, not using FXP, just not buy a tier X ship is the biggest saving, its price is the combination of tier VII-IX
  11. Primace

    Research Bureau Stacking

    What do you mean? you lose the *2 research point?
  12. I heard you can choose to not buy the tier X ship after the reset, and after you unlocked the tier 10, you can reset again without buying the ship how does stack work, and what is the catch?
  13. though I disagree with Zoup more than I agree WoWS many contents are more optional than necessary no need to quit the game for any grind