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  1. You need to have a communicating platform, use discord or teamspeak
  2. no, $150, not 1500k FXP
  3. Primace

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    Minsk ship designing and building bureau will never run out of ideas, just create fantasy ships out of nothing
  4. Please have infinite service record and milestones, it will help seek and identify bots and give good players a well-deserved status award
  5. Primace

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    thank you mouse, our angel from the deep! you bring truth to the randomnized times
  6. Primace

    ARP Finished ! Love the Bright colours !

    did you finished with your credit card or in-game-mission?
  7. Primace

    CVs against DDs

    just pretending a DD roam 8km away from a BB and BBs have no way to shoot down those torps delete DD
  8. Primace

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    or Smolnya given the Slav population in US, it is a legit name
  9. Primace

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    Do you have a good name yet? I suggest you choose any name starts with "a", so always stay on top
  10. I thought it was my ISP's problem causing the lag
  11. Primace

    Premium Ship Review #138 - Bajie

    it is specialized for Asian server, where sniper is kill and bow tanking is the only option
  12. Primace

    Your opinion on Wukong?

    I will wait for Doubloon release thx
  13. Is Wukong any good? 2by3 torps with re-loader seems extremely useless, french 9km torps were never good plus nerfed gun reload shoud I buy, wait, Xmas crates or never?
  14. Primace

    40 containers haul

    Sadly no Wukong and some got 100k FXP from 40 crates
  15. Primace

    40 containers haul

    some 1 use camo 3000 doub 2 new year camo for Anshan and Wuhan 1 Swahili and 1 camo for her 1 Bajie I saw some got everything in 40, good luck and happy lunar new year