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  1. Primace

    Carrier is Weak

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlRww5WN3cg I don't want to whine so Carrier is weak when there is enough AA fire stack together so you can render 2 enemy ships useless by simply hold back, camp and stack is this good? I think so, 10 v 10, 2 useless ships won't be able to cover their repair cost
  2. Primace

    Why we can't get along

    no, there are not unlimited a game last 20min means a tier X CV can at most get back 20 planes of each type you shot down 30 planes, that is 1/3 of the total planes in a CV
  3. People take time to show their superiority and assure their dominance instead of defending their interest this sounds like ... we are going to have a mod for this while I am sitting in my couch
  4. Primace

    Alaska or Azuma?

    Hawaii is the better ship
  5. Primace

    Good bye Hakuryu

    I earned 30M credits with Hakuryu in a week, had fun, time to move on to next ships
  6. Yamato should take AP as default stance
  7. Primace

    Why not have Random w/CV and a Random wo/CV game modes?

    I agree, those who pick with CV will face enemy CV, and those without will have CV on their team, or reverse
  8. Primace

    How much free exp do you have?

    Earned another 30k today, thanks to 200% first win bonus
  9. Italy had BB, CL, CV, DD Soviet had marines
  10. Primace

    Midway is weak

    no citadel capable armament slow Congress approved torpedo slow small squadron
  11. Primace

    How much free exp do you have?

    Since WG retreated from coal-free exp dual-rail, you expect people to stock up for greater uncertainty I am sitting on 300k coal and 4.5m free exp, and 7m slave exp
  12. Primace

    How much free exp do you have?

    If WG is not too lazy, not pumping enough Free Exp ships, at least they can have all 4 Iowa class BB ready for FXP in a few months
  13. we have a lot of free experience you know it, I know it and WG knows it I wish to give/share a more accurate guess of loot opening and battle-harden accumulation maybe this can help us solve the million-experience-problemn: where the hell is Alaska? (arsenal, premium shop, or side-tech-tree?)
  14. From what I know and what I saw on forum new formula puts more weight on damage and how fast you win what do you think?
  15. what coincidence pre-WW2 some nations just pretend carriers didn't exist you guess who won the war