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  1. Illustratum_AEternam

    Best (most OP) premiums currently available

    Tirpitz the pinnacle of German battleship with a firing range of 21km! it will not get longer!
  2. You know there is a limit on criticism for Wargaming affiliates and associates now those influencers are no longer CCs expect anything from their mouths
  3. When I was 7, I was buying tons of soft gambling, ranging from Yo Gi O' card game to "carton stamp" collecting
  4. All Praise LittleWhiteMouse It would be super easy barely inconvenient to just put the Might MO in the premium shop and have a link in the armory.
  5. Illustratum_AEternam

    We should be grateful that WG donated to many museums

    There used to be $99 early access token bundles during Swedish DD event, and it never came back. Gambling makes more money apparently.
  6. Illustratum_AEternam

    McDonalds Lootbox

    It is AA+ Batteries AAA cannot be used on electric cars
  7. My local museums, Haida and Ontario Regiment Museum all received donation/sponsorship from WG. Many museums including Iowa, Lexington, Texas got maintenance from WoWS donations. But gambling is not okay.
  8. Illustratum_AEternam

    why no more rewards for achievements?

    It's like banning credit card for everyone after several credit frauds
  9. Illustratum_AEternam

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    He used N word and C word a lot, in a racially derogatory manner
  10. Illustratum_AEternam

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    Wanting to let you know: we support you if you need any help, we will try our best
  11. should really call the test servers "free test servers" and the live servers"paid tester servers"
  12. Illustratum_AEternam

    Old Whale, Beta fart here. Whos still here?

    Once I had all the ships but not anymore, premiumships aren't safe no more
  13. where is the tier IX container? the tier VII is trash because only got ship till 2019
  14. Illustratum_AEternam

    WG made 2 million from the De Witt Update(NA alone)

    I disagree. his poll is usable, but do take a grain of salt 2 million is really a low and conservative estimate
  15. Illustratum_AEternam

    WG made 2 million from the De Witt Update(NA alone)

    WG can have a single player release and peer-to-peer match making and let it go. That is died by WG but played by many.