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  1. Chuck92

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thanks for showing the community that you're looking out for us WG. You guys are the best. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this craziness!
  2. Chuck92

    Need help deciding

    I've been playing warships since beta and have had Tirpitz, and Massachusetts since the day they came out. Tirpitz has always been a real blast to play, and is a good earner. Massachusetts is also fun in her own way, but I honestly think Tirpitz is the best bang for your buck to get into premium brawlers. The choice is yours of course. Just thought I'd offer my two cents. Best of luck with your pick!
  3. You're absolutely right. The citadel is not only fine, but the Yamato is still, and always has been performing brilliantly for anyone who plays her correctly.