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  1. Tankman2751

    No subs please.

    why is there no subs in my armory ?
  2. Tankman2751

    CV Rework Feedback

    I never received the email with my credentials.
  3. Tankman2751

    Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    I sent a ticket in and since I was dropped from my clan, I didn't get oil for that or any previous clan.
  4. Tankman2751

    Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    I played for 3 years but since clan dropped me, I didn't get any coal when coal was started. Where's my coal WG?
  5. Tankman2751


    I got this error on running 6.4 WOWS public test. "entry point K32getprocessmemoryinfo could not be located in dynamic link library KERNAL32.DLL YOUR WELCOME please stop releasing american ships that suck. USS Alabama seems to be a competitive BB. US hull numbers were larger on the bow. Your welcome Tankman2751 seaman recruit?, I was never a seaman recruit!!