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  1. HMGKPred

    The Great Turkey Shoot of 2020

    Gobble gobble, I wanna be a turkey.
  2. HMGKPred

    Turkey Hunt 2020

    i dont speak for him but i rarely saw a pumpkin and i played all day at the tiers they were listed, pumpkin or turkey event i think it woulda been the same deal with lack of said pumpkins running around.
  3. HMGKPred

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    But guys.....we get a free captain...sure it makes up for everything, right?
  4. HMGKPred

    2020 Halloween Commander Voiceovers?

    its a big fat no sir, i got uber confirmation, very disappointing.
  5. HMGKPred

    So it’s been a month now...

    I dont know man, shadow nerfs are some of the scummiest moves anyone can pull even if its "unintended changes". Why not simply say its a nerf/change we implemented last minute instead of denying it was a shadow nerf for the torpedo n bomb planes and the altitude damages - extra plane damage. What ever happened to the planned AA range changes that you were gonna implement ? extending the ranges with only warning flak shots and lowering air detect ability of surface ships by air and the slow ramp up of the AA if the guns were turned on or off. Instead some of the already mentioned "unintended (shadow) changes" are just [edited], id be more okay with it being mentioned prior but just acting stupid and dumb over it is not what im here for, zero respect.
  6. HMGKPred

    2020 Halloween Commander Voiceovers?

    He did mean the main 3 from the event tho, i am 99% sure the other dudes dont have said unique Voices
  7. HMGKPred

    2020 Halloween Commander Voiceovers?

    I would also like to know, cause I got gypped when i bought the female russian commander during the russian BB event for a generic male voice
  8. CREM-FKR3T-UKZXF  claimed by me
  9. HMGKPred

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

  10. HMGKPred

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    so how does one attempt to be a pumpkin ?? or apply/register cuz i recall the last event for marauders was held by fem. I would like to be a pumpkin.
  11. I dont have the math for it but between both, of course the DPM is only slightly better with the 406's but with the extra damage you can do in that one salvo with the 420's will matter most of the time. Tho id wager the 406's are better on the FDG just cause of the dispersion and fewer guns, but im a glutton for pain so i still stuck with the 420's there too.
  12. I wanna share my thoughts and hopefully it gets taken as some constructive feedback to what ever department it needs to be heard, but to be very honest, i do not like the fact that the prime gaming rewards big thing is the rental of a ship for 3 days, aside from the free stuff per the camos and flags and the free commander which is greatly appreciated, i don't mean to be ungrateful or just sound like a GIMME GIMME GIMME FREE STUFF of a massive proportion kinda guy, i don't feel like a rental should be the mainstay of the reward, the previous ones like credits n some dubs and a 10 point commander were awesome, same as the cool big-ish containers per the previous events, but getting a rental which i have to spend credits on to gear up seems wasteful imo, i get its to try and get people to buy the ship if they like playing it but getting a reward which will *go away* is not much of a reward... Maybe there could have been more American tokens per the event, bundled with credits n dubs to keep up with the previous event with the Ashley commander or maybe postpone the prime rewards for the halloween events and give out a crate for a halloween skin, idk maybe its too much but something in regards to that event would have been cool, anything would have been better than getting a rental.
  13. HMGKPred

    Credit/Commander xp farming advice?

    Jawesome i had forgotten about LWM's chart and the other made with excel is perfect as well, all the info is appreciated and it should help me a lot, thank you all ^^ ( now i gotta git gud enough to deal the damages )
  14. So im trying to maximize my gains for the title mentioned, im a bit confused about whether to use a camo that has both commander and ship xp bonuses or if to use either just a high commander or ship xp bonus since ship xp is based on said commander xp, confusing i know..I have a couple of prem ships ( Alaska, Agir, Massa, Odin, Nelson, z-39, Lazo, Yoshino ) and i imagine the tier 8 - 9 ones are best to use, unless theres a super secret formula on the Alaska since a lot of people say its best to use, should i even bother to use the free camo's on them when grinding out commander or credits on em? when should i not use them for others? Thanks in advance for those that can provide me with intel
  15. Gimme prices gosh dang it ><