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    Expert on "The Philadelphia Experiment" of 1943, The USS Eldridge DE-173, and all things related.
  1. TallenAtear

    Ship of the Dead The Story of The SS Ourang Medan

    Today Mysterious Universe released a podcast about the SS Ourang Medan, and my website was top of the research notes. Unfortunately its only on MU+ but still nice to see my work recognized so fast but such a high quality Podcast. Check out their free shows if you into the strange stories, ufology, etc. https://mysteriousuniverse.org/.../02/19-07-mu-plus-podcast/
  2. The SS Ourang Medan In 1947 the Dutch Freighter SS Ourang Medan sent a cryptic SOS in Morse code; "All Officers, including the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead. This communication was followed by a burst of indecipherable Morse code, Then a final, grim message: “I die.” I first read of this in Vincent Gaddis’s 1965 book “Invisible Horizons: Strange Mysteries of the Sea-True stories that defy logic…” Now many years later I revisit this interesting legend to see what new evidence the passage of time has revealed. The Ship transmitting the eerie SOS signal was the SS Ourang Medan. Radio directional equipment established the ships last position and an American merchant ship, the Silver Star, was sent to investigate and render aid. The ship was found adrift approximately 50 miles from her Indicated position. When the Silver Star arrived alongside the Ourang no signs of life could be seen, although the ship itself didn’t appear to have suffered any damage. All efforts to contact the crew failed, and the ship was boarded. The decks were littered with the bodies with wide-eyed horror and their faces twisted into sheer terror, arms trying to fight off something. The ship’s dog was found dead as well, in the midst of snarling at the cause. The Captain was found on his bridge, the remainder of the Bridge Officers were found in the wheelhouse and Chartroom. In the wireless room the young operator, who presumably sent the distress call, lay dead with his earphones on, hand at his key. The engineering crew was also found at their stations with the same expressions on their faces. In all 22 crew members were found dead. Interestingly one lifeboat was missing, as well as one member of the crew unaccounted for and never found (at the time.) The rescue party noticed several things that seemed strange. The local temperature was in excess of 100°F but members of the rescue party felt an ominous chill. All of the victims had suffered from something, but none had any injuries when examined. They also seemed to be decaying quicker than they should be. They decided to toe the ship to the nearest port and began making preparations. Just as salvage operations began they noticed ominous billows of smoke pouring out from Number 4 hold. Quickly they cut the ship loose just as the Ourang Medan exploded with enough force to briefly lift it out of the water before rolling over and sinking… disappearing for good. Like The Philadelphia Experiment, the story of the SS Ourang Medan has become something of a legend over all these 75+ years, with new “facts” added here and there. Did it really happen? Read the full story here; https://www.de173.com/the-ss-ourang-medan/ complete with detailed information, letters found in the CIA Archives, Original Newspaper clippings and more. This page is still in the process of research and editing but already provides a deep dive into the subject and I hope you find it Interesting.
  3. TallenAtear

    80 Mega Gift results (Santa was good to me)

    I received 24hrs of prem time out of a small gift crate, bought 20
  4. TallenAtear

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    Since Update, WOW will only use my GPU 0 / Intel, and not the GPU 1 (Nvida 1060) I have installed newest drivers, I have installed Dell Drivers.. I have set the game and all apps to use highend graphics.. nothing helps. Other games use the GPU 1 as normal (EVE-online, 7 Days 2 Die tested for example) I have a Dell Gaming Laptop with 16Gb ram, NVida 1060 Graphics with 6GB Dedicated Ram, i7-7700HQ @ 3.4Ghz. Is there any way to specify the GPU in a config file?
  5. TallenAtear

    Did they not update the store or am I missing it?

    Did they not then come out with (think it was in a video) that they though adding all the premium ships to the store would be far to confusing of choices to new players or some such thing.. (Yawn.. yeh ok..)
  6. TallenAtear

    19pt capt

    This was a good Podcast on how to get to 19 Points faster and such; https://www.warshiptactics.com/warship-tactics-podcast/2018/5/7/wtp-19-point-captains-051 most are tips already discussed here but its a good lessen.
  7. TallenAtear

    30 planes shot down is too many for 2 days

    This is easy in a Gearing (2.4sec reload) I sometimes get over 250 hits.. or other fast shooter.. anytime I need like 250 ribbons I take out the Tirpitz and can rack that up easy with sec hits. But yah it can sound like a lot but there is a few ship options to make that easier.
  8. TallenAtear

    Wargaming, where is shop update?

    What I dislike is how the ingame shop is NOT the same as Premium shop once logged in from the website. wish it functioned the same.. for example some 66% off 1 time offers are in the web store but not the in game store at the time I put this in as a support ticket. Since there has been the same ship sold in game higher then the webstore (and yes same currency) Just a FYI to always check both for deals.
  9. TallenAtear

    Replays should be automatically enabled

    Ya would of loved to have a replay of a Saipan Carrier torpedoing and killing itself the other day. I was in my Benson running up to 3km from him as he launched 3 torp bombers, i avoided the torps and launched mine all 3 of his hit first killing him.. Does he get a pink Teamkiller for killing himself? lol