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    Expert on "The Philadelphia Experiment" of 1943, The USS Eldridge DE-173, and all things related.
  1. TallenAtear

    80 Mega Gift results (Santa was good to me)

    I received 24hrs of prem time out of a small gift crate, bought 20
  2. TallenAtear

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    Since Update, WOW will only use my GPU 0 / Intel, and not the GPU 1 (Nvida 1060) I have installed newest drivers, I have installed Dell Drivers.. I have set the game and all apps to use highend graphics.. nothing helps. Other games use the GPU 1 as normal (EVE-online, 7 Days 2 Die tested for example) I have a Dell Gaming Laptop with 16Gb ram, NVida 1060 Graphics with 6GB Dedicated Ram, i7-7700HQ @ 3.4Ghz. Is there any way to specify the GPU in a config file?
  3. TallenAtear

    Did they not update the store or am I missing it?

    Did they not then come out with (think it was in a video) that they though adding all the premium ships to the store would be far to confusing of choices to new players or some such thing.. (Yawn.. yeh ok..)
  4. TallenAtear

    19pt capt

    This was a good Podcast on how to get to 19 Points faster and such; https://www.warshiptactics.com/warship-tactics-podcast/2018/5/7/wtp-19-point-captains-051 most are tips already discussed here but its a good lessen.
  5. TallenAtear

    30 planes shot down is too many for 2 days

    This is easy in a Gearing (2.4sec reload) I sometimes get over 250 hits.. or other fast shooter.. anytime I need like 250 ribbons I take out the Tirpitz and can rack that up easy with sec hits. But yah it can sound like a lot but there is a few ship options to make that easier.
  6. TallenAtear

    Wargaming, where is shop update?

    What I dislike is how the ingame shop is NOT the same as Premium shop once logged in from the website. wish it functioned the same.. for example some 66% off 1 time offers are in the web store but not the in game store at the time I put this in as a support ticket. Since there has been the same ship sold in game higher then the webstore (and yes same currency) Just a FYI to always check both for deals.
  7. TallenAtear

    Replays should be automatically enabled

    Ya would of loved to have a replay of a Saipan Carrier torpedoing and killing itself the other day. I was in my Benson running up to 3km from him as he launched 3 torp bombers, i avoided the torps and launched mine all 3 of his hit first killing him.. Does he get a pink Teamkiller for killing himself? lol