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  1. Saw @Pizza_Ron_ in his DM haven't ran into him for months
  2. very interesting MM that it stacked it like that, I do wonder what does the Matchmaking bot considers for teams other than ship type?
  3. Updated for not sure why they changed the controls values for a micro patch but here you go camerasConsumer.xml
  4. Updated for 6.12.0 Its that time again, they added something about "PJSA012_Zuikaku_1944" don't think it'll affect anything for CV players about say if it does camerasConsumer.xml
  5. Shimakaze 20km torp giving you trouble..... Idk if you can't see a torp that has a default spotting range of 2.5km.... I think you might have bigger problems to worry about
  6. guessing the detection ranges for smoke firing will be updated in the post?
  7. British BB seems to be the new Hot Meta Topic if you want to grind for that
  8. Did you click on the lock before you hit play for battle?
  9. I ran 3 setups for captain skills Set 1 pewpew PM, EM, LS, TAE, BFT, CE, IFHE Shimakaze has decent guns just that turret rotation speed by default is pretty bad so EM makes up for it, and IFHE makes it so your HE has less of a chance to shatter/bounce on other ships Set 2 Support PM,LS, SSE, TAE, BFT, CE, IFHE Often I find people will crowd on you for smoke or you have to set up a screen and most of the time it doesn't block out the bb who trying to get behind it so if you want to be be more of a Utility role for the matches this works out. or if your more selfish gives you more room to move around within the smoke for repositioning and dodging Set 3 General play PM, EM, LS, SSE, AR, TAE, BFT, CE This is what I ran for awhile before IFHE got changed to 1% penalty for DD size guns, it comes with the great turret rotation from the 1st set and the bigger smoke from the 2nd set. Honestly I didn't find AR too helpful but since your going to take damage sooner or later in a match, might as well benefit from it
  10. I recommend TA if you do want to favor abit more on torpedo play. but if your finding yourself taking alot of fire SE never hurts
  11. you be surprise how many people sit in smoke in tier 10 matches, a wall of "skill" always flushes it out or there alot of wrecks afterwards
  12. Only real thing I see IJN DD being good for after Panasia line comes out is scouting and wall of torps into smoke, so guess smoke clearer is going to be its new role? If rader ships can't safely do it
  13. Updated for camerasConsumer.xml
  14. The dream lives on
  15. Updated for 6.11.1 camerasConsumer.xml