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  1. Think they should just trash this system, you think people get steamroll due to more experience players fighting the inexperience this is just going to make it worst
  2. Sadly it won't really fix the core problem with MM since you'll still end up with ultra onesided matches like this
  3. @piecesofpizza if you can find the answer for Torp DD play too please ping me since 100+ games in this new meta in the shima and i still can't figure out what I could had done better to combat CVs, while remaining effective/profitable in the game
  4. :3 hope to see the AL port added to this soon
  5. Muki41

    Are premium camos worth it?

    For a tier 10 its very worth basically turns the ship into a money printer so if you don't own a T9/10 premium this is another way to get a easy source of income
  6. Remember to be a good friend and tell your friend to avoid playing dds
  7. Muki41

    Shimakaze Torpedo Issues

    Could you provided a replay of this happening?
  8. Rare to see another Tier 10 dd with the triple tube setup, but with what stats that been given kinda just feels its a better torpedo boat then the shimakaze out right
  9. Yes because a 1k base exp win, shouldn't earn the same as a 2k base exp lost. Base exp can show how much a person/ship weight was affecting the match thus they get rewarded equal to the effort they put in. And as others have pointed out Detailed Report Tab also provides alot of info of what is weighted more to kill/damage etc
  10. Muki41

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    Would be nice if the Ocean map also got like 5-15km bigger too more room to move around
  11. So people request you post the other tabs to explain to you why the reward was different and you refuse to accept that logic This is starting to look like bait ;p
  12. Okay where the Team score tab screenshot
  13. Base EXP affects Credits earned so does, Damage, Spotting, Base Defense Ribbons, Capture Ribbons each one is weighted differently depending on Ship type best to check your Team Score and compare the two base exp of the differ games and pretty easy to make sense why you got rewarded more
  14. Muki41

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

    not too sure if the Clan Bank is a good idea sounds like a easy way to get robbed later on or for drama to start on it
  15. Muki41

    Revert the YueYang Nerf now!

    Shall we bring back the terrors of 2015 then?