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  1. Just fire at the bridge, when in doubt commit a warcrime the crew areas will always give you some points of damage unless there oversaturated
  2. Really should had made Deadeye only activate when in Standard Detection, there no reason for BBs to push in anymore
  3. If you had a 19point captain for that long you should easily have like 2mil saved up in captain free exp which will allow you to upgrade them to 21 point, or you know with the amount of commander exp flags saved up use them
  4. Muki41

    Tier 10's, what a let down!

    Either get good to make a income at tier 10, or go grind at lower tier
  5. Muki41

    Dear WOWS I am finally out

    If your shooting a cruiser under 1km and doing only 2k damage their probably under your guns meaning your just at best hitting their super structure and not the juicy citadel. With the amount of years you claim to have in this game you think you would know
  6. Muki41

    Is there a 'Jolly Roger' in WoWs?

    There was also one given during pirate day years ago can check the wiki on all the flags that are in the game
  7. Muki41

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    People are just frusrated with the game and since they can't take it out on the game/devs they put it on the users but like Steel said just ignore it, since the game is headed in a direction alot of the vocal part doesn't really like
  8. If your going for saving, it doesn't really matter too much as in you the player won't really notice the difference unless its a BB firing at you
  9. Muki41

    WW2 Japanese Destroyers

    Well the torps when the game first started had very low detection (around 1.2-1.5 if I remember correctly) but turns out High Alpha, Fast Torps, Long Range and Low detection is pretty overpowered and ended up encouraging the lemming community to just spam torps heck the term torp soup
  10. Muki41

    another island question

    Higher you go up the more range, ships get meaning they can arc their shots over the island without putting risk to themselves, not to mention radar goes through land masses so another way of getting intel on a cap. hope that give OP idea
  11. Muki41

    Why hasn't Radio Location been removed yet?

    2017 post being brought back, meta and skills abit different back then
  12. Muki41

    Welcome to Tier X!...

    With the player win average at tier 10 I rarely see superiour opponent, often its which team is less bad just work on mastery of the tier 10 ship and improve yourself more you'll find often its not the equal tiers that win/loses matches but player skill and ship line ups Back in the 2015 days I would just bring t2 or t5 dd into t10 just because they were as competitieve or even better then the other T10 DDs so not sure how new game mode would fix you getting wrecked in the tier
  13. Really wish you guys just made the additional music optional like a mod download instead of making us all download it
  14. I remember the days bringing the umikaze to t10 match was the best, sadly those days had a ton of fails divisons who didn't understand why people did the weird tier pairing