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  1. New Forum Changes

    Uploading XML files as attachments to the forums seems to break the file completely I.E check any of the XML attachments here all of them were working before the forum update
  2. Updated for People saying error when downloading re uploaded tell me if its fix or not Edit 2: seems WG broke their attachment upload; uploaded to MEGA now https://mega.nz/#!aQYBwAga!muvHUvE4GS-9rFFThD5vl0GaDByS0lApvDnxnuzkMck
  3. Epicenter: Yay or Nay?

    Honestly I like the mode but the some of the maps they decide to put it on aren't really that great for the mode
  4. click on the little drop down tab by the currency of the consumable as 0crazy8s0 pointed out
  5. can I have replay :o amazing to see 5 dds coordinate torp drops that well
  6. hey at least were not back to -/+3 mm those were the days
  7. yup, dispersion/accuracy gets better as you move up tiers intill you get about point and click fire
  8. Kii accuracy need a buff?

    Kii traded the sigma for having torpedoes from what I understand how the devs balanced it out
  9. Pass us a replay you probably weren't aimming correctly to citadel it as Lert posted earlier the Cleveland citadel is underwater so just hitting its upper broadside won't cause the deletion your looking for
  10. mmm I played this game mostly solo queuing, back in the day not many people were tier 10 so we got to recognize each others names or at least be in familiar terms, you get to meet alot of "interesting" people in this community compare to other games Plus this game only one that I can find provides the navel gameplay I'm looking for, and yes there is somethings I disagree with (Detonations) but the devs have shown they listen to the community and adjust what is needed And even if they nerf my ships I remember what I was told long ago ADAPT OR DIE
  11. Who have you seen in game

    traded some pew pew and dots with @Kevik70 while he was in his chung mu
  12. Missile Cruiser Questions

    They once had Jets for the tier 10 CVs... now they don't if that gives you idea how missiles will do to the game
  13. Tier 10 Grind

    :3 its the grind that never ends
  14. \o/ do I get a cookie now
  15. Tier 10 Grind

    should had grinded it when 100% free exp boost was going too