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  1. well you played with fire and got burnt, could be worse
  2. Type F3 Torpedoes

    Using it with the Shima is basically having a deathwish, you have to pre-turn away otherwise you'll run into their plane or hydro/radar even then you have a pretty bad for firing angle doing this safe method The shorter reload and speed gain doesn't really make up for the range, damage and detection lost, for trading it with the mod.3 better off using TA with mod.3 if you want fast short range torpedos
  3. People keep playing games that they have fun in, wow who would had thought

    get the captain skill that launches two planes?
  5. Tier 10

    If your doing tier 10 CV ya its going to take 1-10mins most of the time
  6. seems like he was a pink player and got team damage reflected to death from what I can tell
  7. Your ever changing WTR

    Have you played them during the first two weeks of there release? Since pan asia DD WTR were stuck at 1k WTR intill a few weeks later after their release
  8. Your ever changing WTR

    If your playing a "new" ship or a ship that doesn't have a big pool of games done in it the WTR average will flux like crazy give it a month or two and your WTR will go back to whatever you should be at I'm assuming your playing the french BBs
  9. Yamato Playstyle

    biggest problem with pushing in to the mid range with a yamato is if they get to your sides or even a decent 45 to your front, a player who knows the armor layout of the yamato can citadel it from there
  10. Shima needs top buff

    eh whinning never stops in human history but whinning does get things to change, remember when they nerf BB bow armor the whin from that was loud
  11. Shima needs top buff

    Can we just have the 15km range back for the Type93 mod.3
  12. Could try holding there hand abit more even if its back seat gamey, or passing them legal mods to make their life easier (navigator mod or more zoom out) I gotten afew people all the way to tier 10 before explaining angling and referring game mechanics to real life examples or their own personal exp and depending on what ship class they play recommend a captain level they should be at for that tier like for DDs I say around tier 5 you really want 10p captain , BBs/CAs I tell them doesn't matter intill tier 7/8 Best to also to encourage them to play when free give aways are going on newbies love getting free stuff and help feed them kills or something if the mission requires it
  13. 100+ Main Gun hits Single Game

    honestly you can rack up 100 hits easy in IJN cruisers provided your kiting far 12-15km and spamming HE
  14. Space Battle mode we had long ago was fun
  15. Yamato, Montana, or GK first?

    Montana probably better for a average player I think since it has a forgiving citadel, and very accurate guns