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  1. Not Really a Free Game

    As someone who played this game for free for about 4years or 3 if you don't want to include beta testing ya you can make it to T10 within a year or even shorter if you got the skill to
  2. The Ocean Poll!

    mmm Poll could be worded better
  3. Reason why it eats more pens cause the gearing ingame has an 21mm plate compare to all the other dds
  4. Tried out the module for about 30-40 games, its okay the tube turn speed feels like how shima guns used to turn before they got buffed so if you played gunboat shimakaze back then you should know the tricks on what to do. And if you haven't here some tips Highly recommend running the ASM1 module with it so your only taking a 60% drawback and get used to prelocking your tubes to a bearing (Ctrl-X by default if I remember correctly) that you want them pointed to ahead of time
  5. muki? ;o

    1. AspereX



    2. Muki41


      :o why message me here XD

    3. Wo_9


      iono i was just poking around lel

  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    The things I seen..... it pleases me
  7. Minotaur & Atlanta Detectability Ranges

    Mino also has access to the 5th module slot that grants another 10% to concealment
  8. Visits muki sempai's profile


    smug 8.jpg

  9. Nope seen alot of chinese players before on the NA server so I doubt its being blocked but idk how china does their great fire wall
  10. Matckmaker seems to be mirror tier/ship pretty well in high tier, if you want skill based I guess you could go to rank once you get high enough queue times drag out... here my exp in rank 5 queuing from this season and last...
  11. Camo still full price on Minotaur

    Always read the fine print
  12. Khab slots 4 and 5

    propulsion mod only really helpful if you plan on sitting still since it mainly affects the first 6kts
  13. Give it a Year and they'll probably Rotate the MO or a new T9 premium in and take the Musashi out