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  1. Muki41

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    If your getting chat ban alot, you might want to think what you're saying in those matches
  2. Muki41

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    I had something similar with connection issue, found just reinstalling WOWS to a new folder fixed it (Clean Install)
  3. Muki41

    Update bugs

    Try uninstalling your mods, to see if something wrong with the base game
  4. Muki41

    [WAIFU] Your Waifu is Trash

  5. Muki41

    Shimakaze Torpedo Options

    Well seeing how 20km have 2.5km detection the module won't really change much with how its spotted from the moon already, I seen alot of people already testing the Torp Module + TA Captain Skill will say not impressed
  6. Muki41

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    ummm you do know that module also takes the place of CE module right? Most people run that instead
  7. Muki41

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    Add in Strafing for these direct control planes, that way people can yell at the CV for not defending them
  8. Muki41

    IJN DD Signal Flags?

    honestly I just hoard my stat affecting signels unless in Rank/Clan Battle if you really want to use Stat affecting signels them in randoms then just remember always be running the anti det one, if your going to run any at all to max out your value
  9. could always make it so hitting the border is equal to beaching, there going to dead stop would open up some strats with using it tho
  10. If this is exploiting the system then okay... Still working hard on getting that solo WR on the shima to 60
  11. Back in the old day we did find one use of "plunging fire"
  12. Muki41

    suicidal friendly rams and harasses

    If you have replays enabled can grab the name from there
  13. alot of them are just fed up with community and meta from what I can tell
  14. Muki41

    When it's all said and Chung

    That torp nerf to the YY was kinda needed tho the gun nerf I didn't really understand