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  1. could always make it so hitting the border is equal to beaching, there going to dead stop would open up some strats with using it tho
  2. If this is exploiting the system then okay... Still working hard on getting that solo WR on the shima to 60
  3. Back in the old day we did find one use of "plunging fire"
  4. Muki41

    suicidal friendly rams and harasses

    If you have replays enabled can grab the name from there
  5. alot of them are just fed up with community and meta from what I can tell
  6. Muki41

    When it's all said and Chung

    That torp nerf to the YY was kinda needed tho the gun nerf I didn't really understand
  7. Muki41

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Pay the Credits to speed the training to 50% then pay with free exp to full retrain if you really don't want to grind the captain with reduced skills
  8. Think you should ask your country to pay you abit more so you can just buy the premiums you want
  9. Muki41

    Jet planes on carriers

    Weren't they nerf to F4Us with less HP, DPS and Speed if I remember or was the that post post change after the Jets, also pretty sure they changed the movement physics for the planes
  10. I won't mind detonations if the explosion was more flashy instead of the normal death animation
  11. Muki41

    Jet planes on carriers

    They were removed due to game balancing, but guess we could have it just for cosmetic reasons but knowing this community someone will complain about why a jet moving that slow etc
  12. Well if your talking about just IJN DD Torp line nothing has changed too much with how they played before in 2016 , the torps still have the high detection nerf they got slapped with back then so your going to have to compromise with closing in to ensure the spread of the torps doesn't go wide and get detected along the the way, people now use their guns more in torp DDs. Radar been added into the game depending when you left, its similar to hydro expect it only spots ships generally ranges out to 7-12km Planes are still your biggest enemy but nice thing now is they can't spot torpedoes anymore but beware CVs now have a very direct control over the planes weapon system. Otherwise everyone else has covered what needed to be said here welcome back to working hard to get results.
  13. Muki41

    I want to BUY STEEL

    If you want to buy steel go see if someone willing to be paid to play your account in Clan Battles and Rank just remember this probably breaks the ToS you signed when you made the account
  14. Think he talking about zoom mods, that affect the ingame camera?
  15. Muki41

    Is Gearing outdated?

    With somers coming in yes