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  1. Need a bigger map pool for high tier play, also can we get some of the maps from Beta back or at least maps that are to there sizes
  2. Muki41

    Glad I just bought the Yeuyang, thanks WG!

    idk why you think it won't be able to gun "any" tier 10 dds after the change the 1 second gun load time puts it to the same ROF as Z-52/Grozo, the YY will still having a higher ROF over the Khab, and any Torp boat which it primary bullies the latter , while I doubt the gun change will go through. It really won't hurt an non-yolo player or people who can aim that much, or if it really bothers you can gun spec into it for the YY Torp reload nerf was something I excepted to happen when I first got mine hands on the boat, a low detection torp with decent damage, fast speed and good range, and having a reload that is around 100secs when spec for it makes for a deadly anti cruiser boat. So all the nerf is hurting is people who relies on the quick reload to spam volley off. People will probably swap back to the gearing if they really want a 100~sec reload long range torp spam boat or truly care about having that 1 more second to its guns if the changes do come in. WG learned pretty fast after Belfast not to put Radar and Smoke on the same boat. If you really care that much about damage farming go smoke, radar more of a Team Utility tool meaning it shouldn't only be you shooting at whatever your lighting up with it unless you can solo kill confirm
  3. Muki41

    Glad I just bought the Yeuyang, thanks WG!

    It won't hurt the ship too much just means if you want to use the torps alot just got to spec for it now
  4. Muki41

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    What would be more mean is in a Mikasa
  5. Well you grinded for one of the torp dds with probably the highest skill floor not sure how you expected it to be any different from the other IJN torp dds you grinded through, just being tier 10 doesn't make it OP or god like just means there more risk and utility to the play. I been playing with the shima since CBT to now and still been doing fine in her, the main thing in this meta you got to do is not be overly aggressive if this means only staying 3-4 km from the fleet during the opening then so be it and later on you can become a surface submarine that causes PTSD to everyone. So change your thinking on the ship you're not a destroyer you are an submarine if you get spotted your chances of living is pretty low since everyone hates subs but as a sub you get to choose how the fight starts so planning ahead on positioning is key. Here my Stats on the ship if you doubt that I been doing poorly overall Have not read through the thread yet so this just responding to the OP first post
  6. Muki41

    CV Rework Feedback

    looking at what the youtube video shown for gameplay think it'll just encourage DDs to hug the fleet even more, instead of going out and capping or spotting
  7. Muki41

    More Balanced IJN X DD needed

    :p they were 15km low detection high damage torps tho most people ran TA on them Tho if WG would restore the shimakaze 12km back to 15km would be interesting how that pans out
  8. Muki41

    Not Really a Free Game

    As someone who played this game for free for about 4years or 3 if you don't want to include beta testing ya you can make it to T10 within a year or even shorter if you got the skill to
  9. Muki41

    The Ocean Poll!

    mmm Poll could be worded better
  10. Reason why it eats more pens cause the gearing ingame has an 21mm plate compare to all the other dds
  11. Tried out the module for about 30-40 games, its okay the tube turn speed feels like how shima guns used to turn before they got buffed so if you played gunboat shimakaze back then you should know the tricks on what to do. And if you haven't here some tips Highly recommend running the ASM1 module with it so your only taking a 60% drawback and get used to prelocking your tubes to a bearing (Ctrl-X by default if I remember correctly) that you want them pointed to ahead of time
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  14. I am just learning destroyer play and starting with IJN. I guess due to having family members who served on destroyers in the war. I ask if it is ok to follow you I s. You amaze me with abilities. 

    Many thanks Muki-san

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      Thank you very much, Mz. Muki. 

    3. Muki41


      Oh forgot to add practice firing the torpedo's on narrow mode only it'll help you later down the line

    4. bokyakuJun


      thank you never hit anything with wide spread they seem to steer between the projectiles.