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  1. IrritatedRhino

    What's up with the API?

    I like to track my stats with 3rd party sites, but apparently, the API hasn't been keeping up with the changes... Are there any plans on updating the API?
  2. IrritatedRhino

    Public API

    Are there any plans to update, work on the public API? It seems that many of the newer features are not reflected. It seems to not have been updated in some time. Is this important to anybody else, or just me? Let me know what you guys think, or if I am missing something. Cheers!
  3. IrritatedRhino

    Experience and Naval Battles

    Our clan participates in Naval Battles and we generally enjoy them... I love the concept and it encourages me to play ships that I may not usually play... However... It frustrates me to no end when I play an outstanding game ... I mean, I am killing it, spotting, dodging torps left and right, sinking 2, 3, 4, or more red guys... and for whatever reason, my team loses... So instead of winning a star for the clan, I get kicked in the shorts on experience... No star, even though I got a Kraken... Unfortunately, this happens quite often. IMHO, it would be so much better if: A. The top three players on the losing team did not get penalized for losing (grace) B. No players get penalized for losing (meritocracy) C. There is a separate exp score for Naval Battles that does not adjust for win/loss (gotta keep 'em separated)
  4. This is awesome. I did not know this.
  5. Understood. There are many clans that can do this. I believe there seem to be diminishing numbers of players and increasing competition for motivated players... I believe if we had a lower threshold, or at least the option for it, we sould see better participation in CB. Additionally, we would probably see better player retention.
  6. Yes, this makes a lot of sense. Although I have found it to be a giant pain in the butt to get new seasoned recruits. I can get lower tier recruits all day long, but guys with decent stats and more than a couple hundred games are either clanned up already or they only stick around for short time and then they peter out... Sound advice though. Again, circling back to the original issue, This should not be so much work. It takes the fun out of it. I want to play the game, rather than spend hours on logistics... I will take this advice though and start pruning... I have this one guy that plays every day, but will not answer clan chats. ever. Totally ignores. He is a good earner though, so I won't whack him yet...
  7. We have it, but that is another thread ;)
  8. I have been playing since beta. I have had a clan for a few years and we have only been able to join clan battles a handful of times. It is always the same story: we get a few guys together and start a div, 3 then 4... We start inviting clan members to join (which is a phenomenal pain in the butt, more on that later) and invariably we get 5 or six guys sitting in the division for a couple of hours waiting for a full team that. more often than not, fails to materialize. We can usually get 5 guys together, sometimes 6 and almost never, 7. If we do manage to field a team, we usually can only play one or two games and one guy has to leave, so it is really anti-climatic. We have tried checking in every 15 minutes, then going off to play randoms, but we are still not able to field 7 The window to play is pretty short, particularly if you consider time zones, dinner, work, etc... and getting 7 guys online and in a team at once is like herding cats. Here are some issues I have noted: It is difficult to field a team of 7 considering the max amount of guys is (in our case) 45. Essentially we need about a sixth of the clan to be online and want to play CB Typically there are other challenges and players do not want to waste time waiting in an under-strength division while a team forms After waiting in a couple of divs for hours and never getting a team together, or playing one game is discouraging and makes it even harder to field future teams It is impossible to contact/communicate with the entire clan to plan/schedule There is a clan chat issue/bug that randomly blanks out chat history, making it even more difficult to communicate and organize a team We can only invite the number of open slots in the division, so if there are a bunch of guys online, we can only invite a few at a time, further reducing the chance of getting the magic 7 players Here are a few ideas that would make Clan Battles more accessible and an overall better experience (imho) All clan members instantly added to contacts An option for smaller teams. i.e. if selected 4 v 4 mode would result in smaller teams. An option for lower-tier teams. (This is probably not needed, as the availability of rentals, fixes the issue where players do not have higher tier ships) Message All option for clan officers, to message the entire clan at once. Message All Online Message All Division Queueing - the option/feature to allow players to play random games while waiting for a team to form. In a nutshell the player: Receives an invite to join a CB Div Accepts the invite Enables Division Queueing Can leave the division and play other game modes while the team is forming Once a team is formed player is added back into the CB Div once his current game is completed (or his ship is destroyed) Once all queued players are recalled play can start. This would also allow for more than 7 players to be in the queue, so if a player drops out of the div the next player in the queue is added Offline notifications Clan chat notifications flash a different color, or in a more noticeable fashion. Buzz player - Ability for officers to buzz a player via a pop up, or something of that nature... We have a lot of guys that really would like to div up and CB, but we have all agreed that it is super frustrating and hopefully some of these suggestions make sense.. Please leave your own suggestions and maybe WG will put an eyeball on this. Cheers!
  9. IrritatedRhino

    Dear WG, please fix clan chat...

    Yep. Again. C'mon WG can you at least acknowledge it?
  10. IrritatedRhino

    Dear WG, please fix clan chat...

    Annnnnnnd again... Clan Chat on the fritz.
  11. IrritatedRhino

    Dear WG, please fix clan chat...

    I just don't get it. Can't they go across the hall and borrow some code from WoT? This is such a basic thing and it is crucial to organize clan battles, particularly when we have to scrabble together 7 guys for a CB... Very frustrating. I know tons of guys have complained about it.
  12. More often than not, I open clan chat and there are no messages there. I have asked other players and they have noticed similar behavior. As a result, members do not check it regularly... It is extremely difficult to communicate with the clan... Perhaps, would it be possible to have a mechanism (other than discord) to message the entire clan. If even the officers were able to send clan wide personal messages, that would be helpful. As it is now, I believe that we have to actually add clan members to chat groupings and then message individually. and you cannot send the same message without waiting a few moments... This makes messaging the clan extremely tedious and time consuming. We have found it extremely difficult to field a team for CB and half of it is communication... You guys work hard and the game is awesome... I hope this makes sense and is something you can do...
  13. IrritatedRhino

    Smaller Clan Battle Teams

    Thanks, Crucis. We will keep pushing. We have a lot of good guys, and we have fun. Incidentally, on a liner note, I have had several matches with SALVO guys and two things: 1. They are always good sports and I am always glad to be in a match with them... If they are on my team, I know they are solid players and if they are on the evil red team, I know that it will be a challenging battle... 2. They are always skilled and definitely top-shelf players. Cheers and see you out there.
  14. IrritatedRhino

    Smaller Clan Battle Teams

    Agreed, but it is a lot of work to get good, motivated players (particularly when you are a lame old fart like me), and then find good motivated players that don't trash talk etc... I have a discord channel, but it is pretty lonely in there :( Cheers and thanks for the advice.
  15. IrritatedRhino

    Smaller Clan Battle Teams

    Actually, 1v1 is pretty awesome when you have a good opponent.