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    Annual remove detonations thread

    Just bumping this. Had two unpleasant experiences today.. one was my DD taking a stray hit from another DD and exploding... And the other was in my Massachusetts the secondaries detonated a Yugumo with (I think) their first volley. Either it ruins my game, or I have to apologize to whoever got screwed by this dumb mechanic. And yeah, historically it happened. But DDs in this game have infinite torpedoes.. For some reason you can't see a 400 foot ship 5 KM away sometimes.. Flooding somehow consistently makes a ship sink within minutes unless they have a magic instant fix button. Ships have random HP values assigned to them. The most important tier is almost exclusively made of ships that never existed, and on and on and on. WoWs is so clearly an arcade game.. If you're going to pick and choose your history for the sake of gameplay, then why pick detonation for inclusion? It's the worst.
  2. Armor alone should discourage reckless behavior, which is half of what makes this interesting. As a cruiser it would be highly situational for using secondaries.. But these firing arcs on US 6 inchers are great... secondary positioning is fantastic next to Mass which has all of her secondaries clustered midships and recessed limits her firing arc. Would be very interesting vs DDs and other cruisers. Especially when combined with relatively slow reloading main guns. Sacrifice armor and quantity for improved versatility on firing arcs and cruiser consumables.. Sounds very interesting to me. Again, maybe not for Alaska, but for Guam or another of her class. At any rate its always been a bit strange that US ships rocking the 6 inch as a primary have been great, but those that have them in abundance as secondaries (minus Mass) have had garbage. Alaska VS Massachusetts
  3. For me the fact that she can't really tank is what makes the secondary build kind of an interesting idea. Something a bit different. I like seeing how players adapt to ships that are a bit quirky. I also think the resulting DD "oh crud" moments could be funny.
  4. I think it would be fun. Her front and rear 6 inch turrets are centrally located and have great firing angles resulting in a broadside of 4 x 2 6 inch; only 1 turret short of the 5 x 2 broadside on the mass. Since secondary specs can only target one enemy it reduces the effectiveness of the total 10x2 Mass turrets vs 6x2 on the Alaska to at best 5x2 vs 4x2 with Alaska having more versatile firing arcs. Would be interesting to have a secondary ship that specializes in hunting DDs. I'd like to see Alaska/Guam both in the game mirroring Alabama/Mass as far spec.