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  1. DukeTestudo

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    Questions: should we just dump our results in here (as others have already done?) Also: any limitations on reports per single ship? Like, if I'm grinding a Tier VI and have 4 or 5 results of the same ship, do you want to see them? Don't want to send over useless data.
  2. DukeTestudo

    Why do people announce they are quitting?

    Depends how it’s done. Some people have noted drama, but consider the flip side - if somebody with some visibility just stopped playing and/or disappeared entirely, the Internet rumour mill would churn like crazy, so you end up with drama either way. Plus, it’s good to know sometimes if people ARE leaving, because that’s the only way you find out that more crap has been going on behind the scenes. (like somebody screaming about a game mechanic being broken vs somebody screaming about harassment with chat logs to prove it and zero action, for example.) And sometimes it is worth the emotion. The way WG has handled the Yukon situation, for example, generated a lot of anger, and seeing that anger reminds us both of the emotional investment that people have in game (which has value), and that in this particular case there are real stakes - we know for sure of two people who have lost their jobs over Yukon (one involuntary, one voluntary) and who knows what other churn is happening in the dark? A lot of drama IS useless, IMHO - but a lot isn’t. As much as how I wish the signal to noise ratio were better, I’d prefer to see the churn (at least to a certain point) and have at least some idea of what’s going on versus a polite wall of silence with the admonition “Everything is fine, nothing to see. Move along now.”
  3. DukeTestudo

    WG "Shout Out"

    They could start by saying publicly: 1) In regards to LWM, We screwed up, and we screwed up apologizing for the screw up. 2) We've yelled at the person who yelled at you and made sure they can't do any more damage. 3) We will commit to implementing your and Chobittsu ideas of a Canadian BB design as HMCS Sackville (I think that was the name they proposed?) within the next ship dev cycle. But yes, it's her decision if she trusts the WoWs team, and, by extension, WG itself ever again.
  4. DukeTestudo

    WG "Shout Out"

    Cutting through all the promises, they need a cultural change within their management teams to implement all of this AND to do it in such a way that actually changes the course of the game in a positive manner. That's always really hard to do, even when done in an earnest way. World of Tanks gave an external sign of a real commitment to change by hiring Paul Barnett a few years ago. I guess we'll see if something similar happens here.
  5. DukeTestudo

    Purchase Offer For The NA & EU Assets Of WOW'S

    Problem is though, we don't know if it IS tanking or will tank. We don't have numbers, we don't know what proportion of revenue is produced by NA vs EU vs RUS vs ASIA. Since WG is a private company, they're not obligated to post financials. It's all conjecture. All we know for sure is that a bunch of people are going to be angry enough to leave, that we don't know what proportion of those people are compared to the player base, and that we don't know how many of those people actually pay money to play the game. But, let's assume for a second your best case scenario does come to pass, that Victor gives you control of WoWs NA for $1. Then what? How are you going to make payroll? How are you going to pay the first set of monthly bills? How are you going to handle asset ownership transfer? What's your leadership team look like? How are you going to handle your financial reporting? Where are you getting your customer support and programming support and engineering support from? If you think you can figure it out after you purchase the assets -- then you're making the same mistakes that WG is making now, and you're going to be pissing off a portion of the player base through neglect, just like WG is doing now. In other words - if you don't go in with something other than good intentions, you're making the same mistakes WG made / is making.
  6. DukeTestudo

    4 new updates

    Betcha it was bug fixes related to submarines and/or maps, based on whatever telemetry they're getting from the game clients.
  7. DukeTestudo

    Purchase Offer For The NA & EU Assets Of WOW'S

    Intent plus a nickel gets you a nickel. *shrug* I appreciate the sentiment here, but this is not how the world works. You need more of a plan than good intentions and the outrage of a segment of a gaming community for anybody to take an offer of purchase of any sort seriously, especially with the logistics involved in running a game company with 24/7 online service involving tens of thousands of players. Especially since WG itself is a private company -- the only way you're going to even start a negotiation is if you convince Victor or Valdimir Kislyi to pay attention to you. And that means serious cash (think tens of millions of Euros minimum for the purchase, plus millions more in funds to operate while you're establishing your cash flows) and a serious plan. Good luck.
  8. DukeTestudo

    Jingles out as CC

    He still has an active YouTube channel with 645K subscribers, he's still posting WoWs replays with commentary that get anywhere from 80K to 100K views. He has bigger platform than most, and influence with the English speaking community if he chooses to use it.
  9. DukeTestudo

    Close the wallets for the mouse.

    Yeah - unfortunately, the only way a boycott would actually work is if a majority of the playerbase said "No, we're not playing the game for a week." And you'd have to get a large proportion of the highest visibility streamers and content producers to sign up. But, for most of them, you're not just asking them to not play for a week, you're asking them to forego a week of income. For us, it's a game, for them, it's a career. In other words, I think it's going to take more than mistreatment of a single CC before they're willing to take up pitchforks. (Look up the SirFoch WoT incident in 2017, look at how many CCs said "THERE MUST BE CHANGE", including people like Jingles and QuickyBaby.... and look at how many of them still make WG content in 2021.) Sadly, the real problem is the same problem most successful companies have - they have employees that, one way or another, have grown too arrogant, and their supervisors aren't willing to slap them down. The only time I saw WG actually meaningfully eat crow was after the WoT Rubicon disaster, and that was because pretty much the entire playerbase went up in flames including Russia. Also, remember that most WG employees are actually decent human beings (at least the ones I've encountered over the years have been nothing but polite and cheerful) -- it only takes a few rotten apples in the right positions to make life hell for everybody. So, make sure you point your flamethrowers in the right direction, if you choose to go that route. Long story short - the best way to support LWM is her Patreon; even if she never produces a single item of WoWs content again, she at least deserves some support right now as thanks for all the time she's put in. I don't know if Patreon links are verboten if pasted in -- you can Google Patreon "AprilWhiteMouse" to get there. As for the rest - it's up to everybody to decide how much they're willing to tolerate. In my own personal opinion, I think it would be good even for people who don't care at all about this situation to stop spending money for a month or two -- just enough to make a noticeable dip and remind WG that too much stupidity and players will walk. Though, to be completely honest, I think that if people did that, somebody over in Cyprus or Russia would use that as an excuse to shut down WG NA. In the end, we're still a potential market - Russia and, to a lesser extent China, are still the kings in WG marketing portfolio.
  10. DukeTestudo

    Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

    Immediate sub feedback - I'm seeing at least one player in each co-op match I've played (maybe a half dozen in total so far?) fire on subs with their main guns, even when the subs are way too deep. And not in circumstances where it would make sense (i.e. when a sub is about to run out of endurance) -- I watched a Des Moines fire continually for about a minute on a target that wasn't coming up any time soon. If subs are going to be put into the standard battle queue, you're going to need a better tutorial on how to fight these things, or you need more prominent symbology when something isn't a target. I'm sure some of those players didn't understand when I lined up for a depth charge run and drove through their fire to drop depth charges -- to them, it looks like I'm deliberately courting friendly fire.
  11. DukeTestudo

    Login lockup workaround

    Okay, I thought I was going crazy, kind of glad to hear other people are also experiencing something like this. Normal login, I get to the point where the screen says "logging in" and the whirlygig slowly goes around in circles, and it can take a minute or two before I get to the port screen. But, if I tab out and tab back in, the whirlygig spins really fast, and I'm at the port screen in seconds. I don't need to do anything, don't run Task Manager or any other program -- it's sufficient to tab out to the desktop and then tab back into the game.
  12. Problem is, as long as internal revenue hits targets, WG corporate probably won’t care what WoWs RU does. It’s obvious WoWs will never really be the hit that WoT is - and right now, their top priorities are a) keep the WoT cash rolling in and b) find something, anything that can replace it on a revenue basis. This discussion, while really important to a lot of people here, and while it would be the decent human thing to do, it doesn’t rank because if they gave in on all counts, it still doesn’t make enough difference in the bottom line compared to other things they can do with the time and financial investment. (There is a very good reason why LWM and a bunch of other people thought HMCS Haida would be the only Canadian ship in the game - how many of us are there that spend significant time and money with the game that would be the core market for a Canadian ship? Dozens? Maybe hundreds? It doesn’t make financial sense to make Canadian ships unless they’re so OP they appeal to everybody - at which point you’re creating a whole different set of problems.) Never forget - if a company is for-profit, they’re going to prioritize profit over other considerations almost all the time. I’m not saying all executives are automatically evil - but their job is to prioritize return for their shareholders and owners. Hopefully they do it humanely and with courtesy - but that core requirement is always there. Long story short - barring some miraculous come to Jesus moment, I don’t see much changing. Which is sad, given the high base quality of the game and the dedication shown by people to it. I really hope I’m wrong though.
  13. DukeTestudo

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I think the really sad part is that whoever made the final decisions on this ship, could have had access to people who had the knowledge and the motivation to make even a paper ship something interesting and with a legitimate Canadian heritage, honoring the history and traditions of the RCN.
  14. DukeTestudo

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    That's why when I play co-op, I only fire my torps at point blank range. I don't trust the bots. Which, when you think about it, is probably the one aspect of co-op that's exactly like random battles - don't trust your teammates. :D
  15. DukeTestudo

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    Yeah, I would appreciate leaving the warning enabled, or giving us the option to leave it enabled. Not all friendly fire incidents are deliberate acts of malice, and I don't want to be in a situation where because I zigged when the other person thought I would zag, I stop torpedoes from hitting an enemy ship. Admittedly this is a pretty rare occurrence already, so, it's probably more a panic reaction to the truth that "there are no such thing as friendly torpedoes." I do like the change in general though -- most of my friendly fire incidents occur when I'm focused on a target with a dakka dakka ship, and then another friendly ship sails to brawl or ram or yolo and gets caught in the crossfire. Purely accidental, and because I lost situational awareness. (Which, when you think about it, is the root cause between all accidental blue on blue fire anyway.) The real problem, of course, is that no technological system can solve PEBKAC. If somebody is determined to play badly and/or play maliciously, they'll find a way.