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  1. Damn, I got 2 coal sacks and 2 tier-X subs. I was hoping for 3 coal sacks.
  2. Xime

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    U.S. submarines have the following key features: Long-range torpedoes. Small number of loaders. High sonar ping velocity. Good maneuverability. Access to the Enhanced Rudder Gears consumable, which accelerates the diving plane shift time and makes it possible to change diving depth faster. Sound travels at the same velocity through the same density of material regardless of the force put behind it. This is a scientific fact, to say otherwise would be like: "We are going to change the force of gravity so some ships shells travel farther". It renders this game mechanic as COMPLETE UTTER NONSENSE.
  3. Xime

    Submarine Testing

    Submarines don't belong in this game. The way they work in the game and their abilities have no relationship to reality. Adding spaceships or dragons would be just as realistic.
  4. Xime

    Premium Ship Review: Konig Albert

    Not a complete statement. The Bayern had been completed in time for Jutland but had not finished trials and commissioning. It spent the battle in harbor acting as a flagship communications relay.
  5. Xime

    Armada: Habakkuk

    "It took three hot summers to melt Habakkuk completely—she was huge, as she had been designed to be resistant to torpedo hits and withstand the largest recorded waves." First off, this is not accurate. The ship was never built. What was built was a 1000 ton small scale prototype in a lake in Canada. That is the object that took 3 years to melt. 40.7 knots???? The ship would have weighed over 2 million tons. WoW designers are good at figured power to weight ratios. Figure that one out. In actuality, the ship if built would have had a maximum speed of 6 knots. Put that in the game!
  6. Xime

    Agincourt coming to WoWS!

    Yes they kept the money, someone had to pay for completing the ship. Another tidbit, the Turks had planned on using it as a flagship and had lavishly decorated it inside including fine Turkish crockery and dinnerware most of which got broken when they fired a broadside. The crew called the ship, the Gin Palace.
  7. Xime

    Agincourt coming to WoWS!

    I have a book about her. After Brazil defaulted on it, the Ottoman Empire decided to buy it with money raised by Turkish citizens. Britain which was dubious about the Ottomans getting there hands on it, delayed completing the ship by not installing the last 2 turrets. Once the war broke out, Britain seized it and the turret installation problems were magically overcome. Turkey was outraged which decidedly pushed it into the German camp and to seal the deal, German then turned over the battlecruiser Goeben to the Turks although it was still largely manned by a German crew. The British admiralty did not like the ship due to the way it was designed. Brazil had decided that they wanted the largest warship in the world to impress their neighbors while ensuring it was a comfortable flagship. The result was a ship which was not as well armored as it's contemporaneous British battleships, had a large turning radius due to it's length and had large open spaces within the hull which could make it prone to flooding. The Royal Navy was afraid that if it fired a full broadside that it could be severely damaged or even capsize neither of which turned out to be true. The crew for the ship was dredged out of a combination of reservists, men serving in the brig for various offenses and other less than desirables. Due to it's spacious accommodations by Royal Navy standards, the crew loved the ship. The ship was assigned to a squadron composed mostly of other one off ships. It fought at Jutland where it fired off a few salvoes with undetermined results. In return it suffered some trivial splinter damage. After the war, the Royal Navy was eager to get rid of the ship and quickly scrapped it.
  8. The description of the Kansas shows it as having 45 cal Mk7 turrets and guns when it actually has 45 cal Mk5 turrets and guns. The Mk7 was a 50 cal as mounted on the Iowa, Missouri and Montana.
  9. Xime

    Submarine Testing

    Magic submarine torpedoes which ignore torpedo reduction when pinged twice. Amazing. Perhaps we can add magic armor piecing shells which ignore armor when the target is illuminated by radar. The submarine rules get stupider with each iteration.
  10. Xime

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Yes there is, they suck.
  11. FYI for the Five Epochs of the Navy" Campaign, the ARP Kongo doesn't count as a Kongo in the campaign missions.
  12. Xime

    Armada: Pommern

    Why didn't you make the way it was designed, 8x406mm guns?
  13. Xime

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Just what everyone was asking for, more CVs and paper ones at that.
  14. They keep trying to push submarines on us with absolutely no resemblance to historical accuracy.. The minute they show up in random battles, is the minute I uninstall.