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  1. BiggNuGgEt

    PTS Updates 0.9.11 and 0.9.12: Round 1 Bugs

    DOCKYARD TOKENS SHORT Description: The description states you can complete 22 phases with the mission directives, but adding up the tokens in the directive rewards, I can only count 20 phase tokens. Either I've missed something or the description needs to be changed to reflect this, or someone needs to do the maths a bit better with the directive tokens. How to Reproduce Go to Dockyard, read description at the top of the screen: states can complete 22 phases by completing directives. Go to Combat Missions in game Battleships2 - tokens only add up to 20 for all directives completed. Result Can only complete 20 phases by completing ditectives, not 22 as in the dockyard description.
  2. BiggNuGgEt

    PTS Updates 0.9.11 and 0.9.12

    You can repeat tasks to get the required number of stars, just get stars second time and do not get rewards second time, so it can be completed.
  3. BiggNuGgEt

    PTS Updates 0.9.11 and 0.9.12

    DOCKYARD TOKENS SHORT The description states you can complete 22 phases with the mission directives, but adding up the tokens in the directive rewards, I can only count 20 phase tokens. Either the description needs to be changed to reflect this, or someone needs to do the maths a bit better with the directive tokens.
  4. Having issues with Key Battles. Game freesing and odd happenings during game - loss of visibility, no health data etc.
  5. BiggNuGgEt

    Submarine Testing

    ANTI-SUBMARINE PLANES AVAILABLE TO BB AND HEAVY CRUISER CREATING IMBALANCE TO GAME PLAY! One issue I have encountered that may have changed the balance in the game, is the use of anti-sub aircraft by BB's to spot DD's. I do not know if WG factored this change into the rebalance, but it is definitely giving BB's an advantage over DD's not previously available to them. I have not yet played a BB, so I don't know what the cool down is on the aircraft, but they seem to be cycled fairly quickly. This is something that I believe seriously needs to be addressed by WG, if the balance between BB's and DD's is to be maintained in the game!!! In my opinion this rebalance to accommodate submarines, has significantly adversely altered the balance that existed in the game before the introduction of the rebalance. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, THINK HARD ON THIS ONE BEFORE LEAVING IT IN THE GAME IN ITS PRESENT ITERATION!! Otherwise, so far I have found the changes have positively rebalanced the game with respect to submarine, and anti-submarine play.
  6. BiggNuGgEt

    Public Test 0.9.10

    The collection was very interesting, thoroughly enjoyed that. Halloween event was well balanced, and presented some good challenges and interesting options and choices. The thing I liked most about it was it became very much a tactical game as much as a 'the man with the biggest gun wins', tactics are as important, if not more important than brute force. Look forward to it being released on the public servers.
  7. BiggNuGgEt

    Asymmetric battles adjustment

    Not only is it a T8 ROFLSTOMP, but WG MM will allow 2 T8 CV's in a team of 5, making the match ( I call it a match, but really it is just a turkey shot in disguise) a joke. In Random CV's are limited to 2 in a team of 12, that's 16% of the team make up, 2 in a team of 5 is 40%, that's just under 3 times as many, T5 and T6 have little or no answer to 1 T8 CV, so you put 2 in the top tier team, you really like a good laugh don't you WG! If I encounter another battle with 2 top tier CV's, I will not be playing it, irrespective of the team I am in, it is a forgone conclusion, and that is no fun as far as I am concerned! And the point of 'playing' is for the fun of it, isn't it?? Ironically, on PTS it was the low tier teams ROFLSTOMPING, and the high tiers were full of bots. The result seems to be very dependent on the make up of ships. On PTS the lower tier team was usually stacked with torpedo DD's, and the top tier, a high number of BB's, making for a torpfest, and the low tier would win 90% of the time (my experience). Introducing a CV to the high tier swings the balance back in favour of the high tier, as low tier have no answer, and planes to a large degree nullify the DD advantage (once spotted their low health pool results in sudden death). So if you intend to keep this format WG, you are going to have to give some very serious thought to how MM handles the make up of the teams!!!!! Further to this, I have now encountered a game with 3 CV's on 1 side and none on the other. It was a complete whitewash!!! Again I reiterate, MM is going to need some real work before this mode is ready for the real world!!
  8. BiggNuGgEt

    Public Test 0.9.8

    Liked the way the Epoch mission started with low tier and increased tier as you progressed therough the campaign. Asynetric battles is definitely broken. Played over both rounds, and found high tier near impossible to win, and subsequently as the testing progressed no-one wanted to play hight tier ( high tier teams included more and more bots as time progressed). Token rewards for playing, and winning high tier, especially compared to low tier rewards, were insulting, and therefore a disincentive to play high tier. So with the poor probabilites of win and poor rewards for high tier players, the experience playing high tier in asymetrics is pretty bad. For all the reasons given above, there was always an abundance of low tier players. Loved the anniversary gifts, although flags, I don't care how flash they are, don't do it for me, at least some steel, coal or give me a chance of a ship, then you would talking a real anniversary gift! Dockyard pretty much same as the last one, and always popular I think.
  9. BiggNuGgEt

    Public Test 0.9.7 German Carriers Part 2

    I did not encounter any issues with this release, other than the game experience is deteriorating as the client becomes heavier with all the new modules and features, the game interface is becoming markedly slow to respond to selected actions. I have noticed this creaping in gradually in both the test server and live server as developments have been added. Screens that are particularly slow to load are: Loading game Dockyard screen Exiting battle back to port Armoury Combat missions (sometimes) I do not have the lartest and greatest system, but it should comfortably be able to handle anything WoWS throws at it ( ASUS/ROG Gaming MOBO, 4G/8 Core CPU, 32 Gb gaming RAM, SSD drive, high spec ASUS GPU, 1200W 80 Plus platinum PSU, water cooled), so my system should not be the issue.
  10. BiggNuGgEt

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    Was dissappointed that the 'compensation' at stage 10 in the dockyard for Graf Spee, is creedits, not dubloons. On the the test server the compensation was dubloons, which is more realistic compensation as you cannot purchase Graf Spee with credits. Sorry WG, but I feel this is another WG ripoff, designed to extort cash from players! Otherwise I love the dockyard feature.