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  1. The very first release of Takao was a multi part mission grid kinda thing
  2. Tala_01

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    same for me
  3. Tala_01

    Update April Fools' Day

    website shows April Fools as a separate thing and time than Clan Brawls???
  4. Same for me, doesn't matter which game mode I try.
  5. Tala_01

    A new camouflage for ARP Takao

    that isn't the second camo, that is just turning off ARP looks
  6. Tala_01

    Monaghan was nerfed 2 guns with 9.2km torps

    its always only had the 2 or 4 gun option, people really need to read up on premiums from official sites before posting, at best speculations
  7. I believe RU BBs will follow British CVs so it may be a while
  8. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    same here … wonder if the beer is to stop me from looking for the family ;)
  9. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    game server is now up for me
  10. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    I just was able to login on my kids account .. with no issues used the same pc have access to 1 account but not the other??? WG what's going on maybe an official update please
  11. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    have a new error "you have been disconnected from the server. technical issues found"
  12. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    same here have some friends on discord still playing with no issues
  13. Tala_01

    Wallet Warriors unite...part 3

    As a guy with every premium ship and yrs worth of premium time … spending 100$ worth of doubloons for a t6 dd that was teased repeatedly, shows the lengths WG will go... for a cash grab. This move is a bit much WG imo That said I will likely get t-61 on the the 17th for normal price.
  14. Tala_01

    Dasha being added as commander

    That's a dang good question. Your mod is a must for me an absolute must have, the only mod I will put in my game.... I would love Dasha as 1 of my Captains, I have full faith in you ;)