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  1. Tala_01

    A new camouflage for ARP Takao

    that isn't the second camo, that is just turning off ARP looks
  2. Tala_01

    Monaghan was nerfed 2 guns with 9.2km torps

    its always only had the 2 or 4 gun option, people really need to read up on premiums from official sites before posting, at best speculations
  3. I believe RU BBs will follow British CVs so it may be a while
  4. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    same here … wonder if the beer is to stop me from looking for the family ;)
  5. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    game server is now up for me
  6. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    Thank you X
  7. Tala_01

    Update 0.7.8 Bug Report

    I cant login on my account, can login in on my kids account ????
  8. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    I just was able to login on my kids account .. with no issues used the same pc have access to 1 account but not the other??? WG what's going on maybe an official update please
  9. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    have a new error "you have been disconnected from the server. technical issues found"
  10. Tala_01

    Are servers down right now?

    same here have some friends on discord still playing with no issues
  11. Tala_01

    Wallet Warriors unite...part 3

    As a guy with every premium ship and yrs worth of premium time … spending 100$ worth of doubloons for a t6 dd that was teased repeatedly, shows the lengths WG will go... for a cash grab. This move is a bit much WG imo That said I will likely get t-61 on the the 17th for normal price.
  12. Tala_01

    Dasha being added as commander

    That's a dang good question. Your mod is a must for me an absolute must have, the only mod I will put in my game.... I would love Dasha as 1 of my Captains, I have full faith in you ;)
  13. Honestly like him or not, Jingles should be given his likeness in game. (my opinion) The number of people that play this game directly do to his work, its insulting to make him jump through hoops. I am not a huge fan of Jingles myself, however I wouldn't be here if not for him. I am in a 400+ member guild that playes other games. Most of those players came here, do to his work.
  14. @Stormie1126 when firing from smoke try be moving forward a bit then reverse repeat, doing this will also help you get underway quicker if torps are coming or smoke is about to time out, also don't sit in smoke broadside, try to be angled this helps reduce the chances of the enemy of centering between front and rear "muzzle flashes", also know the fire from smoke penalty for the ship you are driving, its possible you maybe seen just as if the smoke isn't there. It takes time to learn and understand the 270ish ships that are playable in game and the maps, the likely dd spots, the shot lanes bbs and cas tend to favor..... as Taichunger recommended in short always be looking for your next couple of moves, try'n to play instant to instant is very hard maintain good luck and best wishes for you
  15. Tia is referring to in game options that will help you learn/sharpen your map awareness. Where and when to be/what to shoot at. In game option like last known location. The rewards system/economics got an overhaul a long while ago ;) aka doing same dmg value to a bb or a ca or dd will net lowest to highest xp. example bb has 50k hp and you do 5k dmg = 10% of hp example ca has 25k hp and you do 5k dmg = 20% of hp example dd has 15k hp and you do 5k dmg = 33% of hp the xp you get from each shot is just as proportional, not saying you cant have good results farming bb dmg … it will just take much more of it to get high xp results and to get those results you have to live long enough to accomplish said high dmg, meaning map awareness must be high and on point. Add to that most bbs will not be in caps generally, aka shooting dds and cas in caps also get you a multitude of additional ribbons, which you could liken to xp modifiers … any one feel free to clarify further or correct my simplification, please do