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  1. disappearing enemy

    I wanted to respond to this but the original post disappeared!
  2. Just some feedback

    First, I don't like the ring noise when a BB loads it's main guns. Second, I don't know why some ships had flames shooting out of their funnels when they were in play and not damaged, but it needs to be explained or removed. Third, space battles, just no! Fourth, the collision avoidance system is much better, thank you! Fifth and most important, PLEASE put the TEXAS state flag on the Battleship TEXAS!!!!!!!! Love the game, keep up the good work!
  3. Tier 10

    LOL +1
  4. Renaming John Doe

    Wow, I heard about this discussion in clan wars and told my fellow clan members it should be the Captain of the USS Johnston DD557 from Taffy 3 but I couldn't remember his name! So I looked it up and found this thread and BOOM the IP hit it out of the park! Let me add this from Wikipedia, " Johnston's supreme courage and daring in the Battle off Samar won her the Presidential Unit Citation as a unit of "Taffy 3" (Task Unit 77.4.3). Lt. Cmdr. Ernest E. Evans was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor: "The skipper was a fighting man from the soles of his broad feet to the ends of his straight black hair. He was an Oklahoman and proud of the Indian blood he had in him. We called him—though not to his face—the Chief. The Johnston was a fighting ship, but he was the heart and soul of her." +1 for LCDR Ernest E. Evans
  5. Noob friendly cruiser line?

    +1 I love the German line for Cruisers and Battleships over all others.
  6. Clan Battles Tears of the Desert Map

    During clan battles we are having trouble with running into invisible islands and rocks. These are not showing up on the minimap and some you run into them and then they appear. When you back down to get away from them they disappear again. Also one island had some top of trees showing and that was all and it was a complete island there that you could hide behind and could not shoot through, though you could not see it! Others, you run into something and that's it you can't see anything!
  7. My mistake on the Russian ship.
  8. Our Commander said it is the Montana, the Zao and the Khabarovsk . Those will be the rental ships to start with.
  9. I like playing my low tier ships. Especially my Arkansas Beta I just use a low point captain in them. Like my Arkansas Beta currently is up to 8 points, so he will soon have to go and make room for a 3 point captain again.
  10. Why don't you join a clan?
  11. I charge in all willy-nilly, no plan needed! While hooping and hollering and shouting at the top of my lungs "DIE ENEMY, DIE!" while shooting to sink a ship, daring them to shoot back! Now, it's not for everyone! It has it's pluses and minuses! On the plus side I get to play a LOT of games in a short period of time! On the minus side I'm usually the first ship sunk......not quite sure why... Sometimes I play the song, "Eye of the Tiger" while I play wearing my Pirate hat and eye patch! Anyhow, that's how I do it!
  12. Update 0.7.0 Survey

    I did not present my statement as fact but as a guess. However, that guess is based on quickly entering Queue for one tier then exiting then do the same for the next tier and so on from tier 3 to tier 10. This gives you a good feel for the numbers per tier compared to the total number online.
  13. Best tier 10 is? Vote

    We might have blood spilled over this one! Hindenburg
  14. Cursed Maps?

    Brothers...........I cringe when I get that map! I have been getting better by going to the strong side, but I typically have to take the weak side as so many rush to one side. Taking the weak side just means you WILL be sunk, it's just a matter of how long it takes. Unfortunately you don't get anything for holding back the enemy defending the cap as the enemy focus fires on you. So, though I might be a BIG part of winning on that map the results never show it. Oh well, it's just a game!