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  1. FlashTX1

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Had a ranked battle last night and a sometimes CV player was complaining about not doing will when he plays CV's and what advice anyone could give him. There answer was simple, go after the DD's, they are easy pickings, then go after the lone wolfs. I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge amongst most CV drivers. That is why more CV's in queue, the captains are learning!
  2. FlashTX1

    Last Chance – Black Friday Sales!

    You have to wait until a moonless night...
  3. FlashTX1

    Last Chance – Black Friday Sales!

    Not a single discount on Premium time...
  4. FlashTX1

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    Looking at the changes to the Neighbor map. Which one is before and which one is after? Thinking of the North Atlantic the one where the water is a dark black looks very realistic. Thinking of the tropics or equatorial waters the lighter more blue map looks realistic. It depends on where you are on the globe as to what looks right!
  5. FlashTX1

    Black Friday "B Ships" Purchase ? Opinions

    I'm not interested in any of them. I got an Alaska with free XP, very pleased with it. I would not pay what they are asking for it. I bought my Scharnhorst long ago, very pleased with it. I don't care for DD's or CV's much so I'm not going to buy one. So, IMHO the Scharnhorst is the only ship I would consider buying.
  6. FlashTX1

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    It may not be hard, but it takes some skill. I personally use CO-OP to run my new ships to get used to them which is a nice way of getting the know them. So what if someone prefers CO-OP battles, what does it matter to you, it doesn't affect you!
  7. I just took my new T5 Italian cruiser out for a spin and was very surprised by MM. I was in queue for 2:08 waiting for a battle, when I got in their were 46/111 in queue according to MM. The entire time I was in there the lowest I saw the number get was 28. So, what's the deal, why is it taking so long with an apparent overabundance of ships?
  8. FlashTX1

    Cruisers in Ranked Sprint

    No, just got out of hospital a week and a half ago. I'm glad to be playing WOWs again. I wasn't in the hospital the whole time, fell ill, then hospital, then home, then hospital, then home, then hospital, then home, then ER, then back in the hospital, now home. Sorry TMI right.
  9. FlashTX1


    I've been bouncing a LOT of shells lately that I don't think should have bounced. I've also detonated a couple of ships but haven't suffered the same fate, I use my flag for that!
  10. Due to allowing so many BB's in Ranked Sprint I think the CA's should get some compensation for playing. I have to switch to a CA a lot of time so we can get a game going. I'm a better BB player but we all want to play and not sit in QUEUE for a long period due to being filled with BB's with few or no CA's and few DD's. Toss in some 50 bbl of oil or 40 coal, or do like you do in regular Ranked and limit the number of each type of ship to get a good mix. I know, I'm pissing into the wind....
  11. FlashTX1

    Submarines are Coming

    You are correct a few ships are post WW 2, but my point still stands all of the CLASSES of ships in WOWS NOW were in the large Naval Battles of WW 1 and WW 2, Submarines were not.
  12. FlashTX1

    Submarines are Coming

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G7e_torpedo Read it and weep.
  13. FlashTX1

    Submarines are Coming

    We are talking class' of ships, so all the classes of ships in WOWS were in battles in WW II. Subs a class of ships not called ships ironically but boats and none were ever involved in a Naval Battle between 2 large surface fleets. You are right the river boats are different, but I'll deal with it.