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  1. FlashTX1

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Didn't work for me, thanks anyway!
  2. FlashTX1

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    This is a tough operation. But I do enjoy playing it!
  3. FlashTX1

    Can we FINALLY fix that stupid aiming bug

    I have a problem with my shells falling short (low) when I'm about 1/4 to 1/8 gun range. If I move out farther, better hit ratio or get in close for a slugfest and still have some shells go short. It is annoying, not sure if it is a bug or what, but it is annoying!
  4. Me don't click that button!!!! Don't let my WIFE find and click that button!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah, I kind of thought that so I started playing WOT's again....still getting rolled only a LOT faster!
  6. I'm not a DD player unless I need to be for a mission or some such thing. I turn off AA, but I immediately turn it on if planes come to attack me! So, saying hit P and turn it off is only part of it. Turn it off and on as needed.
  7. FlashTX1

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    Mists of Pandaria......yeah, sure. Listen, your complaint is an old one and pops up ALL the time, I've made similar comments. The fact of the matter is that on weekends you get a lot of casual players that just want to run and gun until they are dead. Some get good, some don't, what they need is to get in a clan and get some training with a mentor. Or somehow get a mentor without being in a clan. You can go do training games all you want, but playing with a good mentor is better than a training room because they will learn more, faster. Skills test and other ideas have come and gone before and will continue, but WG is not going to do it as they discourage new players. I think including the rank from ranked battles into the algorithm for the Randoms matches would be a big step forward into making fair teams, but again WG won't do it as I've suggested it several times and was shot down every time. The bottom line is we all have to suck it up!
  8. If they add CV's our clan would keep playing but we would suffer for not having a great CV player. However, we play with what we are dealt.
  9. Yes, it's very slow. I now start it loading and go wash my car. By the time I get back it's almost done!
  10. FlashTX1

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Had a ranked battle last night and a sometimes CV player was complaining about not doing will when he plays CV's and what advice anyone could give him. There answer was simple, go after the DD's, they are easy pickings, then go after the lone wolfs. I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge amongst most CV drivers. That is why more CV's in queue, the captains are learning!
  11. You have to wait until a moonless night...
  12. Not a single discount on Premium time...