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  1. I think 2 tier matches would be better. Of course these guys that are purple like being low tier because it is more of a challenge for them. But for us average players, it just bites the big one.
  2. Whenever I see this no matter whom it's directed at I get screenshots of it and I record all battles so that I can turn them in. I would really like to know what they do to them. They say they can't tell you, okay, but surely they have a discipline guide that they could share. Some of them, should be banned for life for some of the terrible things they post.
  3. [SALTY] Pulicat HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!! Do you have WoWS ESP are something? That is an astounding WR and WTR playing T9/T10!! YOU NEED TO BE NERFED!!!!! LOL Maybe WG can make it so all hits on your ships are citadel hits!!! I am in awe, I would like to see some replays of your games, they must be similar to the Sea Smackdown replays! Maybe you have already been featured in Sea Smackdown and I don't remember. Good luck, I hope I am NEVER on your opposing team!
  4. I love to see a Nicolai in battle, I try to get in a 1 v 1 duel with them. I hope I can one day get a Nicolai, time will tell!
  5. That was funny!
  6. First, you never say how big the teams will be. We have teams now, what's the difference? Are you talking about you must enter the queue as a full team? Second, by having a range of T1 to T10 you would have the potential for a lot of teams to go into queue with little to no chance of finding a match in a reasonable time period. Do you allow premium ships to play? Third, if you are truly playing as a team then the rewards should be split evenly. You win as a team, you lose as a team. This sounds like it could be very similar to stronghold battles in WOT. They are a lot of fun, you should go try that or at least look it over. This should really be a CLAN battle only, at least 7 v 7 with the ability to pick up a maximum of 2 players not in the clan. It's time to get the Clans released to 100 members and get some action for them, this would be a good start while waiting for clan wars.
  7. Which is why now, they won't even consider a change.
  8. Because WG says so. It's that simple. They refuse to even consider a change.
  9. Good luck, hope your financial situation improves!
  10. SO, that was YOU!!!!!!! You, YOU SEAL CLUBBER!!!!! I never had a chance, have you no morals or mercy in your heart! Why, why did you do that to me? I need a safe space!
  11. I'm actually quite good at hunting destroyers in a BB, I wish I was as good at hunting BB's in a BB! LOL So, we have not had a real problem with DD's. But hey, it could happen! Still a division of 3 TEXAS' is a lot of fun!
  12. The TEXAS BB35 will be just fine!
  13. I'm from TEXAS so I bought the TEXAS, I like it. It is a very fun ship to get 2 others to division up in all TEXAS'.
  14. 1/8 means you have 1 point out of 8 that is not used. That is your new point to use or to save.
  15. 666 - AHHHHH!!!!!! Run away, run away!!! Rant, rave, scream and flail arms! Grab water hose and bless it, then turn it on and start spraying Holy Water! 13 - AHHHHH!!!!!! Run away, run away!!! Rant, rave, scream and flail arms! Grab lucky rabbits foot, four leaf clover, lucky penny, lucky horseshoe, get garlic, curse it and begin throwing Prptectove Cloves!