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  1. Enjoy some Humor

  2. Public test US Cruisers

    After playing the new Buffalo I have to ask how is the Des Moines the T10 and the Buffalo the T9? I would rather have the Buffalo over the Des Moines any day!
  3. Public test US Cruisers

    I guess I didn't read it correctly either because I sure was expecting to captain some new US Cruisers and was irked to find out they aren't in the Tech Tree yet! Well, to quote a famous sailor, Popeye, "I yam disgustipated"
  4. Match Maker Salt Thursday!

    I've been in some very strange battles since joining, but, it's all water under the bridge and if you are lucky not over the bridge!!! Which is how I end up about 76% of the time! LOL Just to be clear that is I'm sunk 76% of my games.
  5. Sorry for the error

    Hey, everyone was fine with my 6 year old grandson playing, players are pretty cool to know the REALLY young kids like the game!
  6. Henri selling point?

    I just got my Saint Louis and I want to make sure I have the Henri IV for next CB. I saw how the Henri allowed a team to quickly move to capture a base providing support to a DD immediately instead of having to wait for a CA to catch up. It was also used to great affect to flank us on several occasions.
  7. If you haven't read Fish Feed yet I recommend that you do. There is a lot of good information and trivia in it. However I'm pretty sure that the HMS Furious that was converted to an aircraft carrier didn't originally have 18 inch guns. Keep up the great work! Love the game! P.S. Please add the TEXAS state flag to the BB TEXAS!!!! Thanks again!
  8. Space Battles upsetting you?

    Not upsetting, just ignoring it!
  9. Space mode........just no!
  10. Stupid Question Avoided

    You are correct!!!! @#&^$!@$&, I really do need to be Keel Hauled! So, after you get the initial warning that you are spotted (detected), how do you know when you are no longer spotted (detected) by an enemy ship/plane?
  11. Stupid Question Avoided

    LOL, ok, this is a good enough response that I will reveal my stupid question. How do you tell if you are still spotted after the initial "Detected!" warning! I can't believe I've been playing for almost 3 years and I just figured this out! I feel like a stupid person!!! It was so obvious, I was so mad at myself, I literally wanted to beat myself with a stick for being so stupid!!!! I have never, NEVER noticed the aiming reticle on the ships icon before! I mean we aren't talking noticed it and questioned what it was, I have NEVER, EVER noticed it before now!!!!! I need to be keel-hauled!
  12. Stupid Question Avoided

    Thank You! Love your Nimitz quote and your TEXAS image, she is the pride of TEXAS and we need to quit screwing around and get her fixed!