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  1. I play for both, but I realize I need to quit worrying about stats and just have fun more.
  2. Maybe you were picked to promote breast cancer awareness?
  3. US Navy, as you can read from my signature I served on 2 ships. Of course the best was the USS TEXAS CGN-39 for over 5 years first as a Nuclear Machinist Mate (MM) and then as an Engineering Laboratory Technician (ELT) One time we were in port in Subic Bay, Philippines for a short refit at the naval base. The ship was pulling out in 2 days, we always start up the reactors and engine rooms, get all of the equipment ready the day before we pull out. The Captain wanted to do a Reactor and engine room startup, and test all the equipment to see if everything was fixed and working correctly, then shut down until the next day. So, my watch section wasn't scheduled to go on watch until 5 PM in Engine Room #2. Now this is plenty of time for this evolution to be completed before our scheduled time. So, we expected to go on liberty at 5 pm with everyone else. WRONG! The first two watch sections failed to get steam up and we had to go take their place. We did a complete startup, test and shutdown finishing at 7:30 pm. Now the schedule was for the same watch sections to go on at the same time the next day as this day. So, we thought we wouldn't be called on until 5 p.m. the next day. Our whole watch section of MM's then went out on the town together. So, that night we went bar hopping, their were 7 of us altogether. We drank 13 pitchers of MoJo a local concoction of fruit juice and hard liquor, usually a 1/4 of a pitcher would get a person drunk, we had almost 2 pitchers per person. We also each drank about 1 1/2 cases of beer. We stopped drinking about 5 am and got back to the ship at 5:30 am. I collapsed in my rack, drunk as a skunk, we all were. Then at 6 am, revile, when we are supposed to get up, we were ll woken up and told the Captain was so impressed with our watch section that he wanted us to do the startup that morning. Of course we all thought, FRACK ME! So, when we all got in the engine room we laid down around the entrance to the control center called the Enclosed Operating Space (EOS). We were all still very drunk waiting for the officer in charge to came down. The other watch standers had also gone out and were either drunk or hung over. So, we were all on our backs when the officer showed up, hung over and told us we couldn't have even one little error to cause anyone to come down and check on us. That was the safest Reactor startup and engine room startup we ever did! Because we got out EVERY book and read EVERY procedure as we performed it! We were all scared S@#$lless that we would be found out, drunk on watch, and well, it wouldn't be pretty what happened next. So, that day a group of extremely drunk and/or hungover sailors started up a Nuclear Reactor and engine room with absolutely no incidents earning another Bravo-Zulu from the Captain, completely unaware that we did it while still drunk! Or maybe I'm making this all up as a colorful tale. You'll have to decide for yourself.
  4. What is a Super Container?

    So, as our clan was preparing for Clan Battles tonight I asked everyone when was the last time they got a Super Container. The majority asked tongue in cheek, "What's a Super Container"? Now one member said he gets about one a week (walking the plank was suggested for this person). But most of us have not had a Super Container in Months and we play almost every day. So, what gives? Did something get changed with 6.12 that carried over to 6.13 that reduced the number given or what? Yes, this is a serious question, did something change to reduce the number of Super Containers being given out? Love the game, Thanks!
  5. Happy Birthday Marines

    Happy Birthday to the Marines, I'm sure every jarhead is happy today! Enjoy your day, Semper Fi from a sailor!
  6. Saving USS Texas

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is the agency responsible for getting her into a dry berth. The Battleship TEXAS foundation is the non-profit that you can make tax-deductible donations too help in the preservation and restoration of the TEXAS. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF SAVING THE TEXAS!!! Their is a LOT of different things that have to be done to save the TEXAS and keep her open for visitors. Thank you to everyone for your donations!
  7. Saving USS Texas

    You have to read a lot more about what is going on. Currently 24 different groups are working to save the TEXAS. The Battleship TEXAS Foundation was originally the sole caretaker of the ship. But, being overwhelmed with the needs of the ship she was transferred to the TEXAS Parks and Wildlife Dept. They are the ones primarily responsible for the major repairs to the ship so it may be moved to a dry berth. The TEXAS voters approved $25 million to carry out this task but then it was found that the entire amount was needed just for repairs of the TEXAS. So, different groups are doing different things to help in the restoration/preservation of the TEXAS. The Battleship TEXAS Foundation is just a part of it and theirs is as stated and I think the reasoning for this need has already been answered. But, rest assured a lot of good people are working to save the ship and our donation will help greatly! Here is a great video explaining what is being done. Thanks to WG for doing this, from a TEXAN, a US Navy Veteran and a former USS TEXAS CGN-39 sailor!
  8. Tier matchups

    I think 2 tier matches would be better. Of course these guys that are purple like being low tier because it is more of a challenge for them. But for us average players, it just bites the big one.
  9. kids have no respect!

    Whenever I see this no matter whom it's directed at I get screenshots of it and I record all battles so that I can turn them in. I would really like to know what they do to them. They say they can't tell you, okay, but surely they have a discipline guide that they could share. Some of them, should be banned for life for some of the terrible things they post.
  10. [SALTY] Pulicat HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!! Do you have WoWS ESP are something? That is an astounding WR and WTR playing T9/T10!! YOU NEED TO BE NERFED!!!!! LOL Maybe WG can make it so all hits on your ships are citadel hits!!! I am in awe, I would like to see some replays of your games, they must be similar to the Sea Smackdown replays! Maybe you have already been featured in Sea Smackdown and I don't remember. Good luck, I hope I am NEVER on your opposing team!
  11. I love to see a Nicolai in battle, I try to get in a 1 v 1 duel with them. I hope I can one day get a Nicolai, time will tell!