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  1. Just as simple as it sounds do away with F7(I need Intelligence Data) and replace with F7(I've been spotted). The I need intelligence data is the most widely misused commands in the game and is basically useless. Instead replace it with, I've been spotted, a much more important bit of information to your team.
  2. FlashTX

    Website WIKI link missing

    It was on the main website screen right next to Forum, now it says XBox and PS4 where WIKI used to be. I didn't know it was under services, I got used to the link on the main page. Thanks!
  3. FlashTX

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    365 ships! WOW, I'm impressed! I hope you get it figured out, they should give you a REAL Collectors Gold emblem for that many ships!
  4. These Independence Day Random Bundles are a RIP-OFF! DO NOT BUY! I spent 12,000 gold and didn't get a single ship and very few signal flags! Before I started buying I was hoping for 2 or 3 ships and figured at a minimum I would get 1. But I got NONE! And I could have purchased the signal flags for MUCH less than the gold I spent. I got some of the specials signal flags but most were the run of the mill ones and the special ones did in no way justify the cost! I always purchase Christmas gifts as they are a very good deal and I was expecting this to be the same. But it was the opposite, it was a RIP OFF, plain and simple, don't waste your money and gold on these bundles!
  5. FlashTX

    Last Chance to Obtain California

    These Independence Day Random Bundles are a RIP-OFF! DO NOT BUY! I spent 12,000 gold and didn't get a single ship and very few signal flags!
  6. Just as the title says the WIKI link on the website is now missing! Why?
  7. FlashTX

    Another Dockyard won't load post

    I am having the same issue as is another clan mate. We cannot get into the dockyard, we just get the spinning wheel of forever. So, no one has any feedback on this?
  8. FlashTX

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    My feedback is simple. I could not get a torpedo to launch, don't know why, I just know I could not shoot a torp. So, my impression is this just a mess. Playing against submarines while playing against other surface ships is a mess as well and I don't like it. Carriers are already making the game a pain, adding submarines means too big of a pain to be worth playing. I like close in brawling, that means lower tier BB's are best for that and that doesn't work with CV's and Subs in the game. When Submarines become part of the regular game I will probably quit playing WOWs. WG's promise of no submarines ever, means you will owe me a refund, a BIG refund!
  9. How about a sale for those of us (like me) trapped in lock down.
  10. FlashTX

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Didn't work for me, thanks anyway!
  11. FlashTX

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    This is a tough operation. But I do enjoy playing it!
  12. I have a problem with my shells falling short (low) when I'm about 1/4 to 1/8 gun range. If I move out farther, better hit ratio or get in close for a slugfest and still have some shells go short. It is annoying, not sure if it is a bug or what, but it is annoying!
  13. Me don't click that button!!!! Don't let my WIFE find and click that button!!!!!!!