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  1. 25 credits.............25 credits in a Super Container! Not 25 Million, just 25............what a load of dog feces!!!!!!!!
  2. Yep, and they get all of your info and your contacts info and track everything you do, NO THANKS!
  3. Please add a feature where we can easily post our battle results in the clan chat window. We do that all the time in WOT, you just copy and paste. But here we don't have a text version of results that we can do that with. So, give us a text result or give us a button or something to easily transfer results to the clan page. Thanks!
  4. Right now in our selection of ships we can designate "Primary" ships on a list. I use that for ships I am still working on the line, so I need to grind those when I can. But for when I just want to have fun I want a list of "Favorites" to be added. That way I can select "Favorites" and go grab one and have some FUN! So, please add a "Favorites" list to our carousel of ships so we can quickly and easily select them.
  5. Every time I am sunk and leave the game before the end of it I get turned pink and given a punishment for leaving a game early/AFK, wth!!!!! I try to go put in a trouble ticket but I can't as I get stuck in a do loop trying to get in and have to close the window. So, I'm tired of being pink, I'm tired of submarines already (I know not material to the post) and I can't file a trouble ticket. So, what now?
  6. FlashTX

    De Grasse as a Tug Bote

    That sounds like my kind of game!!!!
  7. FlashTX

    German Tier 7 BB

    I think this is a good idea. I just want to get a better T7 BB for the Germans.
  8. Can we please get a traditional Tier 7 German BB. The Scharnhorst is a lot of fun, but it's a premium and the rifles are a little small. The Gneisenau only has 6 rifles and that is a huge disadvantage. So, get a GOOD Tier 7 German BB with turtle back armor please. The L20e or an H series BB can be used to rearrange the ships and get a traditional T7 BB. I suggest you move the Bismarck to T7 and build the H-39 as the new T8 leave the Tirpitz as a Premium T8.
  9. FlashTX

    Web Campaign: Bismarck's Last Battle

    Yes, I would like to see this involve the Bismarck.
  10. Definitely against submarines! We were promised by WG we would never see submarines in game...yet we are on the precipice...
  11. FlashTX

    [12.6.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    I have been trying to get the mod pack installed and working and it installs but does not work. I have been using this mod pack from Aslain for many years and this is the first time I have had this problem. I have removed it, reinstalled it, rebooted the computer, everything except reloading the game. Any ideas as to what could be going wrong?
  12. I've tried removing all mods and I still can't get in. I get to the game loading screen and that's it, it never loads in. WOT is down as well...