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  1. Brosiedon

    UI Lock

    Just had an interesting experience where the game's UI locked up and I was driving the boat in 3rd person. Couldn't aim or pan the camera. Not sure if this is a common bug but I have submitted this screenshot for reference to what happens.
  2. Brosiedon

    Favorite T5/T6 BB?

    Note: I haven’t played several ships so take my recommendations with a grain of salt. T5: Guilio Cesare is great, And I do enjoy it. But I always have a fun time in the Texas. I find it punches up tier really well, is very accurate, and despite being slow highly enjoyable. Plus it does a hilariously good job of deleting DDs who get too close too. Was fun when it first came out, was still fun last week. Kongo and Iron Duke are also great. T6: This is the grain of salt, but I really loved Fuso. Granted it has sat in port a lot as I grind so many other lines. Was so much fun back in the day deleting cruisers with one salvo if you could get half your shells on target (which surprisingly wasn’t that hard). Had plenty good games in it as well, and look forward to playing it more again once I finally finish the IJN BB grind. Warspite is also lovely.
  3. Brosiedon

    Nagato — Japanese Tier VII battleship.

    Was super excited to make it to Nagato years ago. But then I played it, and needless to say I just finished the grind to Amagi last week. Drama aside, I should have played more games in this one but found I enjoyed both Kongo (and still do with the ARP versions) and Fuso (can’t beat insta blapping cruisers) than the poor Nagato. Guns have excellent pen (for they are so huge) meaning even when bottom tier you are still a force. Dispersion is mixed, some games it is on point and I found 80-90k damage racked up very quickly. Other games it was like the ship couldn’t hit a mountain. Most of all though, especially when bottom tier I found her armor layout to be extremely lacking. You are too slow and vulnerable from behind to run, and your best pen isn’t at max range...so you just don’t survive matches where the other team rolls your support group. Even bow tanking seemed meh at best. I tried all sorts of angles to find one that might somehow work, but alas I just could not keep the HP. I did not keep the ship, shame for the historical significance it carries.
  4. Brosiedon

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    So you are suggesting that engagement range is more of a function of dispersion than gun range? Not saying you’re wrong, just curious.
  5. Brosiedon

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    Thanks for the suggestions! In terms of Engagement Range would you say the five non USSR lines are like so? Japan>US>UK>France>Germany
  6. Brosiedon

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    Hey thanks for the reply! I hesitated to mention “fun” but did anyway because I was worried it would narrow the results too much. As you said fun is relative, I enjoy the range and accuracy of the IJN but I don’t want to play three BB lines that all play the same way. Good variety from that is what I am looking for suggestions on. So I suppose my question really is; who plays the exact opposite of Japan, who is closest, and who falls in the middle?
  7. Brosiedon

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    Hello! I’m trying to grind way too many lines so in an effort to trim them down I’d like some suggestions. I’d like to trim the five BB lines I am interested in (everything but USSR, sorry Wargaming), to three. I am to the Amagi and have enjoyed the IJN line thus far, and will make this the first of the three as I am so invested. As for the other two, I have started the US and UK trees (tiers 6-5 respectively) and find them both fun. However, I am still interested in the Germans and French. But don’t quite play enough to do them all (<1000games in five years). So, with the idea of grinding three BB lines, each that play quite a bit differently to give me a variety of play, and assuming one is Japan, what are your suggestions for the other two? Priorities: - Line is generally fun throughout - Gives me three varied ways of playing BBs
  8. Thanks! I don’t think that’s good enough. They already did the modeling work, I don’t think I am asking for a whole lot. Though there is really no monetary bonus for Wargaming to bring it back, so this was dead on arrival from the moment I posted it. But I am still disappointed.
  9. Hello, I’m a long time player who took about a year and a half break and came back to notice that the equipment tree for several of my ships no longer has the old hull upgrades. As in, your ship always looks the same. Talking with a friend it sounds like this was done because people complained about being tunneled for looking like you were a new tier player. Ok, well here I am complaining because I really liked this feature. It gave you something more to look forward to when upgrading your boat than changes that were all in the stats of your ships. So why not make this an option? You’ve already made all the data for it? Either make it a check box in the options. Or have the progression on the player’s client, but have the ship always show as the final version to anyone else on the water? just a suggestion, was very bummed to see these missing when I returned.