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  1. Shadow0206

    Making a Pan Europe BB tree

    A completely fair point, and you’re absolutely right, there’s no way that she could be any sort of high-tier ship or that she could possess anything approaching same-tier durability. That said, having her as the T3 wouldn’t be the worst idea, and if the line gimmick were something in the vein of “low HP and small gun caliber in exchange for excellent maneuverability and interesting AP performance,” she would be a nice way of introducing the line character. I’ll admit to bringing her up primarily for having a soft spot for the class, and just a general liking of Coastal Defense ships in general. :) Still, the line gimmick of a hypothetical Pan-Euro BB line (and a Pan-America BB line, something near and dear to my heart) does bear consideration, and the ship selection you suggested does offer some fascinating ideas...
  2. Shadow0206

    Making a Pan Europe BB tree

    While I do like this idea, and I quite like the ship selection, I feel that a Pan-Euro BB tree should incorporate some of the European Coastal Defense ships like the Sverige-class. Now, I know that doing so would outright break the gun caliber rule, but in doing so, it might just create a line gimmick. You would have to give these sorts of ships a noticeable speed boost, but instead of relying on high alpha and slow reloads, you offset the lower gun calibers with a high (for BBs) rate of fire and some AP shell shenanigans (lower-than-average penetration but high speed retention over range and a quick fuse-arming time) that would facilitate consistent, lower-damage penetrating hits on other BBs (probably from upper-belt hits and even superstructure hits) and more well-armored CAs. Still, overall, I do like the ideas put forward here, and the selection of ships is great!
  3. Perhaps they should've featured Detective Maigredor instead? ...or does that still not work because the author was Belgian? :P
  4. Shadow0206

    Fun camo question for your amusement.

    On an economic level? “For Meritorious Service,” even if it’s a bit on the bland side to look at. For Aesthetics? “Regina Marina.” So...probably “For Meritorious Service.” The plain white look isn’t bad, and it’s hard to top the full spectrum economic bonuses.
  5. Shadow0206

    What music do you listen to while playing?

    Hmm...typically I listen to the Michael Giacchino Medal of Honor soundtracks, with occasional songs from John Williams’ Midway score, the Star Wars soundtracks, almost anything from Sabaton, and a few other artists. I got Boney M.’s “Rasputin” stuck in my head a while back, so that has shown up in the playlist, as has “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
  6. Shadow0206

    Is this a new WIP ship?

    Thank you for that comment, that just made my evening. :)
  7. Shadow0206

    Is this a new WIP ship?

    Surely, it should be named Swolensk, shouldn’t it?
  8. I believe that’s called the Starfleet Solution, yes? This I second 100%. There needs to be...well, more to them.
  9. While I’m sure that many people, myself included, would appreciate more players per side, I’m not entirely sure that would fix the asymmetrical issue. While it would have some easily identifiable positives, more players means an eased division of labor for certain ship types (so the entire team isn’t reliant on the spotting of a trio of DDs), more players at it most basic level would mean more targets to shoot at (and subsequently, more targets for the enemy to shoot at), and there’s bound to be a bit of giddy enjoyment in the potential for larger divisions, I would suspect that there are some technical hurdles, to say nothing of balancing issues, that would have to be overcome. Maps may need to be expanded to accommodate larger teams, harder class caps might have to be implemented, and that isn’t even getting into the issue of the increased system requirements that such a change might prompt. Overall, I’d be super stoked for larger teams, but I’m not quite sure it would be exactly feasible.
  10. Shadow0206

    New “Port” Suggestion

    That actually sounds like a great idea, truth be told. Would be a bit difficult to implement, animation-wise, I would imagine, but yeah, would be awesome. Especially if the other ships in the fleet were other ships that you currently have in port.
  11. Shadow0206

    Which Modules for Ark Royal?

    Just a caveat here, most of my experience in Ark Royal comes from CoOp and Ops. Personally, I say you should focus on improving your Level Bombers, as they’re quite the impressive party trick as far as party tricks go. Torp Bombers, too. So... Air Group Mod 1 Air Engines Mod 1 Torpedo Bombers Mod 1 Bombers Mod 2
  12. Shadow0206

    Italian boats player verdict?

    The ships are certainly fun, but they’re a bit...undertuned, maybe?
  13. Shadow0206

    What to do about SAP?

    I’ll say that, having had a little bit of time with each, that SAP is a wonderful idea, but the execution needs a lot of work, as you said. Leaving aside a reload buff, which I think that a second or two off will be sufficient, if that, SAP is what holds back performance on Italian Cruisers. I would think that, perhaps, a slight buff to ricochet angles, and maybe some slight damage on shatters/non-pens. What might actually solve quite a few issues is to make it so that SAP ignores damage saturation, or at least doesn’t have such a steep performance loss, would go a long way to keeping their damage consistent. Any number of these would help, perhaps a bit too much, but as it stands now, I can’t help but feel that the Italian cruisers are a bit on the weak side of things, at least in areas where maneuverability isn’t concerned.