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  1. Griefing?????

    You are wrong.
  2. Millionaire's Club

    Probably about 50-60
  3. Millionaire's Club

    Have 100 or so ships and over 430 million credits. And something like 30 million convertible exp
  4. Running list of ship nicknames

    Personally I call the Tashkent, Oscar. How has noone brought up the Iwaki Alpha is The death pickle?!?!?
  5. DD teamkiller or stupid BB player?

    You and only you are responsible for your torps when you fire them. Period.
  6. Nope. You are only hurting your team's damage output. Doing damage sinks ships. Sinking ships wins battles. As a CV you need to be removing ships from the battle. You have the best ability to do so... USE IT.
  7. Obviously you did not. AS requires your team to make up for your lack of damage output.
  8. Proof that AS does not win. The only time AS shuts down a red CV is if they are a bad CV driver.
  9. WG what incentive do DD have....

    It's amazing how limited people's memories are. DD cap exp was nerfed because of ranked battles.
  10. Potential damage???

    It's actually 500m, not 300.
  11. Detecting Hacks and Aimbots

    50% MBR isn't hard in DD's. STOP NECROING THREADS!!
  12. Only bad shima players use the 20k's with TA (still has the 2.5km detect). Not to mention the 12k's allow beyond all radar range torping.
  13. I'm a BB main but I do just fine in IJN DD. Know why? I play all the ship types and learned game mechanics. Shocker.
  14. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    One battle doesn't show a trend. Try again.
  15. Nerf islands

    After seeing you play, there is no question that there is plenty certain that radar won't save you.