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  1. Zao: AFT any good?

    Rating means squat. What does matter for every tier 4 and up is the DPS and where in your bubbles the DPS is. For instance, on the Cleveland switching from the A hull to the B hull the AA rating goes up. But, it loses long range and mid range DPS in favor of more 20mm close range, which btw isn't affected by DF. Consider yourself learned.
  2. Zao: AFT any good?

    Rating means nothing.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Called picking the fights you can win and not picking ones you can not win. Why you have the lowest detects. Edit: oh man, struck a sore spot with someone. No, you can't have your invulnerable pwn machine.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    Or maybe your positioning needs work. Case in point, had a battle in my shima contesting a B cap in my shima against a Z52 and near constant radar. Won the cap w/o taking damage and sinking the z52. Edit:. Was 3 Cleveland's, Mo and Baltimore.
  5. lulwut An overpen is AT MAX 1480. And it can be mitigated, don't get spotted. Can it be mitigated to 0? No and it shouldn't be.
  6. What is with the thread necros?
  7. US CV vs Japanese CV

  8. Midway fighters

    Unless Farra works for WG (which I highly doubt) that no he does not.
  9. Midway fighters

    Balance as in the Hak will win the fighter war. So the Hak gets 5x3 tier X fighters against the Midways 7x2 IX fighters. The Hak has greater shootdown ability due to having a third squadron to strafe or pick a 7v10 and 7v5. The Hak is going to win fighter wise everytime equal player.
  10. Midway fighters

    Since Hak gets the load out of 3/3/2 now, can the Midway please get it's X fighters back?
  11. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Didn't say that. Wasn't implying that I was superior. Merely pointing out that the line isn't as bad as he tries to make it out to be. How does that crow taste?
  12. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    I'm able to do just fine with IJN DD's and I'm a BB main. (And better than Lensar to boot)
  13. .

    Can't. Beta tester ship only. Never could buy one.
  14. .

  15. Griefing?????

    You are wrong.