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  1. sporkhead

    Is Jean Bart the play for me?

    Huh, I've never heard anything about her. Thanks for the input! Sounds different enough that I might be willing to open the wallet. Thanks.
  2. sporkhead

    Is Jean Bart the play for me?

    Just watched them, thanks!
  3. Hey All, I'm a BB main (mainly USN but I 'm going down all the lines right now). My favorite ships are the Massa and Georgia but I've heard amazing things about the JB and was thinking about picking one up . My only concern is that I'll dislike the thing because it's such a different playstyle than a typical BB (however, that could be a reason to buy one). The low caliber guns kinda scare me but I'm a good shot and can take advantage of the reload booster and broadsides. And credits aren't a huge problem, so that's not a factor. Anyone have any tips to help me make this decision? Cheers and thanks in advance, Spork
  4. sporkhead

    Change Shell Tracer Color?

    Huh, I didn't know about those upcoming events so thank you! Maybe I'll reconsider, thanks for your help.
  5. sporkhead

    Change Shell Tracer Color?

    That's true, though I'm not too huge into clan battles and would probably just use the Yammy I'm about to get. I would consider getting it but I only have 67k coal right now and probably wont get enough in time :/
  6. sporkhead

    Change Shell Tracer Color?

    Ah shucks. Thanks!
  7. sporkhead

    Change Shell Tracer Color?

    I have it activated but it defaulted to red and I was hoping to do blue instead. Sorry this seems like such a simple question but I guess I'm blind.
  8. Hey all, Just got back from a long break so give me a bit of slack. I just finished the USN campaign and got Halsey, and I thought you were able to change the special tracer color for him, but I can't find it. Was this feature taken away and I missed it? Thanks! Edit: I'm looking to get either Gunther Lutjens or Kuznetzov next with my coal since I already have the Georgia, recommendations on which? Spork
  9. sporkhead

    General Cruiser Help

    Totally did not know this, thank you! The missions were grayed out and I just assumed they were finished. Thanks all!
  10. sporkhead

    General Cruiser Help

    Basically, I play mostly BB's and love them, but all the campaigns require a T8 or higher cruiser, so I'm starting to play more of them and honestly don't really enjoy it that much. I'm at the New Orleans and Dallas right now. It seems I either die without helping much because I get focused instead of my battleships, or I end up having a huge game and losing. I'm really trying to hide behind islands and stay in groups but it feels like you can't camp islands on about half the maps. Any tips for how to not hate cruisers? Guides I should be looking at? Just not really enjoying being a floating citadel and getting focused to no end, but I really need high tier cruisers to get Halsey and such. I'm a little tempted to just buy a Bayard or something just to get the missions done, but I'm afraid I'll just end up dying like normal. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. sporkhead

    Help: Georgia, Thundered, or Other?

    Thanks for all the help guys. Beta tested but have taken a couple years off the game so I'm a little out of the loop. Much appreciated!
  12. Hello, I know this has probably been asked a million times but I'm still unsure what to get. Right now, I have the Massachusetts and North Carolina. The Mass accuracy really bugs me and that's why I love the NC, but the tankiness and heal of the Mass are addicting. I love the individual playstyle of both and respect their differences. I have about 130k coal right now, and I am looking ahead a little bit and wondering if I should get the Georgia or Thunderer once I get enough. If the Georgia is different enough/better than Mass I'd be willing to buy it in the premium shop (though not desirable, college student here). Does it actually combine accuracy with decent secondaries? Are the Georgia and Thunderer both special enough that I should get both? I'm about to sell the NC to get the Iowa; is the Alabama something I should look at as an NC replacement, since I really do love that ship? Or am I totally looking in the wrong direction; is the Bayard or some other cruiser the best alternative? I'm grinding up what feels like a million tech trees so credits are definitely a need. I've heard the Georgia is good at that. I'm not big on clan wars though I occasionally do a bit of ranked when it's out, if that helps. Advice? Thanks for the help.