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  1. TheMadTankR

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    WG, you have ruined Clan Battles and you have made my members quit. This is all on you. I just want to know why?
  2. TheMadTankR

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    Any clan resources available such as map images for the season?
  3. Well, I logged in today and played 1 -2 games then noticed I only had 14 million...left last night with roughly 43 million...so you scored!
  4. TheMadTankR

    In-Game names

    Labeling lefty? What's next, racist?
  5. TheMadTankR

    In-Game names

    Have you noticed disgusting in-game names? Are they just being allowed by WOWS and not in WOT? Hmmm a thought to ponder. Well I have noticed them and wonder how I get a chat ban while a clearly homosexual referenced name trolls in WOWS for a reaction. Well I must admit that when they started harassing I answered their quest for attention. I don't subscribe to political correctness [edited] and feel it's an abomination and a slap to the face for WG to allow "shove it in you're face" homosexual referenced names and ban me when I speak of it. If you want to be a homosexual that's fine but don't rub it in my face and expect me to be quiet about it WG.
  6. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    LOL it's not a dead eye rant.
  7. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    What do you play Coop?...you PVE players troll the forums in a div and Coop huh?
  8. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    He's right.
  9. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    When its all ya got...
  10. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns throwing games - how to react?

    Sounds like a good game where the dd's played their class and ended up still being alive at the end which happens very often when people run dd's as spotting and torp'n platforms as first goals.
  11. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    Yes...when in entails withholding not 1 but a div of top tier Battleships at the back of the map in a regular battle. They deprived base players of the prize and the battleships for their teams respectively. The only ones left when the timer ran out were the back sitting leprechaun players on both teams. Don't try and minimize my experiences with attacks on my character with ignorant rants about how I think. you should gather a mob and silence me with cancel since you can't do it with conversation. You have failed again...roll more memes.
  12. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    Its in bold? Making it bold in your quote don't change the meaning of the words lol. Think much?
  13. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    It's not my post but I agree with it. The Leprechauns failure on either end of this spectrum is the complaint. Better choices need to be made by WG who represents them.
  14. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    Point to the reference where my post says any of this this?
  15. TheMadTankR

    Leprechauns need to KEEP the pot o gold

    Was wondering how long it would take for one to come defend all the others. I will respond to the bullet points one by one. The whole idea is good. No argument. So your contention is that all the Leprechauns are just better players than the base, so it would just be inevitable to be a challenge to claim a prize? Are the Leprechauns just better players? It don't matter and shouldn't as you suggest. The order from WG "play as you normally do". You insinuate that all the Leprechaun players are godlike and you should just expect the challenge of your life to "earn" a prize. Even if that godlike player skill is achieved by not playing the ship as their class would call for. We're playing because we want to make it a challenge, as WG NA wants. Again you assume the "Leprechauns" to be "better" players than the "base". But depriving a division of 2 top tier Battleships by Leprechauns to the team by sitting in the back kind of sinks your argument so to speak. My problem is simple. WG shouldn't choose you or people like you to represent for them who have you're attitude about it. I also find it amusing that this thread never mentioned once where I believe Leprechauns should just yolo to disperse the prizes and I challenge you to point to that reference. But I will use your own sig line to disengage from you. "Never argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you by experience" .