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  1. Yeah it only takes one look to find out if I have other 10's...but alas you propagate fake news!
  2. It's a shame you can't comprehend whats going on. The fact of the matter is, it don't matter what my skill level is. What matters is other players on ranked teams are punishing players who want to use a rental. That's mob rule plain and simple and is not intended by WG.
  3. Again, your mob rule is turtle heading...you failed to even check if I have other tier 10's that are "legitimate" to play. Mob rule reporting those who run a loaner by report trolling is not survival of the fittest. And by the way its the snowflake mob that insists no one can use the loaner without being mob troll reported.
  4. Did you even bother to look at my tier 10 boats before saying I have none?
  5. Unforeseen consequences of the "loaner" ship in ranked is starting to rear it's ugly mob rule head. I went into a server 2 times using a loaner boat to try it out and was accosted and watched as someone typed into chat "report troll the rental Moskova". Indeed they did report me as my karma reduced after the game. Anyway, good luck to you if you choose to run a rental in ranked.