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  1. Decent player looking for clan

    check us out at 5d whatever the level of battle you want, from the hard core to the not so serious clan battler, we have you covered
  2. there are 2 things about this game that i cant understand 1 when the team wins, its because i played awesome and carried the team to victory and 2 when the team looses, its never my actions that caused the loss, but the actions of someone else on the team. can someone explain how this is because everyone on the team feel this way
  3. Co-op Players Are Transnaval

    one thing about playing co op, i have yet to have a salty bot send me a toxic pm after the game but when i play pvp, some toxic idiot , with more salt than brains , feels he has the right to send me hate mail after the game, when they die to my guns
  4. this mod dosnt insure anything, all it dispalys is where your shells will land it dosnt say hey aim here , it dosnt say the enemy ship will be here when your shells land