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  1. this mm is the reason i stoped playing w o t. playing my tier 8 tanks and being bottom tier 95% of the time...... when its my turn the be the clubber, and not the seal, i want my turn. i do not want to have it taken away from me and given to someone else its bad enought that my tier 5 ships have been screwed by the anti seal clubber mm we already have, but to now screw my tier 8 ships too ...... no thank you i dont feel it is right that i should loose my ability to play as a top tier ship unless i play tier 10. and since that is exactly what happened in wot, i expect the same screwing here nothing would make me stop playing wows faster that putting this poor mm in this game
  2. i hope you kept feeding the troll the troll bait, to keep the rage fresh, for as long as you could, but then, it isnt nice to tease the the brain damaged
  3. what is happening is your getting screwed by the end of the anti seal clubbing protected mm you now get up to tier 4 up to tier 4 you will see +1/-1 mm, but at tier 5 it ends and normal +2/-2 mm starts. what this does is give tier 5 and 6 ships more than their fair share of being on the bottom tier in the battle. i personally believe that this is the reason wg started selling all the tier 7 premium ships you now see, once people realized what was happening , people refuse to pay $$$$ for ships that get shafted by mm all the time but once you get to and start playing tier 7 , it will be back to normal , with you getting a balanced amount of top, mid and bottom tier battles
  4. wg has a nasty habit of switching things up just to be confusing. why wg cant use the same timing metric is beyond me. its really stupid to say in one area, the reload time is 80 sec, but in another area, the reload time is 1 min 20 sec, which , if you do the math is the same, but just screws with the mind. is it so hard when they say in one place , the reload is 120 sec, then why cant they use the same 120 sec everywhere to eliminate the confusion, but adding confusion to the game is the way wg does things, they have been doing it this way ever since i started playing world of tanks, and they kept up the muddy the water attitude in world of warships. its almost as if they dont want you to figure out how the game works im waiting for them to start interchanging miles, yards feet and inches, with the kilometers, meters , centimeters and mm, ...... oh....... nevermind, they are already partly doing that with the ship guns. yea how many mm are there in a 16 in gun again.......
  5. in this game, since tier 1 ships do not see aircraft, i guess they serve the same purpose as tits on a bull
  6. the best ship for any given mission is not always the highest tier that you have its up to you to figure out what ship that you have would allow you to do the mission, and if no ship that you have is good, then you need to try to get one that you can do it in, either by grinding a line, or doing the wallet warrior thing
  7. i thought that about all the tier 5 premiums there were, but look what happened all wg did was , where before they would make a new tier 5 premie, now they make a new tier 6, 7 or 8, because they know most people will not spend real $$$$ only to be crapped on by the mm all the time
  8. as with everything in these games, if wargameing told you, they would then have to kill you they treat every bit of information as something to be hidden away from the customers, they believe , that as long as you dont know, they have power over you , all of the training videos they do are simply fluff pieces full of eye candy and very little , if any, really useful info passed out....... did you think they did it this way by accident break the rules and you will be perma banned, but the rules are never listed............................................. are you seeing a pattern here yet
  9. in the wows forums , in the general gameplay discussion section , in the teamplay section, is the clan recruitment forum and as a subforum, is the looking for a clan forum section also
  10. my first bit of advice, dont do what the dds in co op do. the dd ai in co op plays like a moron, who only knows how to yolo and die. this might be fine in co op play, but in random play against real people, you are doing nothing but letting your team down. in random play, you need to be the eyes and ears of your team, you are there to keep the enemy dds away and to spot for your team . basicly , you drop smoke for your team, they hide in it and shoot, you spot for the shooters if you see someone that is really low health, kill them, stealth out and spot some more. you ambush the enemy as they come arround the island. you drop torps into the enemy smoke to kill the shooters that hide in it the role you play really depends on the dd you are in. r u in a gunboat.... hit the enemy with a few salvos, set him on fire, run away. when the fire goes out, do it again stupid bb player who dosnt know the wasd hacks, send him s present of torps to show him the error of his ways play your ship to its strengths and try to get the enemy to play to his weaknesses you need to play your ship to keep you alive as long as you can, and dont listen to the idiots that urge you to die doing something stupid, only yolo if it is the only option you have, but sometimes you really do need to press the attack to get torp hits what has really helped my dd play is i joined a clan, and got schooled by some very good dd players, you might want to do the same
  11. shhhhhhh, your not supposed to mention the co op word. it only makes them mad
  12. i think that if wg did what the op suggested, it would be a bad thing, right now the op can blame the fail division for the loss, thus , in his mind, being able to maintain the idea that his poor play had nothing to do with the loss. but if wg removed this , made is so divisions could only be of the same tier, the op would then have to take a hard look in the mirror, and realize that it was his subpar play that was the real reason for the loss please wg, let me maintain the ilusion that it was somebody elses fault, and not my own stupid play that caused the loss. please keep the one tier allowance
  13. i must be doing something right to get you to agree with me ty
  14. what your assuming is that i can always tell just what ship launched the torps, and that isnt always true. when i hear the warning, and locate the threat, im always tryin to dodge if your afraid that i will just learn a bad habbit, then how about making a longer que time, allowing the team to fill with humans so there will be a lot less bots. also, i would still have to worry about dodging human launched shells and torps, that will still do damage to me and since the torps dont tell you who on your team shot them, not tryin to dodge them isnt a good risk to take, so you should still be tryin to dodge them my point is , since the bots suffer no penalty for the bad programing, and spam torps carelessly, why should i suffer from the results of the bad programing when the bots shoot carelessly
  15. can you make it so, the bots on your team in co op, and only the bots, are unable to do team damage. i am not talking about the human players i make this suggestion for a few reasons. bots dont care, they shoot their torps regardless of who is in the way. they are like the seagulls in finding nemo.......mine mine mine mine bots never go pink, so they never feel the need to learn when to not shoot to halt the pink of shame. they wear pink with pride i am fed up with having my bot teammates kill me more often that the enemy bots on the other team . at least the humans can learn to check their fire, the bots only do what they r programed to do if you cant do this, another option would be to make the que time so there would be more humans and less bots if your going to stick me with a team of bots, at least make it so i should have to worry more about getting killed by my team , than the enemy