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  1. HeadSplit120


    I've had a match that had a Division on my team, all running the Ise. We still won but the match was extremely close, won by a few points with time expiring. They were playing the ship as if it was purely a CV, hiding behind an island and "occasionally" firing their main battery's. All the while they were full or very close to full health. If they had exposed themselves to absorb or tank some of the damage from the enemy teams BB's, most of our cruisers would've been alive. I prefer not seeing any Ise on my team.
  2. HeadSplit120

    Italian BB's Trash?

    They are still trash. I've had a couple of good games in them but it makes me realize how much MORE I could have done if I was in a different BB of the same tier. At least 70% of my salvo's completely miss my target not of bad aim but because of such horrible dispersion. Nothing frustrates me more than watching all the shells land all around a ship, hitting nothing but water. Ineffective armor on the ship doesn't let you tank as effectively as compared to other BB's. Better dispersion would be helpful.
  3. HeadSplit120

    Fix fighters already, WG

    I don't understand why they haven't fixed them yet. We all know they are useless in their intended purpose and only useful for spotting. Even if you deploy them in time and they "give chase" to enemy aircraft, they will be too slow to catch up to their targets. It gives the player enough time to, fly over friendly ships to shoot them down OR recall your aircraft without losing them. The other issue is they can only shoot down the total number of active Fighters in the consumable. CV's like the Enterprise and FDR can lose their aircraft to the consumable but still have attacking squadrons remaining. It only makes the consumable even more useless. They need to boost the speed to Fighter Consumables so if you make the mistake of entering the patrol area you WILL lose aircraft.
  4. HeadSplit120

    Quick Review: ANDREA DORIA

    That explains a lot, thanks. I completely forgot about the Sigma.
  5. HeadSplit120

    Quick Review: ANDREA DORIA

    I actually enjoyed the Bayern. I don't remember it being that terrible.
  6. HeadSplit120

    Quick Review: ANDREA DORIA

    I played a few matches in the Andrea Doria. In comparison it's almost identical the Giulio Cesare but with some differences. The biggest thing I noticed was the dispersion. It has slightly worse dispersion than the Giulio Cesare but while playing the Andrea Doria its dispersion seems A LOT worse. The shots spread out horizontally like crazy. I've had plenty of good lined up shots against broadside targets only to watch the rounds hit water all around the enemy ship. I wonder if its dispersion is far worse than what is posted in game. As far as SAP it seems to do well against other ships, notably cruisers, but after the first match I started firing strictly AP. I like everything else about the ship but its dispersion is very infuriating.
  7. HeadSplit120

    Help with Zao

    I don't know. I wouldn't take it into ranked or CB but in random's... I played the Zao a couple of times the other week and it still seems to be a power house, in my opinion. I personally think it all depends on how well you play it. It's HE salvo's are still powerful with good fire chance. The few times I played it I smiled as ships DCP a single fire and my next salvo started a double fire. I use the ship good concealment to get a position to start kiting. Once I see an enemy ship focused on someone else, I'll start to open up with the main guns. I'll start to kite slowly and if their attention shift towards me I'll increase speed to kite and/or cease fire and go dark. Rinse and repeat. The torpedo's are an added bonus but I don't usually rely on them that much. I'll throw down a spread and see if I get lucky which sometimes you do with an enemy DD.
  8. HeadSplit120

    I'm Done

    The base reload on the JB is 26 seconds. If they take Main Battery Modification 3 I think it brings it down to 24'ish seconds. I can't remember but the point is the reload is lower than 30 seconds. Anyways, it doesn't matter. At this point I would prefer to see the replay or a clip of this happening because the OP statement doesn't add up. Yes, I think the FDR is OP and I'm not denying that the JB lost most or more likely a large chunk of its health to an FDR. I'm confident that there is a lot more to what happened that the OP is claiming. Hey, if I'm wrong the OP should post the replay.
  9. HeadSplit120

    I'm Done

    I have played against one. I have played against this CV several times. I don't know if you chose to ignore it but I did mention that I want changes to this CV and in no way was I actually trying to defend the FDR in its current form. I do want changes made to this CV. Is that clear enough for you? I do NOT like players who blatantly lie. Now, lets break down what you said in your post. The OP said he was dead in 2 passes. You said that you commonly see 10 or 12k damage per attack run with FDR. I believe you. I actually see higher damage than that with the DB's. However, that is no where near enough damage to kill a JB in 2 passes. Now, my next question for you. How can you believe him when you, yourself, just admitted in your own post, that the FDR does 10 or 12k per attack run but the JB has 69k HP? At most that's 24k HP gone not including fires/floodings... The OP specifically mentions the JB. I don't know why I have to repeat myself on this next part to further prove the OP is lying about what had happened. OP claims he died in 30 seconds of game play. It takes the FDR at least 30 seconds or more just to reach its target. Not to mention an additional 20+ seconds to even start the second run. Now, if you're not going to read my entire post or have the mental capacity to understand it, kindly show enough respect to keep quiet until you do. The CV is OP and needs changes. It should get its aircraft health reduced. You want to talk about a CV being immune to AA, this is it.
  10. HeadSplit120

    I'm Done

    This statement alone proves that you're lying. I'm not going out of my way defending the FDR because I do have my own reservations about this CV. I do NOT like people blatantly lying. The FDR's planes are slow and the current change of the rapid de-acceleration of the engine boost means that it would've taken a lot longer than 30 seconds of gameplay for the ship to even reach you. The cooldown between attacks is 20+ seconds alone. I can't remember the exact amount of time but its high, very high. The only aircraft that can potentially do enough damage to kill you in two passes is the Dive Bombers. It's under the assumption that none of the bombers missed and none of the bombs shattered. You would have to made yourself an extremely easy target, probably stationary, to have this happen. The torpedo bombers come very close to doing the full health of a JB, not taking torpedo protection in account, but you would've had to have taken flood damage, not used a heal or repaired, etc. I'd consider yourself lucky that you even shot down 4 or 5 of FDR's aircraft. I think they have the most health, surpassing the RN's CV's. I haven't played the FDR, probably never will. It seems to be tailored to going after the larger ships, BB's to be exact, and I do feel it needs to have the health of its aircraft reduced and possibly other changes. I feel that you're not telling the whole story. That's fine. It doesn't matter anymore cause you said you're done. Bye.
  11. HeadSplit120

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    If you don't like the ship... then don't play it? Seems like an easy solution.
  12. Seriously? What's the difference between the "best" and "most powerful?" That's one hell of a huge stretch. You're really going to nit pick over which words are used? I can easily switch out the words and the statement will still hold true. Exception being the new KM CV's but since the "they're new" excuse has been used I guess we still can't rely on its stats just yet or never.
  13. Oh, so Enterprise is no longer the best T8 CV? If Shokaku is the most powerful then I guess that explains why it has the highest win rate... Oh... nvm, it doesn't. If Shokaku is the most powerful then I guess that explains why based on your win rates it has the highest win rate... Oh nvm, it isn't. It's not. Yes, Shokaku is the most powerful if we just ignore everything else. I'm not saying Shokaku is a bad CV. I would rank it as probably one of the top best, 3rd best, CV's for the tier. I enjoyed playing it. However, win rate says otherwise. Enterprise is the most powerful T8 CV. Parseval and Shokaku would follow behind it.
  14. HeadSplit120

    Petropavlovsk - balans Komrades!

    It's the same excuse every time. It'll be the same excuse when FDR is released. The same excuse has been used for the Stalingrad. It's win rate has been holding steady. It's been out longer than the KM CV's and their win rates have already gone down. The Petro is second best Tier 10 based on win rate in 50%, 25%, and top 5% players. Stop lying to yourself.
  15. HeadSplit120

    Petropavlovsk - balans Komrades!

    They already did but a very minor change. "Detectability range by ships increased from 14.9 to 15.4 km. Other detectability ranges increased accordingly." Moskva is still better? Please explain to me why the two most best performing cruisers by win rate is the Stalingrad and Petro. This includes every percentage of the player base, based off of WoWS NA Stats. The Petro is so much better than the Moskva just based on the fact that it can "win more." If the Moskva, based on these quotes, is so much better then why isn't it at the top? I know right? I'm of the opinion that the ones who play this ship are desperate to keep it in its current condition as long as possible just to inflate their own win rate. Once WG decides to actually do a more meaningful nerf you'll probably see these same players crying about it. My own opinion about the ship. I think it does require changes to it. The one thing I'd like to see is having sit just a little bit higher off the water. I've had several occasions where I fired a salvo at a broadside Petro and watched my rounds land short and over it just because on how low it sits on the water.