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  1. HeadSplit120

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    I didn't say you weren't going to get hit. The point was rather than taking all five per run you can dodge 3-4 of them. If you're finding yourself in the situation where you have to either take all the torpedo's or risk going broadside and take a citadel, I say great job on the enemy team. Teamwork.
  2. HeadSplit120

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    Teamwork. It does exist in some matches. Yes, I would like it to go away. CV's player use it against me but while its not considered an exploit I will also do it. The slingshot drop doesn't work very well, or at all, with torpedo planes. They are way too slow.
  3. HeadSplit120

    Why CVs need to stop attacking DDs

    There is a time when you should attack DD's as well as a time you shouldn't. It all depends on the situation. If a DD is in poor positioning and I determine that they are not currently a threat to the team I will select a new target. Especially if they near destroyed and need to be finished off. If you are spend way too much time hunting down and trying to destroy a DD you are doing more harm than good. It isn't helping the team. The time spent wasted on trying to kill a DD could've been spent taking out that BB with a couple thousand HP left before they heal.
  4. HeadSplit120

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    If you don't tunnel vision and realize that torpedo planes are coming in on the attack it isn't hard to dodge the torpedo's. You may still get hit but its better to only get hit by three or four rather than 11.
  5. HeadSplit120

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    Replay. 11 torpedo hits? You need to do a better job of dodging those torpedo's and stop sailing in a straight line. I doubt he there was 5 floodings with those 11 torpedo hits.
  6. HeadSplit120

    Please do something about CVs

    Please do something about CV's? Are you serious? You're obviously not paying attention to ANY of the changes made to CV's. At this point its probably has more to do with your lack of ability rather than the class. Please stop blaming your own mistakes on CV's.
  7. HeadSplit120

    CV Balance Propositions

    I think this would be pointless. Most of the time I find myself rotating through all the squadrons so that they can replenish or maybe the situation called for specific type of aircraft. We already got a speed and speed boost nerf which reduces our time reaching our target and reducing the amount of time of actually attacking. Sounds reasonable. It does need more counter play and maybe this would help. I would prefer they just buff the current fighter consumable and allow it to shoot down more aircraft and not despawn. They are very unreliable sometimes despawning and being outran by enemy aircraft. Tiny Brain CV Main? I was actually enjoying your post until you decided to use derogatory term to describe other players. I suppose they can say that you're just an imbecile. You were having a very constructive post up until this point. They are already considering changes to AA but what you're suggesting. It does create a problem as it completely makes the torpedo bombers health consumable useless. The Manual AA Fire Control skill isn't useless. Most players don't even use sector reinforcement correctly or not at all. Its probably one of the best AA skills. They already nerfed DB's and now its dispersion is atrocious. I find that DFAA is working as its suppose too. Even if you're not destroying the aircraft you're causing enough damage that the CV player either recalls the aircraft preventing anymore attacks or risk losing the aircraft. No. I'm not sure how they would implement this and at the same time you shouldn't be engaging surface ships. If a DD is able to sneak up on you as a CV you should be punished.
  8. HeadSplit120

    The Problems With CVs, and How to Fix Them

    They are still viable. If I send a squadron against a ship with catapult fighters up in time the other aircraft will be shot down. DFAA will cause enough damage to the aircraft that after the first initial strike the planes are low on health and need to be sent back, preventing any additional attack runs against you and even a ship with low AA. Most players get the impression that DFAA isn't working because they aren't getting all those planes kills. When we send a squadron into a group of ships with high AA we do suffer consequences. Why do you think we dump the first couple attacks into the ocean? After we launch a successful attack those planes are going to be shot down before they get immunity. What you want to see is all those planes shot down before they do any damage. In the old RTS version I would agree with you. In the current rework we should be allowed to get at least a single strike in. It sounds like you're upset that CV's are capable of scratching your paint. "If PROPERLY managed" Yes as it should be. If a CV player is going to play more conservatively/safe he will and should still have full or close to full squadrons. Some CV players will play aggressively some matches and will not be launching full squadrons or deplaned. Only worry of what ship to strike next? Sorry, no. The player also needs to worry about the positioning of his CV. We have to decide if we want to play it safe or risk our CV by positioning closer to the front for faster attacks, managing auto-pilot, constantly checking mini-map, deciding where the best spot to drop fighters to support our team while on a path to launch an attack or deciding to stall an attack to keep a target spotted. Most importantly is where we need to launch an attack (spotting), not which ship, and focus our efforts to best support the team and win.
  9. HeadSplit120

    The Problems With CVs, and How to Fix Them

    After all the nerfs CV's have received you still have a problem with them. I don't know but maybe it isn't the class that's the problem but maybe the lack of ability or the refusal to adjust your playstyle while facing up against a CV. Downvote me all you like but at this point any "How to fix CV's" should just be titled "I want CV's deleted/removed from the game."
  10. I'm leaving the game and I demand your attention! Bye.
  11. HeadSplit120

    British CV Rant

    You're playing it wrong. I have no issues with the British CV's. They don't have the alpha damage potential but the level bombers are great at starting multiple fires. You need use that to your advantage. The torpedo bombers are also fine and I have no issue landing hits on enemy ships. I also feel they have a higher flooding chance. I'm not sure if this is actually true but in my experience I have always achieved more floodings with the RN CV torpedo planes. The RN CV's are all about getting that ticking damage. You need to start fires, have them consume their DCP and go back and start another.
  12. HeadSplit120

    WG. CV is your mess. Can you be fair and stop this?

    I would like to see the replays.
  13. HeadSplit120

    Dive Bomber Nerf did nothing

    Rocket planes have already been hit with the nerf bat once. I'm sorry but now you're clearly advocating for making DD's immune to CV attacks.
  14. HeadSplit120

    Dive Bomber Nerf did nothing

    You need to stop, take a long look at what you're doing and fix it. Stop blaming your mistakes on others. The recent nerfs to DB's make it incredibly hard to hit a DD unless you're completely braindead and sail in a straight line.
  15. As a CV player I would like to see the slingshot drop go away. CC's (Some of them) and the unicum's will only complain/rage about the slingshot drop when its used against them. How dare you ruin their stats?! At the same time, they use it again and again. I don't blame them but its ironic they complain about it but at the same time have no issue using it against others.