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  1. HeadSplit120

    Low-tier DDs vs CVs

    They'll just say those CV's were potato's. As they do with everything in order to defend their argument that CV's are OP.
  2. HeadSplit120

    CV Rework: Fighter Consumable

    I agree that the fighter consumable needs to be improved. I wouldn't do it in the way that you suggested. I'd prefer to see them actually do that job that they were meant to do, shooting down enemy aircraft. They are currently to easily manipulated or bugged out. I've played plenty of matches where I'll use the fighters to cover teammates and only to watch them chase after enemy aircraft, not shoot any down and then de-spawn. The same can be applied to the fighter consumable to all ships. I would keep them easily shot down so that if a CV player does choose to use them to spot, a DD can easily clear them out. I want the time it takes for them to be active to be slightly decreased. It feels like it takes them forever to become active and to actual start patrolling their assigned radius. Everyone wants more CV counter play and this would help. CV's could have the option of hunting down the enemy CV's aircraft at the start by dropping fighters on the enemy aircraft.
  3. HeadSplit120

    Hey, guess what happened?

    It happens to everyone, you're not special. You can choose to say that it wasn't a queue dump. I'm telling you that it was a queue dump. It can happen at any time. Accept it and move on. The frequency that it happens is really rare.
  4. HeadSplit120

    Hey, guess what happened?

    It was a queue dump.
  5. HeadSplit120

    CVs have ruined DDs

    Sorry, QQ_Whine_Moar had answered your question. I assumed that you had read it. To answer your question, Yes. CV's have different reticles for rocket planes. A good example is the Midway and Enterprise. Midway Tiny Tim rocket planes reticle is designed for a bow/stern attack. You'll want to keep your side to the attack. The Enterprise rocket planes have a reticle that is designed for broadside attacks. The reticle is, for the most part, the same as the Tiny Tim's but has been turned 90 degrees. You will want to keep your bow onto the attack. The Audacious rocket planes have a huge round reticle but with a very large payload. There isn't much you can do but the reticle is so large that usually only about 30-40% of the rockets will actually hit you as they will saturate the entire target area. The reticle is large enough to probably fight a total of 2.5/3 DD's in it. I have only made it to the Tier VIII IJN CV but it uses a circle, maybe a slight oval shape to it, but with a smaller payload of rockets compared to the Audacious. All Dive Bomber's and Level Bombers reticles are designed for bow/stern attacks. The exception is the Graf Zeppelin which its bombers use a small circle. Torpedo bombers are rather self explanatory. The only thing I will mention that if you're in a BB/cruiser facing off against other enemy ships and a CV decides to come in with torpedo planes. You need to make a very important decision. Do I take the torpedo hits, suffer some damage, risk a flooding? OR do I turn to dodge them, show broadside and risk suffering a Devastating Strike/massive citadel damage? I've seen some players scream at me because I came in with torpedo planes, they decided to dodge but ended up suffering 40-50k damage from a BB salvo. Of course, since I'm the CV its 100% my fault.
  6. HeadSplit120

    CVs have ruined DDs

    I highly recommend DD players to watch CV gameplay for this specific purpose. If you know the CV's targeting reticle for rocket planes it will help to know which maneuver will ensure the fewest hits possible. In return you stay in the fight longer and preserve your health.
  7. HeadSplit120

    CVs have ruined DDs

    A lot of DD's players recently have decided to leave their AA on and moving immediately into cap, making it extremely easy to find and attack. They seem to refuse to be patient to see where the CV plans to scout first or use smoke. The other problem is a lot of DD players don't know the difference in the aiming reticle some of the rockets planes use. I've had DD's go nose in on my Tiny Tim rockets and getting upset due to the damage they took, Sorry not sorry... you helped me line the attack up perfectly. Versus, I think its the Enterprise rocket planes where the reticle is turned 90 degree's so you want a broadside target to get maximum hits. I play both and have no issues playing against a CV in a DD.
  8. HeadSplit120

    The game should be called world of carriers

    You accidentally caused friendly fire. IJN ships generally don't have the best AA. The enemy CV sank you with torpedo planes. You never mentioned that you were focused by the CV so I'm going to assume you lost most of your health from other enemy ships. So... its all the CV's fault? You have some serious issues to work out. Provide the replay. I'm sure some of players will provide feedback about what you need to improve. Or not... just keep blaming CV's if you makes feel better.
  9. HeadSplit120

    how great were the pre Rework CVs?

    I picked out these quotes because they point out something that I hold to be true, in my opinion. I watch some of the well known CC's on twitch and youtube videos. I consider them very talented players in WoWs. Now, we take these quotes and add that to some of the CC's. I don't recall them ever complaining about the old RTS CV's. I could be wrong. I have on a continuous basis hear them talk about the current rework CV's and how much they hate them. I believe that a good portion of the reason they have such a huge hatred for the new rework CV's is because they have lost their monopoly on the class that was once the old RTS CV's. They can no longer inflate their W/R through the old RTS CV's. I agree, RTS CV's required great skill. The old RTS CV's could easily influence the outcome of the battle at a much, MUCH, greater volume than the current rework. Some of their favorite ships during the RTS version had "No fly zone" AA and those same ships continue to be their favorite because they are still considered to have strong AA even in the current rework. I do think some of the CC's hold influence over some of the players. They say a ship is OP and some of the player base will immediately agree, well, because they said it was. A good example is the Smolensk. I heard them say it was OP but now having learned the ship I can now say the ship isn't OP but just a strong ship. I wont call out any particular CC's but I do remember watching their stream, this was last year, and after playing several, maybe 7-8 or more, "mediocre" matches as a CV, they suddenly had a very good match as a CV. Interestingly enough that same battle was uploaded to youtube as way to say "LOOK, proof the current rework CV are OP" and in video go on to explain how you can do it in every battle. I find it childish. They had a toy all to themselves and now they have to share. Now that they have to share... they don't want anyone to have it.
  10. HeadSplit120

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    Most flak can be dodged but ships with strong AA will put up more and you're not going to be able to dodge it all. I think you also fail to realize that even if a CV player was able to dodge all the flak we usually end losing more aircraft after recalling them. They don't get immunity after we hit the "F" key and we lose another 2-3 aircraft. We do care about reserve management. Why do you think CV players will dump a portion of the squadron to go back to the ship? I'll let you think and answer that. CV can and have been deplaned. I'm confident that you have seen it but refuse to acknowledge it. Hell, we nearly saw it in this video, it wasn't even a full 20-minute match and that was against just one ship. I play CV's and play against CV's. I have not had any issues playing against CV's in a DD, BB or any ship for that matter. Players are way, WAY over exaggerating CV's. I've seen posts saying they last over 50% of their health in a Tier X BB in a single pass at the start of a match. A huge over exaggeration. It has reached a point to where if a CV so much as touches you players will come and complain. What's really annoying is players keep saying "AA is useless" Okay. Turn it off then. Please, turn it off. If its so useless then you don't need it. Turn it off.
  11. HeadSplit120


    This. I've had good success with the ship and the drake by playing them near the limit of their range. The ship does an amazing job of putting some hurt on DD's. It's nice seeing a salvo shave off 6-8k health or more on a DD.
  12. HeadSplit120

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    You are correct that the CV player was a complete potato. I have no idea why he would concentrate his effort on a DM and for a moment the Halland. You need to keep in mind that in some cases you can't dodge all the flak especially against ships like a DM and a Halland. The CV could have done a better job though. I have to mention at the 11:55 mark. Flambass turned into the torpedo reducing the range between his ship and the torpedo preventing it from activating in time. I'm sure a lot of CV players make this mistake as we usually try and drop as close to the target as possible but sometimes forget to add that little extra distance to ensure activation. He had depleted squadrons. He had to start rotating through in order to regenerate aircraft. Even then he had depleted squadrons. The last squadron, AP bombers, were at about half strength and when they did release it looked like only one bomb was dropped. I'm sure his other squadrons were about the same. If you notice the CV's attacks later in the match were becoming ever increasingly ineffective. You missed the part where Flambass got 9 citadel's on the CV destroyed it and depleted the CV's squadrons. CV's are punishable and in this video was punished. He did more damage to the CV in a shorter amount of time than the CV could do the whole match.
  13. HeadSplit120

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    A lot players need to understand that with the rework you're not going to be clearing entire squadrons from the skies before the first strike. You will most likely take at least one strike from a squadron. In the old RTS version it was necessary to able to perform this because of the power behind the aircraft. Sometimes you will take two or more strikes depending on the strength of your AA. A ship with low AA should expect to be a target and take several strikes. You should know this before leaving port. I'm really concerned with players saying "AA builds are worthless." We watched the video and even without DFAA, I'm not sure about his build most likely not a full AA build, he was able to get Air Defense ribbon and shoot down at least 40 aircraft. I wonder how much more he could have done if he went with an AA build with DFAA consumable. My huge concern with WG is if they keep taking the feedback that "AA is worthless" they will continue to buff AA. At some point players will start going with AA builds and realize that builds are capable of wiping entire squadrons before they can even get an attack. (I know... its what all the CV haters want) If you noticed towards the end of the match the CV was NOT launching full squadrons. The CV's desire to attack the DM and concentrate his effort on it cost him a lot of planes, spotting, etc. My point is that CV could have changed the course of the battle if he had focused on other things. If I was in a DM I would want the CV to focus me. A ship with good AA will eventually deplete the CV squadrons.
  14. HeadSplit120

    Is Wargaming censoring CV haters?

    Players have mentioned it before but if you're going to give people the option. I would want the same if I was playing in a BB and I don't want to play against DD's, Cruiser vs BB, etc. Am I going to get that same selector button to deselect a certain ship type before going into a match? The suggestion doesn't sound very fair at all.
  15. HeadSplit120

    CV rockets need a nerf

    If the Midway player was using Tiny Tim's and you were nose in to this planes, I expect nothing less. The Tiny Tim's reticle is an elongated oval, in which the CV pilot will want to align in from the front to end of an enemy ship to have highest probably chance of all rockets to hit. You did this for him. You aligned yourself up perfectly to get hit like that.