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  1. MaverickBlue

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    This has to be the dumbest halloween event WG has ever launched. It's basically hunt the sheriff but worse. In the last half a decade of playing WoT, I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually been in a match with a sheriff, and half of those times the sheriff was on my team.....
  2. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    Then you're doing it wrong....
  3. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    These "prime time"periods are complete bull. Luckily I was at home today, so I got to test during the "early primetime", but now it's shutdown. Allegedly it's UTC, however it didn't come up until 14:00UTC, give or take. I stepped away to make dinner for the kids and now it's down, apparently until 10PM(01:00UTC)? For me that's 10pm in east coast Canada, 11am Australian time, 4am in Moscow, and 2am in London..... How the heck is that prime time? Everybody is either going to bed soon(/a while ago) because they have to work/their parents told them to, or they're getting up to go to school/work.....
  4. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    It's called use terrain to your advantage, protect your side, and pre-aim where you think he's going to pop out, but with enough padding that the spotting mechanics give you enough time to pull the trigger. Keep in mind, he can't see you either unless he's within 50 metres or has direct line of sight. It takes at minimum, 1.5 seconds after either of those happens before you spot each other and a tank is rendered on your screen. Yeah, if you miss, or don't kill them with the first shot, you're screwed, but they also have to balance all the different tanks together or nobody finds it fun, nobody plays it, and the company goes bankrupt and the game gets delegated to a footnote on wikipedia. If you want hardcore realism go play "peace lightning"(only opposite, it got censored....) in simulation mode. I'm not saying I always win when I play my arty, but my stats speak for themselves. Look them up if you're skeptical. Arty can and does defend itself when the situation affords it, if the arty player is paying attention to map movements and health bars. My success may vary, but I've done well enough at times to know your claims are utter bull excrement.
  5. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    Would be nice if they reworked collision damage with allied ships/maybe put an outline around friendly subs. I got dinged in both of my last battles as a sub for collision damage, honestly I didn't even notice it nothing happened to my sub, the ship didn't stop, but apparently it scraped against my hull for a whopping combined 100 credits or less. No biggie really since it didn't affect me much, but in the first match I'm pretty sure one of the cruisers "drove" over me twice(I was at periscope depth). I don't know if he just didn't know I was there, or if he just doesn't like subs and was trying to turn me pink since it seems collision damage is only attributed to the slower, less nimble submarines. Again, no biggie, at least in a test, but I could see this mechanic being abused.
  6. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    I'm not sure about this test, but the last "test" I participated in was on the live server, and it was a special battle mode, tier 6 only. WG has a long way to go before they release subs into regular pub matches, and at least 4 more tiers to create if they decide to start the line at tier 6(like how BB's and CV's start at tier 3/4).
  7. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    As an avid sky cancer player, I dispute your claim that SPG's are helpless. Yeah, sure, if the enemy breaks through the flank you're hiding behind, you're probably screwed, but a good SPG player is always watching the map and getting the feck out of Idaho if any substantial tanks look like they're about to break through. As for scouts, if you know they're coming you can get lined up for a shotgun, and that's a 50/50 match if you're good. I've killed my fair share of EBR's in my T92 and CGC, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
  8. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    Of course, the only playable ships that you could potentially be facing happen to be escorts of one type or another, unless I failed to notice the passive cargo ship line in the tech tree....
  9. MaverickBlue

    Submarine Testing

    Isn't the server supposed to be up right now, or did WG fudge that? I see the countdown timer on the article says the server comes up in roughly 2 hours, but the client says it's up between 13:00-20:00, and 01:00-04:00 UTC. It's currently 13:32 UTC....