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  1. Lollipops

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    Ummmmm, You do not do anything to be honest..... you do not code.... you don't program.... you don't test ANYTHING! Ok... you do twitch.... meh...... you blather on about how great CV's are.... eh..... you might wanna check the server pop about that one. OH!... you do public events rather well!!!..... YAAAY!! oh..... and we all like you.... nother YAAAY!!
  2. At least I am not the only one that noticed this..... but I noticed it about 10 years ago in WoT.
  3. This crap should have been addressed in test..... not live.
  4. Lollipops

    Thank you WG I'll be good now

    DAM!!!! guess they need to bribe me ALOT more then....... I do not seem to be so easily swayed!
  5. Lollipops

    Prueba Pública 0.8.3 este fin de semana!

    ¿Por qué América Latina no tiene su propio servidor? WG debe ser racista. ¡Le dieron a los asiáticos su propio servidor!
  6. Lollipops

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    eh...... she is at least a nice person.....I like her, but my point is, CV play has been dumbed down so bad, even REALLY bad players can look good....... kinda.
  7. Lollipops

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    *golfclap* You actually sorta pulled yer head out. KINDA. You use a pic of a ship that was never completed, but used it to fight FOR the ship (of which, WG has admitted they have not fixed right yet). Then you use an example of a ship that was not used in WW2, but was finished after WW2, but both are still in the parameters of this game..... so, Me posting that WG has screwed the game up even worse with the CV update made you think that the Montana actually made sense to post about was a smart thing to do why?
  8. Lollipops

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

  9. Lollipops

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    What did it actually do? pull yer head out and do yer research, it was launched in 1938 and never finished, never saw action and was nothing but a shell......
  10. Lollipops

    Star Wars Episode IX Teaser

    This one looks alot better than the previous 2....... thank you for no more crappy Mark Hamill crying.
  11. Lollipops

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    Let's be honest.... it got nerfed cuz Germany NEVER had an actual CV and WG made it to freakin awesome...... wich made them alotta money.... the first time.... and this time...... it was NOT just for regular players...... even for premium players, it got nerfed. Please pull yer brain out, dust it off, and utilize it correctly....... That being said.... CV's are junk. Even the crap players amongst everyone of us can play them..... maybe not competently..... but at least they do not look half as stupid as they did before...... Way to dumb the game down..... they made Fem even look good in a CV.
  12. Kudos...... truth hurts..... they made CV's so even the stupid could play them..... not competently.... but could at least play them. But still..... crap is crap, and throwing Fem in them every chance she gets really doesn't change that.
  13. Lollipops

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    You must live under a rock... CV's went from broken, to crap. But WG loves that you spent money on them.......gratz.
  14. Lollipops

    Application submission

    You are handed this stuff down from the RU server and you cannot get it right before publishing to live? They definitely pay you people to much at WGNA.
  15. Lollipops

    Something very odd about Audacious

    Seriously.... CV's are still broken.... they didn't fix ANYTHING other than up the dpm with the missle crap. re-introduce fighters and that drops to nothing. witch..... dsome cruisers/BB's still have...... seriously WG.... hire someone with a brain....... the stupidity needs to stop.