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  1. Destroy 3 ships in a single battle? and I have to do it 3 times? it is not easy even at co-op mode, could be easiler when destorying cargo ships in operation mode but it is not counted. WG is very good at setting players up in the late serial missions.
  2. currently, I downloaded setup files and installed software from NA server with a NA account, I only got English version game and keep playing with more than 1 year. I do know how to change language in the website, but the game system itself is still English version, inculding ship name, item nanme in armory, and detailed game report, etc. If I download the setup files from Steam paltform and play there, I can get whatever language version and play in NA server. However, then I have to use a Steam account and play from the very beginning. Is it possible to link or move my current WoWs account to the Steam playform, so that I can play with the ships which I already have? or do you have any better idea?
  3. doudou123

    How to know my old clan name?

    thanks for your help, guys
  4. About 1 year ago, i was in my old clan and was kicked out since I did not play this game for months. Now I am not happy with my current clan and want to go back to the old clan. Unfortunatelly forgot the old clan name. Is it possible to get the clan history which I used to join in the game?
  5. doudou123

    How to change game language

    Thank you for reply. This setting can only change Game Center language, not WoW in game language.
  6. I am in NA server. When I install Game Center, I did have an option to select my prefered language, but when I install World of Warship, I only got English version (I might missed some configuration options). Is it possible to change to another language without re-installing the game? If re-install is the unique choice, where should I make the configuration? Thanks for help.
  7. This directive mission is completely crazy. Start to hate this game.