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  1. traxxonraider

    Have a code for July 4th!

    Thank you!
  2. traxxonraider

    Code within

    @Reymu Thank you! Appreciate the free camo WG.
  3. traxxonraider

    Weekend spree

    Played enough Friday evening to complete the two Indianapolis Marathon missions (6 matches) and took a break for the rest of the weekend.
  4. traxxonraider

    It only took 10,461 battles...

    Congrats on earning your first solo warrior achievement!
  5. traxxonraider

    PTS 7.6 rewards are up

    Thanks for the heads up!
  6. traxxonraider

    Motivation Monday - Back Under Weigh!

    If I am playing well, then I usually will continue to play a couple more matches before logging out. When I am playing poorly, I will log out and try again another day.
  7. traxxonraider

    Weekend spree

    @Reymu Grats on your Z52! Finished both missions between Friday evening (8 games) and Saturday morning (9 games). Had two very good games in the Yorck (I think it may be one of my favorite tier 7 cruisers now) to balance two terrible games in the Atlanta (I was over aggressive and got caught out of position). Overall had fun playing and even managed to get some wins.
  8. traxxonraider

    Stress free play???

    I am the same way with my campaign tasks. Sometimes I'll see them completed and don't even remember what I needed to achieve to complete them.
  9. I didn't think to try the Shchors until I had 147 hits in a loss on Friday. When I saw the hit total after the battle I figured a few better aimed salvos would get me the mission complete on a win. Oh and as far as living, I had under 1k health left at the end of the battle that I completed the mission.
  10. I was able to achieve the 150 hits mission with my Shchors. For the planes, I held off on using the Atlanta until Saturday's games (when I only needed a handful). Surprisingly my Yorck shot down quite a few planes to advance the mission on Friday.
  11. traxxonraider

    Caption the profile image above you.

    A ship girl posing for a portrait before the final battle.
  12. traxxonraider

    Why should I keep playing this game?

    +1 I felt in a similar position as the OP about 18 months ago. Took an 18 month break and came back to enjoy the game some more. Everything was still there (including some bonus ships for returning). Don't force yourself to play if you are not enjoying it no matter how much time or money you have invested.
  13. traxxonraider

    Favorite tier 4 BB?

    I like both Kaiser and Ark the most as well at tier 4 (haven't played FR or UK BBs, though).
  14. traxxonraider

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Campbeltown

    Thanks for the write-up LWM and Lert. The ship history interests me more than the ship stats to be honest, but even so I'm not sure I'd buy it just because it has an interesting history.