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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    A ship girl posing for a portrait before the final battle.
  2. Why should I keep playing this game?

    +1 I felt in a similar position as the OP about 18 months ago. Took an 18 month break and came back to enjoy the game some more. Everything was still there (including some bonus ships for returning). Don't force yourself to play if you are not enjoying it no matter how much time or money you have invested.
  3. Favorite tier 4 BB?

    I like both Kaiser and Ark the most as well at tier 4 (haven't played FR or UK BBs, though).
  4. Fighting Fridays - The Nemesis

    Low tier CV and anything that shows me an angle where I can use cruiser AP for delicious citadel action.
  5. This. Also the Shchors' horn is amusing to me.
  6. Ahaha best video I've seen all day. Thanks for posting it Lert.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    I got steamrolled by @FierceTomato the other day. All I could do was sit with a long face after that match.
  8. Hi

    Welcome to the forum! Feel free to stop by the wonderful guides section to learn more about the game. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. I usually say something in chat if I recognize someone from the forums. Mostly I do not headhunt unless I happen across them during the course of the battle.
  10. Motivation Monday - Rapid Fire

    Bogatyr for me.
  11. Lert's state of the onion address

    Happy birthday to you Lert! I like the community here even though I rarely participate and thankfully haven't had too many toxic encounters (although I know there will be more in the future).
  12. RIP SeverianSwordmaster

    My condolences for your loss. o7
  13. It's likely as you already stated, that the torpedoes are fired at a target just outside their maximum range. I'd suggest checking the torpedo range on the ships you are launching them from and also notice whether the ship you are targeting is moving away from you (increasing the travel distance for the torps) or moving toward you (decreasing the travel distance).
  14. Running aground

    That looks like normal wear and tear to me.
  15. Weekend spree

    I played for the first time in 1.5 years and managed to scrape a 48% win rate despite stinking it up in De Grasse for 7 matches (0 wins). I had a lot of fun and it felt good to play again. On the opposite end of the De Grasse, I managed to win all 3 Kirov games with over 65k+ damage on average.