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  1. And you think by dying in less than 5 minutes nearly every match helps your tesm win? If you're so effective at winning, explain your insanely below avg win rate. And yes you average 20 k in your bbs, while the server average is more than double that. The purpose of providing evidence to counter an argument is that the evidence you provide supports your case, not that of your opposition.
  2. And if the OP and you were correct, you both would be able to apply that wisdom with greater success but you don't... because it doesn't apply to WoWs.
  3. Epic level of Stupid...

    And this is why you are an above average player. When you make mistakes, you don't hide your stats or blame other people or external factors. You take accountability and own it and learn from it. This is what separates winners from losers.
  4. I am very well aware of it. Your trolling isn't going to successfully deflect away from the fact that the reason why you perform below average in this game is partially due to the fact that you think certain philosophies apply when they don't. If your perceptions and awareness were acurate, you would be more successful at this game than you are, at the very least you should be mildly above average because you would be far more effective in navigating with fluidity through its hurdles. But go ahead, keep trolling and perpetuating false narratives about my emotional state. The results you cannot escape from. At 11,000 battles, you should have acquired a great deal of wisdom and understanding of this game. And the progression through the learning curve and steady self improvement that comes from it for even just a moderately healthy minded individual should have taken you easily past 50% win rate. Frankly you should be in the top 5% of the player base with that much first hand experience. How do you explain to someone they have an awareness handicap when it takes awareness to see it? The ultimate catch-22. The only thing you are above average in is your trolling perseverance and that speaks volumes about the content of your character. My suggestion to you is stop obsessing over my posts and stalking me around the forums and apply that energy toward learning from your mistakes and you might just find yourself to be more of an asset to the community than a liability.
  5. Nothing to do with me, i specifically said other unicums because you guys are the defensive ones that always spin it and call it arrogance. I'm not talking about strictly team wipe conditions. You might be able to take a cap or two, but unless you're killing ships, you won't KEEP them. The enemy will just take them from you and they will keep them. And if you were actually being scientific, you'd observe that the majority of wins on points instead of 12 ship wipes are won because the winning team had more ships still floating. Maybe when you actually log that statistic you'll realize you're the defensive one by claiming passive players are more common than overly aggressive players and that is 100% undeniably false.
  6. You guys can rationalize and theorize all you want. But you claim i am wrong. That my preaching about the importance of equilibrium between smart aggression and health conservation causes losses. If that were true, my win rate should be lower than yours. And if you were logical and rational thinkers you would focus on what actually produces results (wins). And maybe demonstrate the humility and open-mindedness (both incredible demonstrations of strength) to toss out what you think you know (because it's not producing results) and benchmark off of unicums (not me, people better than me) who will tell you the same damn thing I'm telling you. Or go ahead and huddle up with your other 50% and below win rate players and feed off of each other's confirnation biases and forever remain avg and below avg players. Just do me a favor, try to load up on the other team in my matches and I encourage you to charge those caps in suicide fashion because I'll have some presents for you.
  7. You suicide yourself every game before doing any meaningful damage. You have worse stats than a bot. How do you possibly think that you can provide any credible commentary if your mind is unable to learn from past actions and improve from them? What value do you expect the player base to put on your perceptions? You have nearly 12000 games played and less than a 4% survival rate. You average less than 10k damage in half the ships you play and a 146 PR rating which is damn near what you'd be if you were AFK every match. It is not human to have that many games played and not learn a single thing. You are either lying about being a griefer or you only smash the W key and kamikaze toward the enemy every match which is being a griefer whether you're doing it on purpose or not.
  8. Ok, prove your theory is correct. Provide us with all the countless replays where all 12 players lived past 10 minutes and lost. You can't. Games are not lost because of caps contrary to what below average and average players perceive. They are lost because of what is called the snowball effect. 2-3 "special" players die in less than 5 minutes and the lack of guns and field presence exponentially increases the enemy's strength and it snowballs from there into victory. It's a lot easier to see the big red circles though on the screen and "FEEL" like you lost because of caps. You lost in caps as a BYPRODUCT of being down in ships. Get the crappers to grow a brain and learn to live past 10 minutes (while still doing damage of course) and you will see just how insanely OP your team is when you do that. And this notion that spotting increases your chance of being detected and sniping in the back decreases your chances of being detected went out the window when invisifiring was removed from the game. And if the "special" Shima player decides to charge a cap at the start of the match and you feel as though they are even 1% correct in doing so when there are 4 DDs a side and 2 or more enemy radar ships, then that is why you're still not breaking 50% win rate yourself. Outside of the extremely rare detonation mechanic, there is ZERO, let me repeat that because it sounds vaguely important.... ZERO excuse for dying before 5 minutes. Dying before 10 minutes is also pretty bad unless you did some seriously heroic moves that secured the win in such a way that you were completely not needed the rest of the match to achieve victory. And again, below average and average players grossly (often to a pretty disturbing degree) over-exaggerate their value when it comes to how much they contributed before they died which they use as justification to excuse away their poor play. And unfortunately, the frequency in which they do that is what keeps them below or just average players. After all, why self reflect and think about ways you could have improved if you lied to yourself and made yourself believe you did everything right? The bottom line is that unicum players got to be unicum players because they have mastered the ability to maintain equilibrium the entire match. That optimum point on the graph where the two lines intersect. The line of aggression and the line of prudent health conservation. Losers stay losers unless they put in the effort toward learning how to find and maintain that equilibrium. You camp too much, you do too little damage. You get overly aggressive and you die to soon and *gasp* you do too little damage. Go figure. The overwhelming majority of players in this game who are below average or struggling to advance much past average are actually far too much along the aggression line on the chart, not the conservation line. And the only people that seem to see it, again, are unicum players who understand the simple concept that you can't do damage, take caps, spot for your team, or do anything to help achieve the win if you are sitting at the bottom of the ocean. A person has to have a serious cognitive disability to not grasp that simple 1st grade concept and yet here we are. A massive portion of the community struggles with comprehending this. It's insane and beyond disturbing that players can play even 4000 - 5000+ games and still not see it.
  9. Wish the forum would include the full account of a person's performance metrics when they open a new thread. If everyone took two seconds to realize what the OP is, this would not have gone 4 pages deep. As if the insane number of spelling and grammar errors wasn't enough to clue you in. The OP is a griefer, they purposely sabotage matches for pleasure.
  10. Not having any problem deleting buffed cruisers, you have to stick at max range and leverage those laser beam low trajectory guns. Then disengage after setting fires, then reapply when they've given up and moved their guns off you, rinse and repeat.
  11. Fixed it for you. Didn't want to get you in trouble with MacDonalds' legal department.
  12. hockey

    Yeah it's virtually uphill the entire way and then it's dessert on the way back. Dessert in the desert :P
  13. hockey

    https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3032498380 This was my record time, but with the baby now it's hard to get out as often so I dropped about a minute off my time going about once a week instead of every other day.
  14. hockey

    I was a volleyball player in college and got up to 4th in rank nationally in 9-ball. Billiards was what I wanted to do professionally until I realized you're living in airports and hotels 24/7 and when you're not competing, you're having to make extra money doing appearances and other stuff I had no interest in. Back then, there wasn't much money in the sport and sponsorships were few and far between. Then again, not much has changed even today. Years after college I still played v-ball in leagues until I partially tore my LCL in a beach tournament and went through 6 months of physical therapy. After that I looked for low impact sports so gliding on the rink felt a lot better on my knees and of course cycling as well. It's not really fun compared to team sports but it's great exercise, convenient to just head out from the garage and not be held to any fixed schedule, and the morning mountain views count for something. This is what it looks like at my half way point before heading back to the house.
  15. There you go again making false connotations about my emotional state which you magically manifest through a medium void of tone and inflection. You need to believe you can upset me or rattle me because that is the real objective here with you. The subject matter is irrelevant. The same lack of perspective that is causing you to endlessly troll about complete nonsense and the same misfiring in your synapses that allows you to have as many games played as you have and progress so insanely slowly through the learning curve is no coincidence. You cannot reason with someone that is as all over the place and disorganized as you are. And then of course when you think about what kicked this off to begin with, you realize your are rallying behind defending the lowest common denominator mindsets in this community. That there are caps on learning from failures that come from trying new things. That's all we need to know about your real character. So go ahead and keep trolling because it's the only tool in your toolbox. All you're doing is just further proving my point. Maybe one day you'll learn how to organize your thoughts and learn from your mistakes and produce quality, because the good thing about the current state of your play and your forum posts is that when it comes to quality, you really only have one way to go but up.