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  1. I have to agree with you... if we were talking about the general population. But we're not. We're talking strictly about the population of players that are passionate enough about the rigging subject and their win rate to voice an opinion. Especially if they believe the rigging is having a negative impact on their gaming experience. And rigging most often is used in a negative connotation. Now another separate conversation can be had about the nature of the rigging. For example, take someone who believes that MM is rigged to move people toward 50% such that if you were below 50% it would give you more favorable MM and if you were above 50%, it would give you less favorable MM. Now compare that mindset to that of a 42% win rate player who averages 8k dmg with an average tier of 8.2 who believes the reason why they have a low win rate is because they are not a premium player and premium players get favorable RNG on their shell dispersion. I personally have experienced more people like the latter coming up with not just this example, but equally absurd examples to explain away their tomato performance, which is why I'd be curious as to the aggregate averages of the poll participants. That said, the poll would be clearer if specifics on the who, what, how, etc. of the rigging were defined. It seems the interpretations / perceptions are as varied as player skill and style in this game.
  2. It's not about intelligence and more about mindset / attitude. Winners become winners because they adopt a mindset of an internal locus of control which causes them to reflect on mistakes they made and not repeat them, take a proactive approach to solving problems and overcoming challenges, and be resourceful in seeking the knowledge and know-how to be better than their previous self. Losers who remain below average in perpetuity do so because they most often have an external locus of control. In other words, we artificially cap our development if we believe the keys to improvement/success our out of our hands. It's called sentencing oneself to failure. Self-fulfilling prophecy. We end up not trying to look for solutions to overcome obstacles because we've convinced ourselves that the obstacle is impossible to overcome. You see this mindset every day on the forums with posts like the one yesterday when the horribly bad player provided no supporting evidence to back up his claim that the "WoWs formula is broken" post. Claiming the game is rigged or all the top players are cheaters, etc. are variations of the same mindset. I had this guy pm me in game yesterday accusing me of cheating and that I was a coward for not playing the game in vanilla which is hilarious because everyone knows I don't run mods. They're constantly breaking every patch and I don't want to rely on a visual aid that is unreliably present.
  3. The idea was totally made with you in mind. Anything that further illustrates your awesomeness is, in fact, awesome. :P
  4. Would be interesting if the poll results also showed the average xp and win rates of the the players who voted no, vs the players that voted yes.
  5. Would be nice if the game provided a new stat: Average scoreboard finish Then once that stat is provided, a new hybrid metric combining win rate with average scoreboard finish can be used as a "type" of performance metric. WG can easily provide this data since populating the scoreboard is simply applying the use of an array, so you know the number of where everyone finished. Notice I did not say "to replace existing metrics" or that it would act as the "end all be all stat to show skill" or compare one's skill to another or one's prior skill to their current skill, but no doubt, a 60% win rate player with an average scoreboard finish of 3.1 is FAR more skilled than a 45% win rate player with an average scoreboard finish of 8.7 The main benefits to these additional metrics are: #1. Personal growth and goal setting since a steady rise in the score can't happen without improving #2. People can no longer make the excuse that the reason their win rate is low is because of being unfairly and disproportionately placed on bad teams The hybrid score formula might be something like: (1000 + Win Rate * 10,000) - (Avg Place * 300) <--- purely hypothetical formula This produces rankings roughly from around 0 - 8,000 assuming the statistical improbability of anyone going below 0 which would require around a 30% win rate and around 11th place avg finish, which unless you're griefing, I don't see it happening. Besides, you can just round all negative numbers to 0. On the high end, you can get close to 10,000 but that would require a near perfect record both in 95+ percent win rate and a 1st place average finish. Which is also a virtual improbability given thousands of games played. You can also set a validation requirement such that the score does not become visible until after a certain number of games are played (500 or 1000 for example) as too few of a sample size would make the metric fairly meaningless. It's late and I'm busy so I haven't put that much thought into creating what is likely a more intuitive hypothetical formula. You can tweak it to put more weight on scoreboard finish or more weight on win percentage, and you can also make it non-linear like a bell curve or some other curve to widen or tighten the numbers as you get closer to or further away from, say, average. In other words, you can make it so the score doesn't change much for players close to 50% but the further you move below or above, the score widens to make very poor players and very good players stand out... or create the inverse effect, etc. Anyway, food for thought.
  6. If they are unicum, they have an insanely high win rate. And since winning is the primary objective of the team, placing a negative connotation on the way in which they achieve said victory (i.e. racking up massive amounts of damage for selfish purposes) is a paradox. And a damage farmer is not farming if they are not doing damage. So the conflation people are trying to make that an overly passive player sniping (mostly unsuccessfully) from the back of the map or not engaging until late in the game (even if for selfish reasons) is yet another paradox, and therefore not a damage farmer.
  7. My mother's weapon of choice was the wooden spoon up until she broke them all off my backside and had to switch to plastic, which I shared here. My father had a simple rule, "I'm going to treat you like an adult until you give me a reason not to." You may not approve of that style, and of course you are entitled to your opinion, but that's the style I prefer to use on these forums. We have a large number of special snowflakes who could benefit from some tough love because placating them has clearly not worked. But I want to make this very clear. If you look at posts made by people on these forums asking for advice or seeking answers to questions, I am as nice as they come. I go the extra mile to help them. The ONLY time someone gets the tough love is when they make false accusations, misrepresent someone's words / take them out of context, blame others / make excuses instead of taking personal accountability, whine about a game mechanic they claim is broken and refuse to exercise resourcefulness and proactivity in overcoming the challenge, etc. And if the majority of the player base had an issue with the way I treat these people who bring down the quality of the forums, or even my ability to articulate and be persuasive, I wouldn't have an uptick ratio as high as 58%.
  8. Don't question government wasted spending and corruption. You'll be labeled a fascist and it will get you a failing grade in most college courses.
  9. The average Walmart greeter is smarter than someone who suicides their ship in 3 minutes and actually thinks it's the team's fault. I stand behind that statement, and if your definition of arrogance is based on this statement, then I wear it as a badge. So thanks for the compliment. The real question is why do you so passionately side with those who blatantly fail to take personal accountability? Why do you defend the lowest common denominator? I have nothing wrong with people who cannot grasp the game's fundamentals. I have a very specific issue with people who do so while blaming others, in this case suiciding themselves and accusing those still left in the match of "damage farming." It's that latter component that you seem to fail to include in your analysis and it's causing you to engage in a conversation and debate that serves only to deflect away from the real message. Are you doing it because you are not understanding the difference between your argument and the subject matter or are you consciously deflecting for your own ends? I can't dance. You'd probably puke if you saw me try. But you will never see me blame the music or the other dancers on the dance floor or my shoes as to why I can't move in an aesthetically and rhythmically pleasing way. Instead, I own up to it and give praise and respect to those who can dance well. You see the difference between those that take ownership and those that blame and make excuses? If you are still struggling, I don't know how else to communicate with you.
  10. Postmodern Jukebox Viktoriya Yermolyeva (huge fan of hers, she gave me a couple of her covers in midi format so I can learn to play them using Synthesia) including Sweet Child of Mine:
  11. That's some interesting analysis. I wonder how much it differs if anything from the US knowing that other markets seem to have different styles of play. Meaning I hear the US tends to be more strategic / massive, less suicidal / aggressive than other markets. You would think that would give the conqueror an advantage similar to a Henry that relies on DoT.
  12. What I really wish WG would give us is a button with a dial on it where we can send electric shocks to people like the OP and keep dialing it up until they learn to appreciate things, even if it takes some people 1.21 gigawatts.
  13. Molotov +10 pnt captain 2000 doubloons (1000 x2) Bunch of Ouroboro flags Bunch of dragon flags Radar module And a bunch of other useful stuff (camos / flags) I can't remember.
  14. I don't own a conquered yet but have faced a number of them in both BBs and cruisers and they don't strike me as fear inducing as some people make them out to be. I'm just like, "Is there a fire on it? No? Shoot at it, yes? Shoot at something else unless it's broadside to my AP."