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  1. Post videos if you want to be taken seriously. We need to know the decisions you are making over the course of a battle so we can help you make better choices in the future. You only have 9 games in the New Mexico averaging 28k damage. I have 139 battles in the New Mex and average 59k damage with a 58% win rate and a 71% survival rate. Yes, you heard that correctly, a 71% survival rate. I am still alive at the end of the match nearly 3 out of every 4 matches. I can't be surviving that often by camping the back of the map while also doing that much damage and getting that many wins. Do you think that somewhere in between the MASSIVE disparity in results is a learning curve you have yet to go through? Post videos and let the community help you. Pointing blame right from the start instead of taking personal accountability and asking for advice/tactical assistance is not what makes a winning attitude. EDIT: Takes an especially troubled individual to have issue with this post enough to downvote it. Facts really do trigger the emotionally handicapped. And if it's asking for the OP to post a video that illicits anger, think about this: If the OP is too lazy to post a video or too afraid to post one for fear that their poor in-game decisions will be revealed for all to see, it explains why they they are unable to perform at a high level. They simply lack the effort and healthy mindset. Posting the videos not only help us to help the OP (isn't that what the forum community should be doing?), they also show us that the OP is truly committed to improving. It takes less than 3 minutes to post a video and there are plenty of resources online showing how to do it, so there is ZERO excuse.
  2. He cares more about a 100% meaningless and temporary color change than anyone on his team.
  3. That's like saying not putting your education on your resume keeps nosy employers from tossing your resume in the trash. You are lying to yourself in order to be content with substandard performance. Which is fine if you think it makes you happier, but how you perceive the way others see you is grossly inaccurate. There is no right or wrong here. The decision to hide stats or to show them both come with their own sets of pros and cons.
  4. Hiding your stats just gives them more fuel to support their argument. Even if you had amazing stats, they will perceive you as a crapper which will draw more negative attention. The very thing you care to avoid.
  5. I put bacon because while I play everything, bacon trumps everything.
  6. People run all sorts of programs completely separate from XVM/Matchmaking monitor mods that run inside the game (like the one I use above). Any computer programmer that is familiar with API's can write the program. They are highly accurate, update instantly in real time, and extremely informative because they provide a wealth of data for the ship they brought (top set of numbers) and overall (bottom set of numbers). If the person has their stats hidden, it will say so. But it's easy to tell if they are a Cluch_Cargo or, say a Pulicat. If someone like Pulicat is hiding his stats, the dead giveaway is that he's dived up with two unicums who don't have their stats hidden. Unicums aren't going to div with the Cluch_Cargos out there. For some players, 100% of the time when a person's stats are brought up in conversation, the person who owns those stats will declare it's stat shaming. You know you're dealing with people who cannot be reasoned with when the mere mention of stats, regardless of the level of relevancy, automatically defaults them to "stat shaming." There are internet bullies and there are people who will use a single stat out of context that does not properly support a person's argument. I'm not denying that. But to claim that even the public visibility of stats, not even mentioning them, but simply the fact that they are available for public consumption is somehow toxic by itself shows just how troubled some players are. That's like going to your local bowling alley and picketing in front of it declaring they should take down the scoring systems and monitors or put ceiling to floor barriers up so the folks in the next lane can't see other peoples' scores. There used to be a time when men were men. They didn't cowardly sweep their shortcomings under the rug. They wore them like a badge and took pride in the journey of improvement, heck I sucked donkey balls when I first started playing, took a long time just to break 50%. They didn't demonize success and accomplishment and call those who performed better than them "elitists." And they certainly didn't find contentedness in mediocrity. They demonstrated strength and backbone by facing their weaknesses head-on and overcoming them. Now, instead, these spineless cowards have the nerve to say those that excel in video games or simply mention stats are people who are losers outside the game, overcompensating for the fact that they are failing in real life like this... There are people who play this game 24/7 and are damn good at it and are dead broke and have no life outside the game because they've neglected responsibilities or have let their video game addiction destroy job opportunities and personal relationships (I have two nephews who have done exactly this). But go ahead and keep lying to yourselves that there aren't tons of woefully below average players who have just as bad and often worse a quality of life because not only do they also spend most of their waking life playing video games, they're doing it as an escape. And hiding their stats is just another example of just how far they are willing to go to "run away" instead of taking responsibility and applying effort. Notice (except for the occasional outliers) the overwhelming majority of people who have an issue with stats being mentioned are players who are not just below average but VERY below average. In fact, there is roughly a direct correlation between the intensity at which a person hates the presence or mention of stats and their performance. Gee I wonder why that is. All that angst, all that energy spent defending the lowest common denominator... it's actually more work and more tiring having to rationalize and make excuses. All that labor, if applied toward personal development would solve most of their problems in game and even many of them outside the game. But it just seems so much easier to play the victim and make a bunch of historical data be the enemy. Person A does or says something stupid (classic and daily example: shima charges cap at start of match, pops smoke, sits broadside, gets detected by enemy Des Moines radar and gets deleted in less than 3 minutes, spends the next 5 minutes blaming the team for no support; or another example, a player posting a thread on the forums about DD players blowing games when they themselves are one of the worst performing DD players on the server) Person B brings up stats showing that there's a pattern of stupidity Person A accuses person B of stat shaming. No. Just no. One of the most evil and cowardly things a person can do is to do something wrong and flip it around in an effort to deflect away from taking accountability and make other people the "bad guy." Tons of players in game do this and a number of them on the forum and even in this thread. If they ever want to amount to anything in life, they better quickly find a way to squash that toxic attitude and self-destructive mindset because they may be hiding behind the safety blanket of anonymity, but they aren't fooling anyone, attitudes like that do not result in a quality life outside the game. No woman of any quality in character would ever be attracted to a weasel like that. And no employer with any quality job available would hire someone with that attitude either.
  7. Probably explains the afks. Some people have a hard time finishing before battle start. Some guys need to stop lighting candles and stuff to set the mood and just get right into it.
  8. You are absolutely right. It's much harder to exhibit empathy when you don't see how your words and actions affect others. But here's the thing. The only people who are repeatedly targeted for hostility are people who are doing something to deserve it. That includes repeatedly joining a team environment and not fulfilling their percentage of their responsibility. Just because it's a game doesn't mean that the social contract of carrying your weight doesn't apply. Hiding your stats also makes it worse because it sends the message that you are consciously aware that you bring teams down and you do it anyway. That's an act of sabotage or at the very least, selfishness. A trait that is sure to receive the ire of the majority of players who are putting the team goal as the top priority and their personal goals as secondary. Which is kinda the fundamental purpose of forming a team. If this bothers you, you can do one of two main things. You can dig in your heels, get emotionally defensive and deflect away from these realities which stunts your growth and only perpetuates the problem, or you can take more personal accountability for your role as a team member and do what is necessary to improve your play so you can be a valued asset to your team. This is as basic a principle as anything. People who produce results keep their jobs or even get promoted, those that don't get laid off or fired (unless you work in government but don't get me started on that).
  9. Population and timing affecting play is as irrational as thinking the guy at the blackjack table acting before you and making bad decisions affects your own odds. Or the classic irrational thought that if you get tails ten times in a row, you have a higher probability of getting heads on the eleventh flip. The enemy team has the same chance of getting the same players. So if more tomatoes play on the weekend or during months off from school, it doesn't matter. Over large enough of a sample size (thousands of games played), it all evens out. Quality of play or style can shift slightly if there is a massive population shift say between school year and summer break but those changes are hardly noticeable. When we lose matches, it's human nature to look for external explanations as a coping mechanism. So if you find yourself getting focused down more on one day than another, it's because of a series of decisions you made that extended yourself a little too much over a couple games than anything related to population mechanics.
  10. Yet another Emblem post

    That's because you and Gunstar have this thing called intelligence. And this thing called self-respect which makes you care about producing quality in all that you do. You represent less than 10% of the player population who may only have one or the other or neither.
  11. Low-Tier Whack-a-Mole

    As long as derps sabotage high tier play and WG won't carve out a segment of the tiers for higher-performing players, you might as well play what you enjoy. Or maybe the reason they are playing the high tiers is to flee from your clubbing. :P
  12. It's a mathematical improbability that bad luck could last forever. Louis Pasteur said it best, "Chance favors the prepared mind." Outcomes are affected by your decisions and while sometimes you might make good ones, chances are there are a lot of better choices available for the taking. The "wisdom" to identify them and the "ability" to execute them is why there is such a massive skill gap among the player base. Throw in "desire" and you have the three key components that must be present consistently at a high level to prevent lengthy losing streaks.
  13. another Newbie here

    Lake Zoar, used to fish small mouth bass there all the time. My cousin from nearby Trumbull got married at a venue they built overlooking the lake just a couple miles down the road from Sandy Hook Elementary (the mass shooting). I lived a couple par fives from the school. In fact the second grade teacher that was in the school when it happened was in my 1995 high school graduating class. Luckily she made it out alive. Used to play Danbury in high school soccer.
  14. another Newbie here

    Welcome to the game, I'm also a CT native (Monroe), and my mother still lives in Milford by the water. Live in Vegas now and enjoying the sun (and no state income tax). Got any questions, feel free to ask, we're here to help.
  15. About the Emblems...

    I doubt any sane person would disagree with: "10k to a DD is more meaningful than 10k to a BB" And "spamming HE at a battleship at 15km instead of focusing the DD at 10km" Is not smart, but missing wildy at a 15km DD instead of getting reliable hits on a BB at 10km is smart. Since shot selection can go to either side, you have to remove that as a variable, in other words, assuming you're dealing with a player that knows when to shoot a BB and when to shoot a DD, the BB damage is no less important.