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  1. VGLance

    Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    The real question is what unicums prefer VGLance. And the answer to that is... yes.
  2. VGLance


    Not really, it's all about forcing the enemy BBs and Cruisers to give up their preferred targets and focus on you. Drive them completely out of position and take their guns out of the game. The goal is to keep at a very minimum two enemy ships completely turned around with their guns facing the opposite way of the rest of the battle. Gotta have extended speed boost. It's a game changer. Then of course you have placement of fires. Have to put fires on front and back of ships, disengaging, going dark, resetting fires again after. Even if it's not netting as much damage as what you'd do in a Yamato, stacking fires forces the enemy ships to disengage and heal. The fires freak them out psychologically. And lastly it's about mastering the ability to stay at the max of your gun range at all times while still having an eyeball glued to the minimap. You cannot at any cost beach yourself.
  3. VGLance


    I absolutely hate ships with high shell arcs. Bought the gearing to get supercontainers :P
  4. I can barely ever have a ranked match without someone chewing me out for playing the Khab.... "It's a form of griefing." "You are going to cost us the match." "You're an $%&*$% for bringing the Khab." <to red team at start of match> "Gratz on the win, we have a <slow person> who brought their Khab." <to red team at start of match> "GG, VGLance decided to throw the match for bringing his Khab." Well, let's take a look at this ranked season... All I got to say to all the haters is this: DON'T BRING A CONQUEROR TO RANKED!!! On a serious note, pay special attention to the two columns of win rate and survival rate. Notice how there is an absolute direct correlation. If you're struggling in ranked or even random battles and your survival rate is below 40%, you're not staying alive long enough to turn losses into wins. You cannot cap, do damage, delete ships, deny areas or have any positive impact whatsoever when you are sitting at the bottom of the ocean. Instead of violently defending a low survival rate, just try raising it by 10% and see if your win rate increases.
  5. VGLance

    found on you tube, the loner

    This is a strat game. Just because your suicidally aggressive play style makes you treat it like it isn't doesn't mean it isn't.
  6. VGLance

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    Convenient he ignores my question.
  7. VGLance

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    What IQ do you think a person would have if they lack deductive reasoning skills to such an extreme that they confirm their theory that WG is rigging battles based on two sessions of 6 battles each? Oh, and don't give a number yet. You also have to factor in making claims of the existence of proof without providing any. So what IQ would you put that at?
  8. VGLance

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    The only admission here is that you have continued to prove how deep your obsession is in stalking my posts. Living rent free in all that empty space in your head is quite amusing.
  9. VGLance

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    If below average trolls with below average intelligence disagree with me, it strengthens the credibility of my posts.
  10. VGLance

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    You're just supporting my argument. He's msking wild claims of the existance of proof but doesn't provide any.
  11. VGLance

    Physical Trolling In-Game

    If you are having this happen more than once in a 1000 games, you're playing the game wrong. Not saying you need to be unicum, but once you improve to at least average or slightly above average, these occurances will happen far less. For example, you're probably spending too much time in smoke, which is what noobs do. Smoke ring makes it too easy for ships to get deleted by skilled players that know how to blind fire in smoke, not to mention the fact that they are torp magnets. If you're being pushed out from behind islands, you're most likely angled sideways in order to get all your guns off, but that leaves you prone to getting citadeled when spotted by aircraft which might be partial explanation for your current performance metrics.
  12. VGLance

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    God forbid he provide evidence his peers can review in order to establish credibility.
  13. VGLance

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    #1 You have below an 80 IQ if you think those screenshots represent a large enough sample size. #2. Have been proven? By whom and what methods? Are your standards of "proof" coming from the same IQ from #1?
  14. VGLance

    Ranked Blitz Tier 5 Preview

    Is there any documentation on it posted anywhere? Schedule when it will start? Or is it just in consideration stage?
  15. VGLance

    I Just Heard A New One

    Thank you for making my point. You are truly a curious wonder from an anthropological standpoint.