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  1. Selfish DDs

    Sure, demonstrate how extreme your irrationality is by denying the relevancy of statistics using large sample sizes. And I'm not just talking win rates, nice try taking my words out of context, it speaks volumes about how focused you are on denying reality. I'm talking ALL of your stats. Win rates are not a coin flip. You're statement that it "basically is" again shows how out of touch with reality you are. In addition to win rate, the sum total of your abysmal damage output relative to your average tier, your average xp, your WTR, etc. are all wildly below average. If you were really, truly sincere about seeking solutions, you'd do it without first blaming a segment of the player base you are actually a part of. The solution: #1. Find a cure for your Dunning-Kruger and overall irrationality. #2. Never blame others, always take ownership and personal accountability. #3. Be proactive instead of reactive. Surround yourself with winners instead of clans filled with losers. You're never going to get better if you hang around company who confirm your irrational biases. #4. Recognize that the exact opposite of what you're complaining about is also a problem. DDs that charge caps, pop smoke, sit in it, get torped, and are out of the match before 3 minutes. DDs that never look at the opening screen to see how many and what specific ships have radar so they can play conservatively until they know where the radar ships are. #5. Recognize that half the world's population is above average intelligence and half of the world's population is below average in intelligence. And WG has catered far more to the latter half meaning more than half of the player base are players who do not, like yourself, have the necessary self-awareness to recognize there are far better decisions they can be making in game than they are, and the sum total of thousands of micro-decisions impact performance. And over time, that performance becomes apparent in performance metrics just like anything else in life. Professional athletes, call center KPI's (hold time, talk time, customer service scores, abandonment rate, etc.), retail store inventory sales and turnover, financial portfolio performance, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Yes because it's a game, the statistics do not hold the same IMPORTANCE when compared to life outside the game. But within the confines of the game itself, the numbers are no less RELEVANT. If you cannot grasp this concept, it means you are failing to grasp some very critical basic concepts outside the game that are no doubt going to put caps on your opportunities in life. You have to learn to stay grounded in reality and remain practical and not get emotionally hijacked. The more defensive you get when trying to deflect away from reality, the more you are hurting yourself.
  2. Poll about Badges

    Wish they'd reverse the division window, what an epic fail that turned out to be.
  3. Selfish DDs

    I was going to say why don't you lead by example and show people how to effectively DD but then I saw your performance history in DD's and I laughed so hard I nearly broke a rib. Thanks for the ab workout though. Here's a clue. If you suck at something in an extreme way, don't go posting whine threads on the forums blaming others for sucking. It makes you look REALLY bad.
  4. Poll about Badges

    Where's the option: Badges are stupid because they are 100% fluff and provide no benefit to earning them.
  5. What is your annual income and what are your monthly expenses?
  6. Strike that, will review replay.
  7. The Roma is a fan favorite because the tomatoes can really identify with it. Yes, the goal of this post is to make you hungry.
  8. There might be a direct correlation between the amount of time spent looking at one's own ship vs. the enemy and their ability to perform better in game. Some players could be driving a neon pink polka dotted nightmare that could be seen from space and not even notice (or care if it makes the ship perform better or earns it more xp/credits).
  9. 2018 Wishlist

    You just nailed the main difference in opinion as to why so much disagreement is made over the use of stats. People who do not like their stats or other peoples' stats brought up is because they believe it's being used to send the message "You're a bad player because you have bad stats." That is totally not the case, well, I can only speak for myself. The actual use of stats and the proper cause/effect relationship is, "You have bad stats because you are a bad player." Stats are not the cause of bad play, they are the byproduct of it. It's important to clarify the difference because the intent behind its use is different. Anti-stat people want to perpetuate this false narrative that those who pay attention to stats or use them to make their point in an argument with a player do so as if stats are the root of everything. They create this narrative as a means to discredit the value of stats and the opinions of those who use them. They don't want to admit that the more intelligent and wise decisions you make, the more ownership you take over the learning curve and the steps to progress through it, and the more you are able to adapt and apply resourcefulness and awareness effectively, the higher your stats will go. They will do anything to argue that stats and performance are mutually exclusive because admitting otherwise means they have to face the embarrassing reality that they lack the capacity and/or self-respect (inner fire that motivates a person to put their best foot forward in all that they do as a reflection of who they are) to even come remotely close to average. Think about how much more they can be a positive contributor to the team if they applied all that wasted energy defending the lowest common denominator attitudes and mindsets toward effort in learning from mistakes and not repeating them. Like the straight-line driving BB player with over 4k games played who lazily shows their broadside the entire time to the enemy team while crashing into an island because he stays in binocular view 100% of the time and never looks at the minimap. He'll violently lash out at anyone who points out that his stats (or conscious choice to hide them) are a direct reflection of his poor decision-making while calling those that do "elitists" and "self-righteous."
  10. 2018 Wishlist

    I totally agree that there are stat shamers who use it as a bullying tactic. But the idea that many people have (not saying you) is that no matter what the circumstances, stats are 100% meaningless, have zero relevance, and can never be used correctly to support a claim. Therefore, in their mind, whenever it is done, it's stat shaming. Let's be honest, the forums and in game chat are flooded with examples of players not taking ownership of their actions. Nearly every other match you get a DD charging a cap without any care or consideration to check if the enemy team has radar and to first wait for the radar ships to be spotted to make sure the cap is clear. They die in less than three minutes. Stat shaming would be tossing up their stats at that very point. Because yeah he was stupid, but we all do stupid things now and then, we're human. However the moment that DD player opens their mouth and curses out and blames the rest of their team for not supporting him, he waives his right to be treated like a human being. Forum trolls, people making false claims, liars (people with Dunning-Kruger), those blaming others, reactive and passive-aggressive players who whine about HE or TBs or countless other mechanics that have effective counters without first taking even a proactive second to seek advice from the community or watch videos... etc. etc. These people, by their actions, have voluntarily opened themselves to being embarrassed by having reality smacked in their face. If I warn a player not to go around an island because there's a swarm of enemy ships undetected on the other side and the guy says, "STFU, you're not my boss." Then gets wasted as he rounds the island, he's getting his stats thrown in his face and for all to see. That's not stat shaming, that's Stat Justifying. Most people who bring up stats never would in the first place unless someone did something toxic or destructive to the team to justify the effort to say, "Hmm, I wonder if their behavior is indicative of a pattern." Not a single stat, but all the stats together paint a pretty high-resolution image of exactly that." So there's three scenarios: #1. Stat shamers who are sore losers and sore winners who use it as a bullying tactic. We both agree that is inappropriate. #2. People who do something to deserve having stats brought up to support a claim or statement exist. I believe the stats if used properly (one single metric rarely will have relevance) are justified. #3. Under no circumstances are stats relevant or should be used. If you believe this to be true then I will agree to disagree.
  11. Had a unicum yesterday completely lose his mind over a DD he claimed was his because he was still working on the DoY missions. Finished his remaining 6k hps from a densely populated urban area (a.k.a. way downtown) in the Conqueror (about 23-24km). DD had to slow his speed to avoid hitting an island as he turned so he telegraphed it too easily. Think about the time it takes for that next day air package to arrive and yet he still thinks I stole his kill. Obsession over missions can make players lose all sense of logic. At least on the plus side, the DD player and half the other players on both teams were like "Holy sh*t, nice shot." So it kinda drowned him out. Few things are more entertaining in this game than sniping DDs from med or long range in a BB, like the full health Khab erased earlier this evening...
  12. 2018 Wishlist

    Congratulations on failing 4th grade writing skills. According to your own standards you're a genius.
  13. Have you thought about the idea that maybe you're more comfortable in it because it's easier to spell and pronounce?
  14. 2018 Wishlist

    Then we're having two different conversations. Yes there are elitists in this game, there are internet bullies, there are all sorts of kinds. So you can declare that to be fact but what's the point? I hardly think anyone would disagree. That's not what I was talking about. Cluch is painting a wide brush over the top performing players in this game as self righteous simply based on the result of their play or if they set a reasonable expectation of performance like "players shouldn't be repeatedly going afk" or "players shouldn't be playing high tiers without first learning the basic game mechanics" or "it's generally frowned upon to bring stock ships with no camo into ranked." These to him are elitist viewpoints.
  15. 2018 Wishlist

    I'm talking about players complaining about things like HE spam, torp walls, TBs, etc. Things that have strategic counters but instead of putting in the effort to find out what they are and try implementing them, they are rigidly refusing to change their play style and demand the rest of the game adjust around their idea of how the game should be fun for them.