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  1. TheTankBall

    Life Size Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongou

    no thx god. i like to keep to myself it comes to these build outside of the house since im in a state were anime isnt really a thing. but heres the most up-to-date video i uploaded. she is full RC
  2. TheTankBall

    Life Size Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongou

    Macross girls Sherly and Ranka. Kongou was the only real ship i liked from that anime.
  3. TheTankBall

    Life Size Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongou

    Kongou herself is pepakure. the base is 100% hand made with not templates
  4. TheTankBall

    Life Size Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongou

    ive been working on rebuilding the base for Kongou. sing @Wraithunter wanted to see the new base i though i'll just do a forum post and show it off to everyone. its not 100% done, its around 90% but u can see what i got done. im also editing in a link to the newest YT video i uploaded about her plz watch with AD Block on, Victor [edited], Inc. hit the video. atleast they didnt stop it from being seen by ppl -
  5. TheTankBall

    Fix Match Making When?

    20200209_091921_PBSB527-Duke-of-York_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay here i link my last match. as u can see im in a ter VII UK potato ship that cant hit crap and in this match there r IX class ship that just own my team without even trying. what part of this match is even fair in the first place? this [edited] right here will make me stop playing this game around. why cant they make it so only ters like VI-VII only match up? its not that hard to code into the game. doing that would stop the unfair matching at once... how do i know this? i use to play a game called APB:Reloaded and it had rank colors that r lowest and highest. Green, Brone, Silver, and Gold. some time back around 2015 i think for 2 weeks they made so only silver can go into silver server and golds can go into gold server and so on. for those 2 weeks the game was great!
  6. 20200202_014902_PASB506-Arizona-1941_23_Shards.wowsreplay is this normal? let alone a ter VIII being put wiht ter Vi-Vii thats not even fair
  7. 20200201_224419_PASB506-Arizona-1941_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay i just though they were good but when i said someone was cheating a few ppl did reply back saying atleast one of them was cheating. since i cant find the chat logs i dont remember who but the reply should have everything
  8. so in the reply u'll see im in a nagato. im geting shot at (like normal) im down to 1/2 health and trying to get away and go so where else. im geting shot at by a loli boat then it YEETed all my 1/2 health to nothing with fire.... the cheater name is [edited] [edited]
  9. did the devs of this game make it so UI mods dont break when they do a update for the game now? out of all the stuff i bitched about this game. the UI mods breaking every time they update this game was and still is the number 1 thing on why i stop playing this game time and time again.
  10. ppl like u r what give gaming communties back names. most r telling me what i did wrong and what i should do next time to stupid the [edited] one hits. plus like i said in the last post. if i get a forum bann i'll just make other acc in 30sec and be back posting stuff
  11. how do u get replays to work? i did what u should to get them to play but the game NEVER load pass "login in"
  12. watch these replays. to where im going hit all the time and get ALOT of HP take out of me and also 1 hited in the last save. this what i have to say to the ppl that think there isnt cheaters in this game when there is. last night i was doing fine, losing mot matchs but want geting ended this fast or 1 hited like in the last replay. 20190806_201620_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20190806_203012_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_52_Britain.wowsreplay 20190806_204421_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  13. ya im done with this game. ya im going to be one of those ppl.
  14. reposted since it got removed. i cant even talk about that cheaters in this game with out geting banned for nothing. why should i even play this game anymore
  15. TheTankBall

    Leaves Bad Taste In My Mouth

    alright. so i take back what i said. im having fun with the game. now i just need to get a Blue Steal skin for Kongou. i already saw someone with a Blue Steal skin for Haruna and then sunk her (sadly) so im trying to understand to skins u add in-game only show up for u or does it show up for everyone or was that some P2W skin i saw