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  1. remerus

    Halland Preview - 95 knot torps

    Not at all in arms race..
  2. remerus

    Halland Preview - 95 knot torps

    The Video shows 5.4km concealment? I thought and Zoup does comment in the video that the concealment is 6km. Is the 5.4 a mistake or is it something to do with the special captain?
  3. remerus

    Thunderer, Yoshino or Salem

    I have Thunderer and Yoshino but not Salem (although I have heard it's very similar to Des Moines, So if you have that..) I play the Thunderer alot more than the Yoshie or the DM. It just depends on what ship type you like more.
  4. remerus

    Is Smaland for sale already?

    Iron curtain eh?
  5. remerus

    is the Friesland still a great ship?

    Concealment is a bit garbage but makes up for it with the rate of fire when you can see the other DD's. The AA is excellent and enough to make a CV reconsider if he has something easier to focus on, A tier 10 will get you but it will cost him. I love it I think it is a thoroughly good boat!
  6. remerus

    Ranked is EXPENSIVE! ( I know u Know)

    I'll second that..
  7. remerus

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    I am not entirely disagreeing with you. But usually, when you receive (or at least I) bad karma it's normally related to some sort of spat in match between yourself and another player. So you know right away where it's come from which take a bit of the anonymity away from it and direct messaging some times ensues. I don't know whether I would like it to be completely transparent all of the time but I think it would be nice to know exactly why you are receiving bad karma. If nothing else but to help you improve. As it stands the current system tells you nothing other than someone is Displeased, Spiteful, salty, take your pick.
  8. remerus

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    My apologies, I do have an account on another server with a fair amount of play to know what I am on about. I wouldn't think that only having 6 games on this server would exclude me from taking part in the conversation? Unless there is some etiquette I have not observed?
  9. remerus

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    What sort of comment is that?
  10. remerus

    Petition: Let us see who reports us.

    This happens regardless.
  11. You know I keep hearing this and it blows my mind that some folks get so wound up about having ships sitting in their port. I get that some are not into the Weeb bit ( to be honest neither am I) just ignore them. If you are short of credits just play more..