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  1. Did someone say Haida? When? I'm Canadian and I would love the commonwealth tree to be added to finally. I live only a few hours from Haida herself and a few american warships on the other side of Lake Ontario. Also I would like a Canada Day event for once, I hate it being overshadowed by Independence day
  2. What's a Supercontainer? I haven't ever received one since the feature was added
  3. Never had an issue with the Gamecenter and now mine work perfectly again. No idea what you complaining about.... It's called a beta for a reason
  4. yep
  5. uninstall and reinstall mine works now
  6. Uinstall and reinstall. I just did and It works now
  7. Pigeon, Some feedback concerning the BB AP on DD reworks. The reason I have no reason to use HE on a DD in my BB is the the damage saturation mechanics needs to be rethought. I have a choice between guaranteed AP over pens and the occasional full pen or the chance of having zero damage HE salvos due to damage saturation.... It's a no brainer. HE needs the rework before anything is done to AP.
  8. No matter what the update keeps failing to download. It's not my internet because I'm watching an episode of Ships and Giggles on youtube. please fix your servers. and fix that support link it redirects you to a Russian site
  9. You're not an employee if you aren't paid
  10. I bought the enterprise because of her history. I only play her in coop because I'm a terrible CV player and want to improve
  11. funny thing.... He's not paid by them so he's not an employee. Just source of free advertising
  12. I feel like she might be editing it with the aftermath of iChase's reviews. I remember there was a preview of her review on Reddit
  13. Notser will be next. If not I'll be shocked
  14. ^ Someone who has never watched any of iChase's content ^
  15. LOL WG has done a good job losing quality and honest CCs recently