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  1. Can't be the hockey sticks since the sport that is played in the playoffs when no Canadian team makes the playoffs isn't hockey since we only allow you guys to play our sport
  2. I can only include so much Canadian references. The forums might explode with kindness if I don't limit myself
  3. [HMCS] Her Majesty's Canadian Ships Who are we? We are a chill group of mostly Canadian players 20 and up that love playing in division and having fun all while unapologetically dev striking anyone in our way. We are still an up and coming clan and want to get a good core group of players together for Clan Wars and beyond. Some of us our former and currently serving members of the Canadian Forces and US Armed Forces. Our Naval base has everything but the last clan size upgrade Membership Requirements Canadian Citizenship is not required though it is preferred. You must be mature enough to take a bit of razing (we will never miss an opportunity to take it and dish it out). If you have a problem with it we do have a DND Hurt feelings report for you to fill out. You must be active in the clan and discord with a mic. Minimum Win rate of 50% and minimum tier of 8 or tier 10 for Clan Wars team member (Rentals not included), Tier 10 cruisers and Destroyers preferred based on the one BB limit we already have way too many BB players for CW. You must be a chill player and not toxic against any class in the game as we are accepting of all class preferences (yes this includes you CV (aka: Unicorn) players). How to join? Please reply to this post and we will PM you a discord link. Then you division up with some of our members to see if you are a good fit. We then have a 5 day probationary period as an Officer Cadet and then you will be invited to the clan. We also have Alliances with the 90th Hellfire Squadron and Rust/Oxide and we host Sunday Fundays alongside the 90th and will be starting scrims in the near future with any clan that would like to do so to improve both clans skills and even strengthen any alliances we may build along the way
  4. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 9th, 2018

    Some day in the summer please hold one in Hamilton, ON, Canada on HMCS Haida
  5. It's been a few updates now and the Iwaki Alpha still hasn't been given back it's Dubstep horn. Please add it back. I was enjoying it. I assume it was a bug in the update.
  6. Thanks. We actually started an alliance with the 90th and started participating in their sunday fundays and hosting a few of our own as well as helping them practice on non CW nights. We have also written off CW as a clan for at least the season and restricted recruitment to tier 8 and up and no one is allowed to participate in CW unless they have experience in Tier 10s. No more rentals. Also we give new recruits 3-5 days to join the discord and talk to some members and play or else they will be kicked without warning
  7. You have some issues man. You should probably ditch your PC too since he probably used discord on the PC. Get over yourself bud. I refuse to use TS because you have to pay for it and the interface is confusing as [edited]
  8. Hey all I am the Admiral of HMCS, I am having trouble with engagement in my clan and I tend to have a lot of what I have started calling "leachers" (members that join a clan only for the tag and port discounts) and I have a problem with members not joining our Discord or joining it and never logging in when they are online (I think this is down to the terrible ingame message system and the fact that WG hid the Clan description which I believe is more important then the base behind a stupid button). I am new to the role of clan leader and have only ever been a member of a few clans before this, I had this clan thrust in my lap when the original leader could no longer give the time required to leading the clan. I would love some ideas from some of the more experienced clan leaders in this community on how to engage some of these inactive or incommunicado members, or should I just kick all of our members short of the 10-12ish members that are active and start afresh? I can barely scrape together the 7 players required for CW on a good night in CW Thank you in advance, Admiral Platnumsniper Her Majesty's Canadian Ships (HMCS)
  9. I just played a game in her today after the update looking forward to the dubstep horn. I got in game and pressed N and all I got was a normal boring horn. What happened?
  10. Twitch login

    Yep it is worded that way New special content to be added: New Container types Twitch Port Twitch camo Unique Commander Special achievements Commemorative Flag
  11. It's time the RN BBs were nerfed

    also the Iron duke has more fire chance then Yamato with 5 inches less in caliber
  12. Ok WG you've had your fun and I've enjoyed my RN BBs as a BB main but it's time to get you head out of the clouds and nerf the RN BBs. I love them but I feel dirty playing them. That HE fire chance needs to go.