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  1. So your clan cheats too huh....
  2. Already sent tickets. Just making sure it can't be swept under the rug
  3. That is training rooms not Clan battles... Try again
  4. Well thanks for admitting it. You are one of the many clans that need to be banned
  5. Well said One problem. You don't turn pink for TKs in CB
  6. Not a witch hunt as there have been no clan names mentioned Did I name any clans?
  7. It has not been addressed as it happened just last night. We have submitted many tickets. We are simply making sure this can't be swept under the rug
  8. Gaming has started becoming accepted as a form of sporting event and in sport you get banned or suspended for cheating. I consider Clan Battles to be a type of sport for me and expect it to have the similar rules for cheating. If you dope in the Olympics then you get banned look at Russia in the last Olympics
  9. You're Absolutely right and as a proper Canadian I apologize and continue to take my moral high ground. Sorry eh!
  10. It is essentially cheating their way to the top though as it gives them an advantage that a team that plays fairly doesn't have
  11. My military doesn't cheat like the US military Agreed
  12. Yep to make sure it gets fixed and not swept under the rug
  13. I am currently what's your point