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  1. less then 48 hours from apology to back sliding I think that's a record.
  2. Platnumsniper

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

  3. Platnumsniper

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

    Interesting.... I always wondered how accurate the BF:V Rotterdam map was.... It seems pretty accurate. Also I see the Cathedral from Raid on Rotterdam in the background
  4. Platnumsniper

    Collector Gold Emblem - Requirements

    Simple. There is a mod in the modstation that puts win rates on the ships cards in the port. If they haven't got a win rate displayed then you haven't played a battle in it.
  5. Platnumsniper

    Possible new structure for port

  6. Platnumsniper

    Shinano could be a premium IJN CV

    Shinano was already meant to be in the game on IJN CV release if I remember right it was last minute that she was replaced by Hak
  7. The issues were fixed in the last few patches they didn't need to go any further now get off that high horse of yours
  8. Platnumsniper

    The Next Port to Add

    As a Canadian I would love to see Halifax Harbour. The Citadel, Georges Island, The Bluenose, HMCS Sackville, Macdonald and Mackay bridges, Halifax to Dartmouth ferries and maybe even Theodore the Tugboat as symbols and icons throughout the harbour
  9. They were legitimate issues at the time
  10. Nothing wrong with that other then your team got outplayed
  11. The new modules tabs is a whole step backwards... I was to love watching the ship change however slightly when I changed hull, guns, or even just the catapult plane. I absolutely hate the new module menu
  12. Just over four years ago WG implemented a repercussion for border humping that robbed your engine of horsepower. Sadly that is no longer sufficient... Border humpers are still able to win fights they shouldn't using an unfair advantage. Line riding should now inflict a flood that can't be DCP'd or healed through will riding the line. If you can't win fairly then you should die.
  13. Still at the beginning of what I plan on being a very long career in the Canadian Forces. Enlisted in 2017.
  14. Platnumsniper

    New Euro DD line, same build for all ships?

    I've had some really good games with the Flatpack Destroyers. You have no smoke so you have to was your detection ring but you can harass really well with the torps. Your guns are slow to traverse so you really have to pick your fights and/or div up with another DD that has smoke. Their AA is powerful at high tiers and if you keep your AA off until the carrier detects you, then you can trap the planes in hailstorm of death and wave the middle finger at the CV. To sum up the line is an AA support/Torpedo Harassment line. This line has taught me a lot about stealthy DD play.
  15. Platnumsniper

    King of the Sea X Results!

    Anyone have a list of the ships available in that tier 7 container?