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  1. otitorres

    Punish people for poor play in ranked

    If the MM only took into account the WR, almost no one would reach rank 1. Because they would face teams with a similar WR and just as one would win it, surely the next one would lose it, and so on.
  2. otitorres


    Suerte con el reclutamiento!!
  3. He has a point and that is that we enjoy the game but someone has to pay to keep it runing, or otherwise no one could play
  4. otitorres

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    Thanks for taking care of the matter. I play mostly with DDs and I hope I don't have to wait until the next update to get it resolved !!
  5. otitorres

    AA Consumable selection

    When you prepare for a battle you do not have all the opponent's intelligence data so it is an inherent risk to the battle itself, to select which ship to use and with which upgrades or consumables (assumed risk) Cuando te preparas para una batalla no tienes todos los datos de inteligencia del oponente por lo que es un riesgo inherente a la propia batalla, el seleccionar que barco usar y con que mejoras o consumibles (riesgo asumido)
  6. otitorres

    How to set yourself up to win DD duels

    What the DDs are looking for is to spot the cruiser and kill the enemy DD as soon as possible to be able to give a full spot of the enemy. But they will not stop emitting smoke if they are forced to save damage. The important thing is not to stay inside the smoke without reason to be able to continue giving spot.
  7. otitorres

    1.4 million free xp

    Friesland is an excellent ship even without torpedoes. If he had, he would be abusive!!!