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    20th century geopolitical history mainly incuding ww1/2 history and effects on modern society. Modern geopolitics. Hunting, reading and firearms. fixing trucks. Spreading the good word/ red pill

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  1. I collect German ww1 and 2 trinkets. While antique shopping a few months ago i came across this item. Its an actual photo taken of der fuhrer while visiting panzerschiff Deutschland on 31 March 1941. Ive had it on my wall of paintings and posters since i picked it up but i thought i should share it with the community because its pretty cool. I have never seen this image on internet searches of ww2 stuff and thats why i really like it. It has original typing on the bottom. I think its eligible if you zoom in. Sorry for the reflection on the plastic covering. I also bought a pair of nice jack boots on the same trip. hail genossen. BlackSunRising