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  1. cardona3

    [AFK] Family of Clans Is Recruiting Active Members!

    Come join us for future clan wars and training and a active community!
  2. cardona3

    [AFK] Family of Clans Is Recruiting Active Members!

    Middle of the week bump! Come join a great bunch of guys as we train up for the next clan wars season!
  3. cardona3

    [AFK] Family of Clans Is Recruiting Active Members!

    Come on down we have what you need, from Casual to Competitive. Come on in our discord and talk to one of our recruiters and lets talk about joining AFK!
  4. cardona3

    [AFK] Family of Clans Is Recruiting Active Members!

    Come join AFK, Good bunch of guys and women.
  5. I have to say as one of those Mediocre players with around 49% WR PR Rating around 900's I think this is a very good read. I admit that I'm crap but I'm learning and I would like to learn not to be such crap and aggressive all the time, or think out what I'm going to do in each game. I need to work on this and probably work on alot of things, is this a cry for help? Probably.
  6. cardona3

    LF Clan

    And Cooldown is over. Time for a choice!
  7. cardona3

    LF Clan

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm still on day two of the three day cool down and will visit with the clans that fit my needs. See you in the ocean Captains!
  8. cardona3

    LF Clan

    Thanks for taking a moment to look at my post. What I'm looking for in a clan: 1. Active ( Meaning that when your playing the game members of the clan are on comms. Div up and what not either during the week and the weekend, I can't get to know the clan if your not around to play with. 2. Competitive- In clan wars or torunys or ranked. Teamwork is key to winning any battles, and also knowing your ship or learning how to improve, I know I try and improve as much as I can. 3. Comms. Gotta have voice communication with each other I'd prefer discord, but I have Teamspeak downloaded as well. 4. Sociable This kinda goes with the active thing, but being around and getting to know Captains play-style is just a good thing to do! What I can offer: 1. I will show up for clan wars sometimes I am late due to real life issues, but that happens. 2. Calling. I have called in the past, am I good? Well I think I'm average but I have my moments. 3. Being sociable. I do like to talk and joke around and I do curse from time to time being former Military as well ( US Army 19 Kilo) But I do understand battle comms. Hope to hear from you, if you have any questions feel free to contact me here or on Discord Cardona3 #0508
  9. Greetings Captains. Just recently left my long time clan to pursue different and possibly greener pastures and seeing if any clans would have me. - I've called many battles before in this current season and past seasons but I would only consider myself average. - Currently have DM, Shima, Montana, Moskva, Hindi and Worcester. My stats are very crap in the DM as it was my first tier 10 and well I was and still mostly crap in it. - I'm mostly active and will be on Discord or what ever comms that you may use when I'm in-game. - This maybe not a real benefit to joining a clan but I do stream part time. Thanks for your consideration if you have any questions please feel free to contact me in-game or here!
  10. cardona3

    The RNG Family is Looking for new members

    Come sail with the RNG family! The Voice of the DMZ approves!
  11. Had to press the FN key and the Print/Home screen button, took me a bit of research.