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  1. Only been able to access it once, and thats it.
  2. I've posted about this issue before, I've only been able to access it once. And I just tried and I had to shut down the game because it would just give me a swirling circle of doom and not load.
  3. Day two, still the same issue, tried it once. Had to close the game down and restart. Oh well.
  4. No mods installed, I usually don't install until a few days after patch.
  5. Yeah after the 3rd time trying I just gave up on trying to click it.
  6. Just gives me a Circle of doom and won't let me exit, I have to literally end task , through task manager, and restart the game.
  7. I will be there as well, but I will be there on Sunday! And if possible try and stream some of it as well!
  8. Uploaded a video on youtube! Go check it out! 


  9. I have to say as one of those Mediocre players with around 49% WR PR Rating around 900's I think this is a very good read. I admit that I'm crap but I'm learning and I would like to learn not to be such crap and aggressive all the time, or think out what I'm going to do in each game. I need to work on this and probably work on alot of things, is this a cry for help? Probably.
  10. cardona3

    Server Overload

    I restarted the game and got into a match..so will keep trying.
  11. cardona3

    Charity Donation Stream for My local Vets Group!

    Its almost time! Please stop on by today! Lets do this ! The Voice of the DMZ approves!
  12. cardona3

    Charity Donation Stream for My local Vets Group!

    Tomorrow is the main event please consider stopping by and donating for a great cause! Also remember all donations will be going to them!
  13. Charity stream for my local Veterans Support group this Saturday! Please stop by and consider donating!


  14. cardona3

    Charity Donation Stream for My local Vets Group!

    Two more days until the charity stream! Hope to see you there!