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  1. I am having some issues with Premium time and seem to be stuck in a loop with support. It is my understanding that premium time can be used across WoT, WoW, and WoP based on the attached screenshot of premium time that I purchased via the premium shop in WoP. After making the purchase I noticed the premium time shows in WoP and WoW but not in WoT. I immediately enter a ticket and by the next day support has replied and added the time to WoT. This all occurred last Wednesday/Thursday Today I log into WoW only to see a message stating that my premium time was removed from WoW on the same day support added it to WoT. So they essentially took my premium time from WoW/WoP and added it to WoT. Now when I try to enter a ticket for a missing purchase I get a message that the ticket system is down although I just entered a ticket for "wanting to be notified of future events" which worked fine. This seems all super shady to me especially it seems as if they are manipulating the ticket system to keep me from entering another ticket for this issue.