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  1. PlainOldSam

    Should you purchase premium ships?

    No one in WoWS expects a refund...its been spelled out that way from the beginning. (some bit_ch about it but thats the nature of players). WG at one time some years ago actually did say premiums would not be changed since real money was being used, but that disappeared when players bit_ched that their favorite premium was affected by power creep: can't keep anyone happy it turns out.
  2. Just a few respectful comments on your post..... - "You keep demanding an apology?" As far as I'm aware of, the purpose of asking/demanding an apology is one of the first steps toward letting the offending party know that you are dissatisfied. Are you suggesting that Little White Mouse was treated fairly and this is all a shame? Her privilege to quit from the CC program, and the response she got was simply the straw that broke the camels back. - "You're threatening to stop buying ships/time?" Strange statement, because you must know that the only way to hurt a company is thru their cash flow. True, it needs to be a significant threat, but I have seen other forums on different servers in different countries, and while I have not done deep research, many of those players also appear to be 'unhappy' too. - " You're re-posting news articles to show how widespread the outrage is? "Well, ya got me there...It is the same articles (guess posters aren't putting there heads together). I believe this happened because passionate people are more concerned with getting the info posted, rather than checking every post to insure no repeats. So really, thats a null point. - "You're threatening to stop playing the game? " If you have been reading the NA forums, many have been responding in existing posts that they have indeed quit. Some are quite long time players. And, unfortunately, sometimes in order to get the attention of a bully, you need to give them a credible threat. Because when a group starts to quit, you never can be sure that the trickle may not turn into a flood. Thats what the term 'threaten' means: You threaten to shoot, not shoot first and threaten latter. :) - " I'm going to be the change I want to see. " No argument, totally agree. (Mighty Jingles agrees with you too, His Aug 19 post has contacts for all of us who agree that the loot/gamble box issue is out of control.) But remember that other people are working for change in their own way, and deserve just as much respect as you do. - " WG has no intention of changing the current meta, and won't unless they have a gun to their head. Just be aware that it may backfire, and WG will just close the servers " And here we come to what I think is your real concern. Don't make waves or we lose everything. I understand your concern, but there's an old saying that applies here. Would WG really, 'kill the goose that laid the golden egg'? This is a billion dollar business .... no one turns their back on this kind of cash cow, spewing money out like an open fire hydrant, just to spite the customers. The problem for us, the customers, is keeping the heat on, not defeatist silence. (and by the way, LWM quit 7 days ago, starting tomorrow, Aug 20 ...... appears this hasn't died down just yet. You may need to revise your timetable: I agree it will die down, but the longer it goes, the more the message can't be ignored. Probably wrong, but I guess I'm just a glass half full kind of idiot. )
  3. PlainOldSam

    List of Departed CCs

    I hope you do. The only ship I 'earned' lately was the Odin (ie play to pay). The last time I participated in a X-mas 'gift' crate program was 2 years ago (finally got cured of that, never regretted it). Last time I bought Premium time was early 2020 (I have earned the 24 hour and 3 day time, but bought none). Since WoW has been sliding downhill, I usually only play 2, maybe three times a week, about an hour or less, so the temptation to spend really isn't there. One thing I am curious about.....almost every poster has stated or eluded to the fact that they might start purchases again, "when they see real change". I'm sure if you look, you can verify that. Are these players free to make that decision, or are you now going to be the one that sets the bar? Are you going to hold these players up for ridicule, if (and I admit its a BIG if) WG institutes changes that they consider enough or at least a start toward improvement, or are you now the official guardian of that line? Do you think that since your gauntlet has now been thrown, that you have now cowed these players into never spending a dime without your approval? Now, I won't have too much trouble 'closing the wallet': I've had some practice already, and until we get things like new maps/return some maps, or more operations/restore the ones they warehoused, or giving award flags back (suure the will), or heck, any of a number of things, well, lets just say its probably going to be awhile. So monitor away Commissar, it's your time. One thing tho...how do you know where my line is drawn? And do I have to get my line approved as 'enough'? I notice that Ralph_Vargr has already made sure to inform you of his accurate intentions. Are you now going to 'out' him? Be aware that I also have bookmarked you, because, as I'm sure you know, there is a fine line between respectful discussion and harassment. And I have no tolerance for cancel culture at all. Nor of those who self-appoint themselves as the conscious of other people. By all means, you are free to comment on my response with any smart-mouthed threats, libel and accusations you would like to: I fully expect you've done it before and will again. Since I'm sure you cannot resist 'putting me in my place', and will respond, one last question....just what will your monitoring of other players decisions actually accomplish? I mean other than your own sense of superiority (which I will gladly concede, o might one, since I am just a lowly hack (yes, I know you are a big gun in the game)). 'Be seeing you...'
  4. So now we have to jump thru hoops with a 'special' mission set, which takes a week to complete, wasting more time for the privilege too spend the same amount of money that we would spend if we just went direct to CS?!? And as many have shown (and neatly explained as an out and out bald faced LIE), they are using as an excuse that just adding it to the armory would be....too hard. Oh. My. Lord. I can only conclude that WG management actually, honestly believes that we are all that flipping stupid, that we will now clap our hands in joy, get on our knees and bless them for their generosity in granting us the privilege of throwing more money in their coffers. "And all you serfs better behave yourself from now on, or next time, we might not be so generous with you scum. You may now kiss our ring and slink away to contemplate your sins." I apologize for this rant, but this raging ,out of control dumpster fire has taken all the fun out of the game. And that 'non-apology/apology' was just the cherry on this manure-pile. ........... I fully understand the need to make money, and would never deny them that right. Its just that right now, with the monetization of any and everything WG thinks they can get away with, I keep thinking someone, somewhere high up in the company is trying to pay off that new pool, hockey ring and landing strip they just installed, and don't care how bad they mess up a good thing. Again apologies...its just that this game was really good, and now its like watching a good friend die slowly and horribly from cancer.
  5. PlainOldSam

    Neutral poll on LWM, Chobittsu, Yukon, and Huron

    I respect LWM and Chobittsu, and if they wish the poll pulled then so be it, but i hope it gets left up and WG is made aware of it. Polls are never the entire group, but are a small sample across the community. WG now has info proving that we do care, that what they did was wrong, that weak-kneed, false 'apologies' won't fool the ignorant masses they think we are, and that yes, there are ramification to actions. I am really going to miss the CC group and LWM's inputs. Guess thats the selfish part of me. But most of all I feel terrible for Mouse....she didn't deserve any of this for simply doing a great job.
  6. PlainOldSam

    CVs need depth-charges.

    Would just like to keep the CVs honest is all....
  7. PlainOldSam

    List of Departed CCs

    Nice to see the independently wealthy chip in their two cents worth. You do know that many of these CC members are producing content for their own communities? And many in these communities still want WOW content? I just watched Jingles assure his customers that he would still do WOW content, just not as much. He, like many of the others CCs, depend on their communities for money so they can continue. What would you have him do, tell them all to pound sand just because they don't feel the same way as we do regarding this dumpster fire with WG? The exCCs have a life too...don't throw them under the bus because they didn't meet your expectations and cut their throats in the walk-out. Talk about selfish.....
  8. PlainOldSam

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    To understand the 'Missouri thing', remember that WG tries not to change any special attributes that a premium has, because you spent real money on it: ie, doubloons. The rational for this was as if it was something like a car....if you bought a car for a certain amount, would you be happy if the dealer came back one day and pulled out the Air Conditioner with no compensation, stating "The manufactured stopped adding AC, so since none have AC now, you can't have it either. Thanks for playing."? Also, Missouri is an historic ship, sight of the surrender of Japan, so many players still want it, improved credit earning or not. They feel its unfair to never bring it back. But they were thinking it would be a premium purchases when it returned, not hidden behind a loot box wall. Hence the anger over this part: another money grab/gambling. Addressing point B, NONE of this would have been a problem if WG had just done the simple thing, like released a Missouri B without credit boost. As other in the forum have pointed out, its a relatively simple thing to do, programing wise, but it appears the WG programmers are going the complicated ,brute force method, which is making more problems and work than needed. And to address your point in A, why do you think they have a Missouri mission for 'old' owners that only has to be played once to restore the credit boost, yet is running for an extended period of time? Its to give current owners plenty of time to restore the boost, not just temporarily, but permanent. Again, more complication, work and problems. Main problem is tho, WGs ongoing issue of not effectively explaining how things work and the resultant confusion and chaos it creates. This is pretty much how it was explained to me, but hey, you have to go with how you see it in the end.
  9. PlainOldSam

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Finally someone did it right. Good Job! Having said that, do I really think any of this is going to happen? No, but at least this is a more concrete statement of what the community wants than just, ....'until we see some change." Sure, we think after all thats happened and all we've said that they should know this, but maybe, just maybe, we need to treat this as if we are talking to someone who has no idea about customer service/satisfaction, and literally spell out what we want to see (and not see) in the game. We've all touch on one aspect or another, but we may just have to talk down to them and give them real lists. And is that the answer? I have no flipping idea, but at least its better than just moaning how stupid the company acts (which should be evident to anyone by now).
  10. PlainOldSam

    Players Respond to WeeGee's Official Statement

    You are absolutely right on all counts sir. I have been with the game since the Beta Test, and have already walked away once. Strongly thinking of doing it again, but until I make a decision, no more cash will be spent on WoW. Another statement from WG that starts with: "We understand...." is so much hot air. If they truly 'understood', this would never had happened. If communications issues are the root of the problem, then an answer might be to hire an upper level translator that fully understands the language he represents as well as the language WG home office speaks, and only communicate to the customers thru that person. (just a thought) A real shame this came to a head, as I still love this game.
  11. PlainOldSam

    Remember the Alamo / Pearl Harbor / LWM!

    And you need to lighten up just a notch....emotions are running a little high right now, and people need to blow-off steam. I understand the original posters sentiments, but I seriously doubt that armed hostilities are about to be declared. :)
  12. PlainOldSam

    CVs need depth-charges.

    I find this an interesting post, only because a ship class which has been buffed to the max, now finds itself against a ship class from which it appears it has no way to attack. Payback is a bit_ch, and her stripper name is Karma. Considering CVs have unlimited aircraft now, a full minute of repair, a resistance to fires that surpasses all other classes, an apparent shell bounce and ricochet off their hulls superior to many BBs, and now rockets and parabombs.....well, its hard to drum up much sympathy. (sorry, I'm slightly biased against CVs) Anyway, subs are slower than most CVs (especially when submerged), so keeping them spotted with aircraft, and running away is a good tactic. Also convincing a DD to stick around the CV is a smart move at game start, altho good luck with that, considering the 'no cap, kill all' mentality prevalent in the game. And if the sub decides to surface during attack to keep you in torp range longer, why now you can attack them like any surface ship CVs regularly stomp. (of course, you have to dodge those dragster torps subs have......) (IF I were a sub captain tho.....I'd start teaching those CV captains that like cruising out of range along the boarder, or parking behind islands, that those tactic are gonna be a BIG mistake going forward...just saying)
  13. PlainOldSam

    cant access warship statistics

    ...and the converse of that statement is "just because you are NOT affected does not mean that a majority of the player base is unaffected too". Not being nasty, but I work in analytics, and null statements like that are like making noise for noises sake: a comment with no statistical basis or proof. (sorry, just dislike comments for comments sake.....similar to this comment. )
  14. PlainOldSam

    List of Departed CCs

    Don't count me in that bunch, brother....I've bought my last crate from them. Period.
  15. PlainOldSam

    List of Departed CCs

    Amen to that brother. He got me started on WoT, and then Wow. As for this mess, all I can do is vote with my wallet. No more doubloon premiums. No more dockyard ships. No more premium time. No more loot/x-mass/anniversary/ etc crates.(yes, it may make it a little harder, but my play time has dropped to about twice a week, and only for an hour at that, so its not like its a tragedy on anything.) And this used to be a really great game.....Damn.