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  1. JohnPaul_Jones

    Twitch Crates

    Has this actually started? I see the drops enabled on twitch channel and my account is linked already, but I am not seeing any notification in game like the video showed.
  2. JohnPaul_Jones

    Submarine Feedback (including Killer Whale)

    After playing more missions with it, I am not sure about acceleration, but it sure does have a great turning radius. At speed it can turn on a dime and likely is a big part of how this thing comes off as lethal as it does combined with its fire power.
  3. JohnPaul_Jones

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    I think they were damned if they did and damned if they didn't. If it was hard and the subs took more damage, people would complain that subs are too weak and not fun to play because you just get wreaked. I think they tuned the op to be easy so people could get used to the new mechanics proposed. My guess is hard mode will include catapults with vision and likely better accuracy and maybe more DD's / Cruisers with more ASW abilities.
  4. On paper I agree with you, but in practice you are going to have plenty of points to throw around with little other options, so taking the secondary skills is easy to pickup and personally I did notice a difference and can honestly say they did help. I am not sure I would take it once they rework talents with subs in mind, but for this op, it is worth taking on the Barracuda.
  5. Here is another hint for ALL the subs. Use the frozen torp FIRST if you have them. Hold off from firing the others until that hits. It slows / stops them. Then once they are controlled, dump all the other torps into them increasing the chance to hit drastically and causing a massive alpha strike. Also, if I was going to respec all of the captains, I would spec torp speed on all of them. Right now I only have it on 2 of them. Once you get used to the strategy of getting in close with your detectability then dive, then shoot close, you are ALWAYS within the lower range anyways. It's pretty much mandatory talent if I were spec'ing with what I learned now.
  6. JohnPaul_Jones

    Watertight Wednesday - Terror of the Deep

    The Op is easy compared to others, yes. It is still fun however to me. Maybe it is the new mechanics with the subs, but I have done this op more times than ALL the other ops combined. I had the Killer Whale hours ago. LOL In the past I just did enough Ops to 5 star and just ignored it after that. I honestly wish they would make it more rewarding to do Ops more often.
  7. Barracuda is a rough one to start with actually. It is so different from the others. It's secondary's are powerful, yes, but you still don't want to draw fire for very long at all and your detectability is the lowest of all of them. That being said, other than the Killer Whale, it is by far my most contestant high damage dealer. It's the ONLY one with a SECOND viable weapon system. The trick is knowing when to use that second system. Best time is to practice using it when you just need to finish off something low health or to take quick pop shots at a target and set them on fire while on torp reload. DON'T stay on the surface long however. You are still a light armored target. Unlike the other subs, it is viable to take the secondary Capt. Talents, yes. Most the other subs are even worse with skills because the game isn't designed around subs yet, so you will end up taking a lot of low tier stuff because it is all that makes sense. I swear Fire Prevention helped, but I likely would not take it if presented other options in a world that they had other options. Really though, I would suggest using the other subs to get the hang of torp / sub work with better detectability before frustrating yourself with the Barracuda. Once you get the hang of the others, you will have much more fun in the Barracuda because you will realize the advantages better. Just IMOP.
  8. JohnPaul_Jones

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    None. Sounds like you just had a bad run. I have carried in every sub available on the way up to the Killer Whale. They each have their own playstyle but all are strong in their own ways. I was in a fail maybe 3 or 4 times max. 3 star once. 4 star mostly. Yet had too many 5 stars to count. When we did not 5 star it was normally due to having more than 2 first timers that did not really understand the time restriction. Once you get enough practice to carry well and set the pace, you can knock out 4 and 5 stars efficiently. I first thought you had to go around the islands to the north and south to scout the turrets, but eventually you find out if you all push center strong, you spot all the turrets you need and the castle and you do it quick enough that if you don't spot the castle underwater, you are all there fast enough to take down the boss quickly enough for it to auto spot. If you are one turret short for some reason, there is actually one at the back behind the castle that spots pretty easy from the center of the fight.
  9. JohnPaul_Jones

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    Ya, there is something about the spawns. I have grinded the Killer Whale out, so many matches, and I was on the north spawn 95% of the time. I think 3, maybe 4 games I was on the south. Not sure why. They seem equally balanced sides.
  10. JohnPaul_Jones

    *sigh* Submarines...

    I think it is excellent news on many fronts, especially DD's. Right now they are in a bad spot. Their whole job requires them to place themselves opposed to their weakness by suiciding caps early in the game vs their primary counter, radar. Giving them a new role to hunt subs may make them viable in other ways and fun again.
  11. JohnPaul_Jones

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    Those wondering about the Killer Whale, it's O.P. LOL
  12. JohnPaul_Jones

    Submarine missions and rewards

    The Killer Whale is Hysterically O.P. btw.
  13. Are they fun? Well, I spent the day grinding and unlocking the Killer Whale, so yes, they were quite fun. Here are the thoughts of a random player after the full grind to the Killer Whale. Negatives: Survivability on some ships feel that it will come down to luck, period. Others seem they are invulnerable. Based mostly on the time it takes to re-load air at a bad time. In the scenario it was not to bad, but it was easy to imagine a scenario that a forced surface at a bad time could mean auto death with no player skill able to out play your opponent at that time. The opposite being something like the Zipper which can nearly stay below the surface the majority of the game if you wish and only needs to breath on the surface for a moment or two before diving with full air, leaving the enemy in a similar no win scenario. Different torp types (freezing) seems very OP to me. I am guessing this is a scenario only thing. I would hate to see it in game due to many reasons, but the largest being how overpowered it is to CC your opponent and then freely able to wreak them. Would like a way to set keybinding of dive and surface keys. I am sure this would be included if ever sent to regular game modes. Capt Skills as they are don't feel natural and I found myself just dumping points in low skills that made SOME sort of sense. I am sure this will be dealt with if ever put in main game modes. Pros: Gameplay is VERY fun IMOP and it feels awesome to have a new playstyle in the game Love the autoloader ideas of the subs and the balance of power between the torps accordingly Love the noticeable playstyle differences between all of the ships tested. They are all fun in their own ways and play remarkably different. Thoughts on ships: ( I know its just Halloween, but my guess is the differences between them are a mirror of what they are thinking for full game mode. ) Spoiler--- I loved them all! Zipper - Not the fastest and only has two torps but those torps hit HARD and reload in an acceptable time frame. It also has very low detectability numbers. The hands down thing that makes this sub awesome however is how it can surface for 1 or 2 seconds and get back down making it IMOP the most survivable sub of the lot. It can pretty much be submerged 99% of the match if you wish. That is so overpowered, it is no wonder it only has two single torp launchers. Gerfalcon -- The sportster of the group, use it's speed and good detectability for intel and hitting stragglers. Having more torp launchers in the rear vs front, along with it's speed, make it easy to figure out the playstyle as a brutal BB killer. Go in close with your detectability, dump all your forward torps into them, dive below them and then finish them off once you pass under them. Nothing can really survive that. Seelowe -- Complete assassin with 6 Torps available forward in a single volley and decent reload. This one feels like what you would expect a sub to feel like in WoWS but even though not overly thought provoking, it is really fun to play and a powerhouse. Barracuda -- If the Seelowe feels how you would expect a sub in WoWS to feel, the Barracuda is the Ying to it's Yang. It feels "heavier" and has the worst concealment of them all and has decent torps loadouts but the real stand out is it's awesome secondary's! Yes, Secondary's that are good on a sub. Who knew?! These things rip apart low HP ships left alive after a torp volley and reloading phase. They set fires very easily also. You still can't stay on the surface forever, but popping up at the right moments yield excellent results. Many of the highest damage matches I had were with the Barracuda. Not hard to see why when you consider no other sub in the group has another weapon system that is dependable. Killer Whale -- It is somewhere between the Barracuda and Seelowe with maneuverability and detectability but you might as well have a Seelowe mounted front AND rear! This thing is a total O.P. BEAST! First two games were 500k+, the last was nearly a single handed 5 star in which I found myself alone in the top half of the map at the end with the other two last subs on my team far to the south still mopping up. It is just so much fire power that nothing else comes close. After all the practice with the grind to get it, it also ends up in a skilled captain by the time you unlock it, so it will likely carry every match it is entered in. Not sure what to think about it because to say it is totally OP may be overstating a fact because in a random it will have to deal with much more deadly enemies.
  14. JohnPaul_Jones

    Lightning is OK I guess...

    I enjoyed the Tier 7 more. I just cant seem to get it to work. Have had a terrible time landing torps. It feels like they are getting spotted far away. Like other features, the guns feel good, and even though one on one battles with other DD feel like I'm landing every shot, I seem to get out dps'd by everyone I come up against. It's not bad, I just am not doing well with it. That being said, I figured I would just use it for missions and have the xp ready to go to the 9 when it releases so it's not loaded out with modules. I'm sure that makes a difference.
  15. The entitlement these days is as humourous as annoying. It's not anyone else's game or company. You are not a stock holder let alone controlling stock holder. You are a consumer. Your feedback is noted already entirely based on your purchases. Dont like the WV. Dont buy it. Feedback received. See? Easy.