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  1. DevilD0g

    sub to sub game play

    i do now
  2. I was in a game sub vs sub and i pinged him and it seemed to bounce off. So do subs have the ability to put on damage con as well to avoid torps as i wasnt aware of this but it seems like its available
  3. Now that submarines are in the game, could the art department make some submarine achievement emblems please. thank you .
  4. Thank you Art department for all you have done. Could we please have a Port for Sydney Australia as a back drop for our ships in game. thank you
  5. Thank you Art department for all you have done. Could we please have a Port for Sydney Australia thank you
  6. yes parking is a death sentence. be dynamic, use situational awareness and dont get run over.
  7. which is why as a secondary argument, carrier secondaries need to be improved as the tier 10 Midway is only 5km secondaries for example and they just reduce. tier 10 midway 5km,. tier 8 Lexington 4.5km again, tier 6 ranger 4.5, tier 4 Langley 3.5km, But no one cares about tier 4. and its a waste of carrier captain points to put them on increasing secondary gun range for a range you see on a tier 4 or 5 battleship
  8. clearly you dont play carriers so you have no real understanding of what happens as a carrier player in battle. Actually 2 - definitely 3 to sink a dd, if you c can hit the turning destroyer with torps but the thread is about how useless rockets are as a weapon against destroyers to defend the carrier, the machine guns warning salvo should be removed, because you really cant fire on what your aiming at accurately
  9. and yet it takes about 12-15 torpedoes to sink a battleship in world of warships so how balanced is that with a cv blowing up to a single bomb. i have seen a full health carrier blow up from one salvo from a battleship
  10. carriers are capital ships but they dont have the same level and range of secondary guns that a battleship, a tirpitz for instance 10.9k , with carrier lexington of the same tier has secondaries 4.5k about half that of that. on the real lexington it had 4x twin 8 in (203) mm guns, same as pensicola that can shoot 15k. but its dumbed down to 4.5k there really is no defence from secondaries from a carrier as a capital ship with that sort of range when Destroyer range is 11 or 10k. more than double that range.. Carriers are not the only ships that sit behind a rock, more and more Battleships sit behind rocks only to peep out and fire now and then as well as cruisers.. So its not only carriers that do that. But of course they could do that as they have the range.
  11. simply that, since the change, rockets are no protection or defence for a carrier, also they do miniscule damage and even with practise they are very difficult to hit a turning destroyer. the nerfing of them to the glee of destroyer players gives them a get out of jail free card and allows them to easily kill carriers. It shouldnt be made that easy for them Carrier secondaries need to be improved as its the only real gun defence they have, Bomb drops are hit and miss affair usually falling around turning destroyers with the wide dispersion on dropping Destroyer concealment even on low tiers means you have to make your run on them before you see them. so how do you hit your targets with your guns on ships before you can see them. Carriers dont have the same luxury as you. its not a level playing field Machine guns on rocket planes need to be removed. so you cant actually hit what your aiming at and not make a "guess " where they will be in 5-10 seconds when your flying at 150 knts and see what your targeting instead of shooting in the dark. and then have to make evasive maneuvers to actually line up the target sometimes overshoot. i know they made the change because basically stupid dd players werent learning how to dodge rockets and then this blanket change was implimented. I wish we had some stats on how effective rocket planes really are since the change. Normally i just leave them on the deck now and just use bombs and torps as they really are only to be used when the others need replenishing or to spot which renders them useless. No carrier player wants to flying around just spotting as dd players wont sail around and just spot either, they want to shoot and shoot accurately at what they are aiming at, Rocket planes dont do that.
  12. DevilD0g

    steel rewards

    I really dont see why we cant have steel rewards in containers the same way we have coal, just get to choose. with the miniscule amount hey give you i dont see why they dont do it for steel . Its not like its going to cause a run in steal ships. not everyone wasnts to go into ranked to get steel as well
  13. DevilD0g

    Map sizes not legitamate for high tier

    thank you captain obvious. that is the idea then bb will have to move to get into position instead of sitting in a box on the back line and shooting.
  14. DevilD0g

    USS The Sullivans

    so you mean only one dd can have radar like only one cruiser can have radar and only one dd can have hydro ? *rolls eyes* i say, "Why not" they opened pandoras box so you might as well screw everything in sight
  15. DevilD0g

    USS The Sullivans

    you mean radar?