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  1. DevilD0g

    Carrier Aircraft changes for rockets

    ive seen p-38 rocket gun cam firing on a tank smaller than a destroyer for instance and they hit it fair and square, properly aimed the naval planes rockets should do the same. Not fall into the water all around the target. Im saying that the calibration of the dispersion for rockets is to wide
  2. DevilD0g

    Carrier Aircraft changes for rockets

    Tier 4 RN cv feel unfairly punished with one torp per run when all other navies have 2 ... no matter how fast you can turn, set the turn rate for the aircraft as for the aircrafts capability and speed and give them 2
  3. if thats true then it must be the advantage it gets for only one torp salvo per run. I guess thats why you play american carriers as you dont get enough damage on the uk cv line. and also, your assuming that your enemy is not shooting at you at the same time ? 1 Topedo 2 torpedo you get more AA flack concentrated on one plane as it damages your plane by plane, so you have less chance on target in high flack as if one plane goes down you still have one torp to go. Well if you can diverge off topic so will I. Where is all the OP talk about the DD clemson, that has 8 torps on each side fast reload, and they are not the ww2 torps its supposed to be using its nicholas torps that do more damage, not the pre war pt boat torps they were supposed to carry the same as the wicks carried bacause the Clemson torp launchers were do small to take the nicholas torps in real life. No we dont talk about that as its a loved seal clubber that players rack up their damage points on, usually sinking carriers. The hypocracy just reeks when it comes to talk on whats overpowered and whats not.
  4. DevilD0g

    Carrier Aircraft changes for rockets

    Well the fairy swordfish carried British RP-3 rockets (rocket projectile) and they were at 1600/ft/s (480 m/s) so faster than HVAR's on target so you would think more accurate.
  5. i think a premium cv is a great idea for the uk navy , HMS Victorious ordered under the 1936 Naval Programme, was the third Illustrious-class aircraft carrier after Illustrious and Formidable Her service in 1941 and 1942 included famous actions against the battleship Bismarck, several Arctic convoys, and the Pedestal convoy to Malta. She was loaned to the United States Navy in 1943 and served in the south west Pacific as part of the Third Fleet. Victorious contributed to several attacks on the Tirpitz. The elimination of the German naval threat allowed her redeployment first to the Eastern Fleet at Colombo and then to the Pacific for the final actions of the war against Japan. The aircraft that served on her included During World War II: included: Albacore, Avenger, Barracuda, Corsair, Fulmar, Seafire, Sea Hurricane, Swordfish, Wildcat, F6F Hellcat 1941: 36 Fulmar/Albacore 1945: 54 Corsair/Avenger Post-refit aircraft included: Gannet, Scimitar, Sea Fury, Sea Hawk, Sea Vixen, Buccaneer
  6. 1. Now we have "arcade" stype gameplay for CV rocket planes, there should be no lead in time when you have to fire rockets. For bombs and torps i get it you need an aiming sight lead in. But you dont for free fire dumb rockets. Rocket planes should have a site on target and you can fire any time instead of waiting for the reticle to go green. For rockets the reticle should be there and you can fire when you want when your on target. I shouldnt have to wait for the reticle to go green to "let me fire" . Many times i have been over target to have the reticle run out of time for rockets and thats just garbage. If your on target no matter what the ship or aircraft, you should be able to fire, and in this case its with rockets. 2. Time to make changes to rocket firing. Rockets should be able to be fired a full salvo left click, fire individual rockets in 0.5 second intervals, left click and hold, or single rocket firing , right click. This should all be done with the reticle that doesnt need to be green before you can fire, its just a reticle, you fire it like a gun on a target. 3. Time to change the dispersion on the tiny tims rockets, it always seems to fall all around the target when its aim on target is dead on.. So it seems the rockets aim around a target in an oval bubble, This needs to be fixed and is a bug. 4. After the swordfish Scharnhorst and Gneisenau incident as they traversed the English Channel towards Germany the torpedo-bomber role changed and was more frequently tasked with anti-submarine duties instead. Armed with depth charges and rockets, the type soon proved to be a capable submarine killer. As we are soon introducing submarines, perhaps the rocket plane could have a secondary weapon of a depth charge ???? key 1 for rockets and 2 for depth charges. 5. Not to mention time to make changes to the number of rockets an aircraft can carry. Here we see a fairy swordfish carrying 4 rockets on each wing and not 2 as in HMS Hermes. Its also historical accuracy, you cant have it historical accuracy for some ships and not others. Come on wargaming.
  7. get back to the topic im not talking about tier 6 or tier 8 im talking about the hermes tier 4. That maybe your view. But think how good your cruiser could be if it could only fire its guns every 1- 2 minutes like a carrier has to do, not to mention your guns dont get blown up when firing so you cant fire like a carrier has to deal with overpowered AA, instead of every 15 seconds like a cruiser does. How would you feel if a carrier could bomb you every 15 seconds with a full squadron, like your guns every 15 seconds. It takes a different kind of player to do carriers and each class has to be respected. There is all this hate towards carriers cause they are just the counter to battleships. But since the carrier changes, all the stats indicate that the Battleships now are getting more damage than carriers do. ITS A FACT. so deal with it. By the way, im talking in this thread about the hermes only having 1 torp on a salvo at tier 4 when all the other carriers on that tier have 2, not tier 6 or tier 8, stick to the topic and dont try and divert the conversation to your own issues on high tier. By the way the grind for carriers damage wise is far greater than battleships is. Its easier to progress in a battleship than a carrier so it takes more effort.
  8. makes you use only the type of ship that gets the most ribbons.
  9. last game i played i sank 2 ships, was top of my teams board damage score wise and only got 51 ribbons so how can you get past the first level, its just stupid. It doesnt reward the effort you put in and it doesnt encourage you to play naval battles with that score system. The damage done model is more a reflection of what you achieved in the game.
  10. blinks..................... so your telling me the number of ribbons you get ? Thats a stupid system because you can do a lot of damage and still not earn a lot of ribbons. Go back to the drawing board W.G.
  11. While not properly explained the new naval battles score system is confusing. The ribbons with numbers against them dont really give an idea of what they are and what they do so you dont know how far to go in each section. possibly more education on that as i read the description and still none the wiser.
  12. The grind for carriers is much harder than say Battleships is. For the UK side alone and they are all mostly the same. For the orion tier 4 its only 6,700 exp but for the tier 4 hermes its 11,000 nearly double the XP. Then the tier 5 Iron Duke, 13000 + Tier 6 Queen Qlizabeth 45000 = 58,000 XP But the Furious tier 6 is 68,000 Xp A much harder and longer grind than battleships considering the carrier can attack every 1-2 mins and the battleships can fire every 25 to 30 seconds and its statistically proven BB get more damage than CV's now. Carrier players really work for their xp and it doesnt come easy. Battleship players cant begin to understand that unless they do it as they have it to easy in the xp climb. Sinking a tier 5 Battleship with a tier 4 carrier with Battleship heals, takes 12- 15 torps , or 6 runs basically (if they both hit and for a british carrier thats one torp for one run) which on best averages takes 12 mins and the game lasts 20. Your better off trying to sink something thats already damaged. Plus having 3 carriers in a game on the one team limits the amount of targets you can get as well on low tier ! So for a British carrier to have 1 torp in a torp run on a target is just plain discriminatory no matter how good you are or they are. Its not good game balance and takes a lot longer.
  13. If you like bombing, not getting the hosho bombers out is a mistake as they almost always citadel on nearly all targets. More so than any other tier 4 carrier. test it out. and As much as people scream about carriers and how it would be more fun without them, flamu included, for game balance and teaching people to play at tier 4 , all tier 4 carriers should have 2 torps on a run. Remember, the real pacific war would have taken years more without them.
  14. UK heavy cruiser Devonshire in the wiki has the captain skills listed for a carrier. Obviously a web error. Just letting you know.
  15. We dont need more "fantasy" russian ships when there are other navies that need developing. We dont need another russian cruiser line. Like the commonwealth section that would include the navies of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, et al. that currently has only 1 ship. Wargamming only thinks that the european war is the only naval war and not the pacific. there are other ships in other sections that can be done for non premium and premium and submarines also.