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  1. DevilD0g

    Torp aiming

    message sent to you.
  2. DevilD0g

    Torp aiming

    go blow it out your behind neptunes wrath for all i care. End of thread
  3. DevilD0g

    Torp aiming

    i got the impression that you could now manually change the width of the cone, from wide to narrow. I guess that is not the case, but would be a good feature to impliment to have better aiming of torps instead of them going wide of the target.
  4. DevilD0g

    Torp aiming

    I watched vid of notser and he seemed to have manual control of torp aiming reticle. how is this done? or is it able to be done ? bit tired of torps shooting to either side of target and not being able to correct that. Is there a work around. Also was interested to learn from his vid how you can direct the AA percentage fire from around the carrier with the "O" or tilde key. This function hasnt even been mentioned before. Moggy states from a noters video that, " You mentioned you can't change sector without turning your AA on - there is a check box in Settings > Controls - 'Enable AA & secondary guns if priority target set'. Deselect that and it solves this issue. So you can select AA targets Ive also notice that on single torp drops the aiming is faulty and doesnt go where you aim it to go
  5. under the new system, For the langley, when you go from being able to drop 6 torps to 1 in a single drop thats an 84 % reduction in firepower, and sure you get 2 other drops of one torp in the torp bomber group, but the likely hood of having those other 2 planes with the AA, is significantly reduced. So yeah, its not you, its the game. Tier 4 groups should have 6 planes in a group and be able to drop 2 torps from a 3 player group torp run and so do that 3 times, if they all stay alive My advise, is that you pay for xp to move past tier 4 to tier 6 or stay there a long time.
  6. yes its time to remove tier 7 from tier 8-9 matchmaking as the power creep on those ships is just to much now with increased radar and heavy cruisers. (yeah i know the belfast has radar) let them sit with tier 7 6 and 5. Tier 8- 9 and 10 can do well enough on their own and will support it .
  7. The reduction of flood mechanics in the new patch again makes aircraft carrier play even more impotent than it already is ! Ist you reduced your carrier torp wings from 4-6 to 1-2 planes and now in the .0.8.1 patch reduce the amount of flooding in a ship from a torpedo ????? Crazy If anything, with the REDUCED amount of torp bombers to attack a ship, the flooding mechanics should be INCREASED !!! not Decreased How much more can you screw over carrier play and nerf them to the garbage can so that people will ever increasingly not want to play them !!!!! The flooding mechanic change was not something the community was desparately wanting or needing Its not the way to promote carrier play with the introduction of a new line of carriers, Good work WG you goofed again.
  8. DevilD0g

    time to buff the new mexico

    well i agree with that but 25 knts at least
  9. DevilD0g

    time to buff the new mexico

    fixing the cv balance , which is broken by the way , will take years, This is a quicker fix. Who was the smart alec that made the dunkerque 26 seconds, it must be his fav ship. I wouldnt say that the dunkerque is better than the new mex cause its not, lets make the new mex a 26 second reload like the dumbkerk as it has a disadvantage of low speed. the dumbkerk can go 29.5 knots you dont need to give it a 26 second reload.
  10. yes its the discussion again time to buff the reload on the New Mex. its way to long. 33 seconds is far to long, its just not competitive. Other bb in its tier have 30 second reloads and the fuso has 28, it has 6 turrets of 2 so thats the same amount of guns as the new mex and dunkerque has 26 seconds. in the same matchmaking for tier 7, the gneisenau has 26, scharnhorst 20, King george V 25, colorado and lyon 30
  11. thats about right, its not a game is a mafia
  12. Guilio is tier 5, Not tier 6, she is fine as she is lowering the tier 6 new mexico reload by 3 seconds would be a good buff
  13. DevilD0g

    carrier fighter plane

    while i hear and understand your anger umikami, in a carrier, unlike a ship, you cant be in two places at the same time if you get involved in a bombing/rocket/torp run, as opposed to having a battleship where you can allways have situation awareness around the one spot!!!! I personally think its a good idea worth considering and you dont, your entitled to your opinion. And yes DD AA is dangerous at tier 4 carrier as a nicholas shot down 3 of my planes as i was dodging his AA attacks while lining up on a cruiser..so yeah they are dangerous.. despite your ill informed opinion Mr Beta Tester. This actually does happen!! DD sunk both carriers after 10 mins in the game despite our combined attacks on him and we were on the back line, bombers doing little damage at all , so CV's need protecting some how as other players get caught up in their own games and cant or wont assist you. Destroyers have no real issue attacking carriers but they should have. Its not OP and it wont make the game unbalanced so why not. p.S. in the new system you can drive your carrier, you need to do it to know that.
  14. DevilD0g

    admiral halsey

    yes i see him now as most of the mission campain to click on was 95% obscured
  15. DevilD0g

    admiral halsey

    obviously, it was the 70's ;)