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    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    Sounds like a BLAST!!!! can't wait to retire and join a clan .Just to busy. Good luck to the NA reps. I'll send you a can of WHoopass!!!. Hell there's a six pack. Oh I use T-Mobile.
  2. CaptianMorgan

    Can not join a battle

    Same here.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for your support and all you do behind the scene. all the best Capt.M
  4. CaptianMorgan

    Phillipine Sea mission not progressing

    Hi fem , thanks for the response. I will check those out. thanks,captm
  5. CaptianMorgan

    Phillipine Sea mission not progressing

    I signed up played the weekend . I don't think it ever registered. never got any indication I was enrolled ......
  6. CaptianMorgan

    Iowa — American Tier IX battleship.

    Is that the only difference? Where do I find this info? I couldn't find it. I appreciate your input.... already have the b hull ..... thanks CM
  7. CaptianMorgan

    Iowa — American Tier IX battleship.

    I could use some help. I am trying to figure out why I should upgrade to the 3rd hull on the Iowa. Beside having to do so to get to the Montana. I can't seem to find the tech specs for the ship and it's hulls.So I ask myself if I loose aa gun mounts, what am I gaining? Are the aa guns different? Is the armor different , like in the discussion about the torp belts, and the hit points stay the same. What am I missing ?? Please advise .My first t9 I Love it<3. Thanks, CM
  8. CaptianMorgan

    can't get in

    I got in, but I had to go the the main file and enter through one of the original links from when I installed the game on a new pc. Still curious on why Game center went haywire???
  9. CaptianMorgan

    can't get in

    Nothing is working. game center link ,direct link ...even tried redownloading the game and nothing.. was working a few days ago ... Suggestions????? Thanks CptnMorgan