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  1. Groo_

    11.7 Audio

    My lightning sounds like a briggs and stratton and I hate it
  2. Groo_

    HMCS Huron

    no smoke
  3. When I dismount the already mounted 20% credit bonus, why does it not credit my account with the one I just removed? I have removed it from multiple ships and the amount stays at 19
  4. Groo_

    Chat Banned For This?

    "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" unless you are in Chat, then they hurt worse than a red hot poker to the throat
  5. Groo_

    WG have u lost your minds?

    Das Limpet
  6. no more time travel........bummer
  7. Groo_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    sell premium perma camos of the different fletchers for the T9 techtree Fletcher and Make bank
  8. Groo_

    Narai and Weimar

    simplest "fix" would be to make all operations T6.............then wait for the sky to fall. I am pretty sure if you win the op, you collect credits and XP/FXP/ECXP. I don't understand all the fuss
  9. Groo_

    16000 Tokens for the T8 Harbin

    its a tier 8, not a 7 and its a tech tree ship you can grind for free. whats the problem?
  10. Groo_

    Server is down...

    thats funny
  11. I bought into it and got a Yoshino B................./me just shakes head
  12. Groo_

    Happy Birthday USMC

    because purple is a way of life