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  1. The boys and I went 50% which isn't bad since we have never played together, Look forward to more of this
  2. Groo_

    -BSK- Is recruiting

    ALOHA all. Still looking for average players
  3. Groo_

    Dasha Perova Commander

    have multiples of her. she beats the tar out of having a screaming oriental girl
  4. Groo_

    -BSK- Is recruiting

    Happy Monday all
  5. Groo_

    -BSK- Is recruiting

    Black Skulls are recruiting, we are looking to grow our team and have a boat load of fun on the way. Who we are, we are nobody in particular, we do not have uber unicum talent or attitude. We have been playing together for almost 6 or so years, I guess. Started in ARMA 2/3 and went on to other games and we have been playing boats for over 3 years. Looking for SEMI-competitive players. we are not super or over competitive, we play for fun, since this is a game, I figured that is what we are supposed to do We are all over 25. but act like 12 yr olds at times. We are just seeking like minded individuals, male or female. young or old. Active duty and prior service more than welcome. What we are not is, good, if you look at stats, but if you are a number crunching type of player please look elsewhere. we do not pay attention to stats. we are looking for Team Players This is our Discord invite code https://discord.gg/Bs2B9xA if anything just swing by and say hi. Thank you for your time Groo
  6. Groo_

    Soviet tokens with P. Bagration

    it gives you a new personal mission every weds if completed the 7 for the current
  7. Groo_

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    Completed Directive #2 super excited, finally should have enough tokens for the first ship.......................... I guess not
  8. Groo_

    Russian Cruiser Event Rewards

    actually got a 10 token this morning, grand total of 110 tokens. winner winner................... eh screw this
  9. Groo_

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    I will wait for the Russian fake navy to arrive...........
  10. since I have over 500K xp on my DmDonskoi, shouldn't I just be able to research and buy the ship? nevermind, I believe this was somewhat answered earlier
  11. Groo_

    Maass disappointment

    I must be doing something wrong then, because I really enjoy the Maass and do fairly well in it
  12. That could buy a lot of toilet paper
  13. Post an image with a post count number on it
  14. Groo_

    Visby Gun Reload Speed

    I knew something was up, As I fired I would always get the single gun and have to wait for the rest, Kept looking and thinking my angles were off. Good to know . Thanks OP