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  1. one of my first premiums, always have and always will love this little Polish boat
  2. Groo_

    I just want to say...

  3. Groo_

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    I hadn't really thought of the amount of Premiums released over the past year until I read this thread. I was taken back and thought for a few minutes and said "Holy shicrap" I dumped that much money into this game????!!?? out of all the ones released (by whatever means) I Think my most enjoyable, Favorite and Fun ship to play is surprisingly the BAYARD She is fast, nimble and deadly. Much to my surprise I have earned multiple Arsonist, Witherer and Kraken rewards with her. She has definitely become my go to for randoms and her credit potential is pretty good as well as a Great captain trainer IGN is Groo_ Play on the NA server
  4. Groo_


    I like the whole dockyard concept. Just not the ridiculous grind but being a T10 ship, I'm gonna bet it goes steel
  5. all I can do is shake my head................
  6. I lol'd while reading this thread...............2million subscribers WG....Hey lets ask him to play and make him a CC.............. Jingles has paid his dues
  7. Last year I got mine out of Black friday crates that opened an XP mission to receive the ships. Just had to buy crates
  8. Groo_

    Fun camo question for your amusement.

    I like the "PI" camo the most I think
  9. Groo_

    Happy Birthday Marines

    Ooh-Rah Gents, Ooh-Rah
  10. As a prior active duty Marine, I thank you Wargaming
  11. I don't understand why they don't come up with permanent camo's of Famous Fletcher class ships like the O'sullivans instead of more Fletchers Personally, I think the USS Laffey should be a shoe in for a premium ship (read the history of its narrow survival) but I am bias, she is down in the harbor now with the USS Yorktown (that should be in the game as well)
  12. Groo_

    Rigging in the Halloween mode

    I got reported and called an A-Hole while playing this game mode this morning by someone in this very thread complaining I killed her................. Sucks to be you
  13. I really appreciate the gesture. Not needed, but definitely appreciated
  14. Groo_

    Happy Birthday to me - SupercontaIner luck

    Love my Kutuzov, so will you