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  1. for 44 usd, I could get 3 premium t6 ships with port slots and a captain on the crate ships If I have all the t6 premium ships currently I will still get the slots, commanders and get dubloons for 44 usd avg around 10-12k dubloons, 2 10 point commanders and 3 port slots. That sounds like a pretty good deal for 44 usd to me
  2. LOL Fun time was had by all. hope ya'll enjoyed Charleston. The city is such a nice diverse and historical place. Ya'll come back now
  3. Groo_

    New summer sales

    for those individuals that have all the current T8 premiums, it seems like a great chance to get dubloons, captains and port slots........
  4. Done going to Yorktown tomorrow Fem? see ya there
  5. See you there, and welcome to Charleston
  6. Groo_

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    If you play DD. Always use RPF say for instance you are in a Benson with RPF. you are capping the C cap point on trap, you are contested but it's the ashashio/Harekaze/kagero with 5.4 detection. RPF is your friend and will give you the tactical advantage. Same scenario as above except you don't have RPF: The enamy is sitting in his smoke screen...............ALWAYS ALWAYS torp the bejesus out of a smoke screen.
  7. Groo_

    I no longer enjoy the game.

    or he got the hammer
  8. Groo_

    Skills on the Yorck

  9. there should be a gaggle of new clans in the next clanbattle season. might get right interesting
  10. a lot of great choices at T8. probably gonna take the PE or the Mogami or even the mighty Cleveland
  11. Groo_

    How do you citadel BBs in a Des Moines?

    Killed a Montana, Iowa and a north carolina with a des moines from less than 5k in a single game. It is possible. Mr. Yamato looks at me and says "hello puny bug" and then smash to the face, but it was a glorious round. best round I have ever had in the Des Moines
  12. Groo_

    ST: Battleship Ohio

    USS Buckeye ;)
  13. watch all of them, Flambass has my full attention in the morning a decent and entertaining streamer to watch in the mid day is Alpha_Ares in the evenings.........random picks, But Generaldort is probably the funniest streamers to watch, but be warned, it ain't pretty