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  1. Groo_

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    own one, love it. It is a beast. played the Baltimore and the Wichita back to back. Wichita wins for me hands down. feels better and not as bulky as the Baltimore. Good Armor Good flat arcs and delivers a pounding with AP or HE
  2. Groo_

    Holy carp, got a SC.

    Love the French Cruiser line. I play that with my 19 point Henri capt. It is sick
  3. Groo_

    something a little different

    look at the hull number................... here is another example
  4. Groo_

    Wichita is finally on sale

    I was really really looking forward to this ship. After seeing the stats I step back and ask myself what role will it fill the Baltimore doesn't I think I will pass The Boise at least gets a heal at T7
  5. Groo_

    Alaska ship

    Half-life 2 episode 3 will be out first
  6. Groo_

    New AA mechanics explained

    Thank you Sub_O
  7. Groo_

    If we are going to get submarines...

    We already have subs in the game......every time I play, I always submerge............
  8. Groo_ parody!

    100 ramming flags and a Krasny Krym hilarious!!!
  9. Groo_

    AA really needs a nerf.

    I can almost taste the amount of Sarcasm in this thread
  10. Groo_

    CV Premium Ships

    funny stuff right there This forum needs more humor :)
  11. Groo_

    Fletcher or Jutland?

    Kitakaze finds this post amusing