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  1. had enough to get the Bourgogne and a pile of coal
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the events and completed all the objectives. I bought a few crates for myself and others and got the only ship I wanted........ Nikolai I Thank you WG team so much for the festivities. Still had plenty of time over the holidays to spoil my grandson of 3 rotten and enjoy my family time.
  3. Groo_

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    1 game in Boise, 1 game in Dallas, 1 game in Helena, 1 game in Missouri one task down 5 PEF games 1 PEF operation game (totally owns in this) Challenge complete 6800 doubloons and 4 million credits Thank You WG
  4. they were bought back too ,If I remember correctly
  5. I do not have any pictures, but my 2nd game in the gremmy netted me a kracken, and the third game netted me ................Another kracken
  6. Groo_

    Special emblems?

  7. Groo_

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    YMMV But I love this ship
  8. Groo_

    Special emblems?

    and What praytell is the Capital B on some of the patches?
  9. Groo_

    Operation Cherry Blossom - a thing I noted.

    I have found the Kutozov does extremely well in this Scenario. 19K range, good speed, nice reload, 12 rifles, smoke and my Captain is set up with a 92 AA rating
  10. Groo_

    HMS Exeter!!! Dev Blog Post

    well alright alright alright
  11. Groo_

    Operation Cherry Blossom - a thing I noted.

    played it yesterday..........a lot. one battle was 1 Baltimore and 6 Clevelands.........no planes survived. It was glorious