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  1. Z-39 Concealment Bug or Nerf?

    It citadels cruisers with ease and is a beast when top tiered
  2. it appears so. Also I noticed if you have perma camo on them already you will get the replacement ships camo'd for free plus you get the additional perma camo value in dubloons. interesting...................... I do know I read if you have the congradulatory camo it gets moved to the tier 8 Baltimore. so there is always that too
  3. I have a question to this since there are so many that Have been here for previous line splits. I just read this https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/158930-public-test-075/and I was wondering if the new ships get a 6,7,8,and 9 point captain only if you do not own them. currently I own the whole line, does this mean I will be compensated in credits, which it states and receive 4 additional 6,7,8,and 9 point captains in my reserve?
  4. Bismark,Tirpitz,Richelieu,Alsace...................drive in and pound them all. I love it, as any fool an plainly see. I can plainly see that
  5. /me shakes head.............I know this..............Cheese dip was his ultimate food of choice, as any fool can plainly see. I can plainly see that
  6. I'll leave the 13 pointer where he is then and enjoy my free 8 pointer
  7. so If I put a 0 point captain on my cleveland, I get an 8 point captain on the new teir 8 cleveland? sounds baller to me
  8. I find it hard not to play the Alsace. I absolutely love this ship. just wait til you get yours. I like the Republique, but the Alsace is way better in my hands. It was the most enjoyable grind in any tree. even beat out the fletcher to the gearing
  9. I have a 100% wr in the Benson in ranked. I did not play it much, but it was awesome. The Chapayev Was my go to ship. stuck at rank 10 and really don't want to embarass myself playing T10's. I suck equally with all T10 ships.
  10. Mystery Flag?

    still waiting on mine..........."no bonus available" is all I get
  11. Brooklyn Naval Yard

    I believe you will be able to hoist it after the season is over
  12. Premium ship "Must Buy"?

    I really really enjoy HMS Gallant. very agile, great turret speed great reload times. 8K torps as well