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  1. interesting...............Yorktown '34 or Yorktown '43? A new dilemma awakens
  2. 11 point commander? looks like popeye and john wayne had a kid me smells a reward ship to a campaign
  3. Gary_P

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    I anticipate a lot of heavy secondary build focused BB's. I think it will be their only defense should a ridiculous nerf like this hits them
  4. Gary_P

    Made It!

  5. Gary_P

    An evil payout..

    Ram as well
  6. Gary_P

    Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    Thanks guys, had a blast. very nice to sit and shoot ships and the breeze
  7. got a SC last night, 50 of those black special flags but in the past, I got the gremy and the kamikaze
  8. Gary_P

    Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    sounds like fun, I would like to attend
  9. Gary_P

    Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    Never played them, interested in them
  10. Gary_P

    Ultimate kill steal

    The "blue Falcon" award
  11. Gary_P

    Boise no Good

    Personally, I really enjoy the Boise. I have had 2 Kraken games in her. The 15 gun ifhe Salvos pounding on ..........whatever is truly hilarious
  12. I really enjoy the Jervis. Have enough XP on her to step right into the lightning. It is a workable ship
  13. Gary_P

    Thanks for the free DD's!

    I have enough XP on the Jervis to walk right into the Lightning upon release, so of course in the last crate today I got the Lightning I am certain my RNG has Aids