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  1. Abbye

    Rewards Menu Missing?

    As was stated, when the missions UI changed, the rewards for those missions no longer show up in Rewards. Other sources such as Achievements and Campaign rewards, as of yesterday, still show up in the Rewards section. FYI: Even before the UI rework, not every category showed up. I don't believe the "SnowFlake" style rewards ever showed up under the Rewards menu, though I could be remembering incorrectly. Abbye
  2. Abbye

    DD questions...a little confuzzled....

    Another vote for US or UK as your first DD line. Both are mainly gunboats with good torpedoes (though US torpedoes are rough early tier). The IJN has both a torp and a gunboat line which are much more specialized which can be more challenging if you end up in a fight where you need the 'other' style more. Another good, but different line is the EU line. I've found that the line plays most comfortably as a full concealment Torp boat line, with the AA being very useful in the current meta. Abbye
  3. Abbye

    Research Bureau: Worth It?

    The short answer, if you want Ohio, Marceau, or Siegfried, then its worth it. I quoted the WIKI linked earlier as you should read it very carefully ESPECIALLY the section on "Stacking resets" as that can significantly shorten the 'grind'. For me it's 1 grind to get Siegfried (in progress), and later this year 1 grind for Ohio Abbye
  4. Abbye

    Completing a branch.

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Research_Bureau Abbye
  5. Abbye

    Level 10 Upgrade Missions

    I have the Gearing, Moskva (and a few other) missions as well, currently on stage 5 for Gearing. I'm definitely getting credit for my runs, both in Random's and Co-op (for directive missions). I haven't ran many of the other TX mission ships recently, but can verify without question I received credit for Gearing and Moskva missions over the last 24 hours. Abbye
  6. Abbye

    The ROI on Coop Games

    There's a place for both Random and Co-op. I find it far quicker to complete non XP/Credit missions in Co-op, plus I find Co-op much more relaxing, so I tend to run randoms and finish the night with a bunch of co-ops. If you limit yourself to one or the other then many of the missions (think current directives) become very grindy. Depending on what you are playing for, even the XP/credit's, whereas not as high as random, can still add up quickly as they are mostly wins, and turnaround is generally double to triple that of randoms. That said, many BB's absolutely suck in co-op, so for those I would definitely not bother most of the time. Abbye
  7. @Hapa_Fodder Thank you very much for the qualify of life UI improvements! Thank you very much for including a separator in the number fields on missions. Could we make this universal? i.e. the CAMPAIGN MISSIONS for example still have no separator. One other request, could we also have items, for example commanders and unique upgrades etc, sorted like we have for ships, i.e. with the RECEIVED sorted to the bottom of the page? Along those same lines, the Unique Upgrades don't seem to be marked properly, i.e. before current patch I'd completed 1 UU mission and it was check marked and sorted to the bottom of the page. Since the current patch went live, none of my UU's are marked as received. Thanks so much for your time! Abbye
  8. Abbye

    Do you have a Vanguard?

    I have it. Its got weak armor and weak guns, and bad concealment. You are a target. Sure you may be able to make it work, but its a challenge. If you are asking here, you probably don't want that challenge. Abbye
  9. yeah @Hapa_Fodder, kinda mean to drop the server with 60 more minutes of the day left.... Just enough time for me to complete the dailies, before the server reset... then it resets an hour early. :( Abbye
  10. 1. Grind for Moskva, finish up with FreeXP if needed 2. Alaska 3. Nelson I have all 3. If I were in your position this is the order I would get them in. Moskva and Alaska are strong, hit hard, and have radar. Nelson is fun, especially when you pop your heal, but definitely more nitch. This is likely why you hear worries of Alaska leaving Armory, but rarely hear the same concerns for Nelson. Abbye
  11. NOTE: There is also a spider web version of Nomograms, at least in MODSTATION. Abbye
  12. Abbye

    uss alabama

    I also have both, they are different and used for different purposes. If one 'had' to be removed, it would be the Alabama as its basically just a premium NC, whereas the Massy is a different play style Abbye
  13. Abbye

    premiium ship question

    I have the Massy, Alabama, Tirpitz and Lenin, if I could only have 1 of them I'd keep the Massy. The others listed would be next in some order based on my current mood. From what I've heard of the the remaining coal/$ ships are what you get when you need a challenge as they are much harder to play and much less forgiving. Abbye
  14. Abbye

    Why Bother Playing T9?

    You don't take long range snipers or slow lumbering ships into high tier co-op. BB's are usually at a disadvantage, though some such as Massy, GA, Jean Bart do well. DD's can clean up regularly if you don't yolo. I've been doing some Hindenburg co-ops to end my nights, averaging ~600 base XP, 150-250k profit pretty regular with just premium account, perma camo, 2 basic credit flags. Only using the perma camo doesn't change the numbers too much. if you drive regular tech tree BB's, easily 1/2 the XP and some lose credits. The battles are just too short to consistently do well. I've also noticed that the later you play co-op. the longer the matches seem to run giving you a better chance to do better. Prime time is a terrible time to play co-op! Abbye
  15. Without IFHE you pen 25mm. This pens a most cruisers fore/aft hull sections and many of the cruisers deck plating With IFHE you pen 30mm. This allows to to now pen the majority of cruisers fore/aft and deck plating You will not be able to pen most BB's fore/aft/deck, but as mentioned you can penetrate the superstructure with OR without IFHE You can penetrate the fore/aft hull sections of most BB's and CA's with AP given you're close enough and have the angle. The change in IFHE and armor plating means its actually a decision you have to make for 152mm cruisers under Tier 8, and when to use HE vs. AP. if your main concern is damaging BB's, don't take IFHE and take DE instead and burn them down. If you are more focused on anti cruiser/dd, you'll do more direct damage with IFHE. Helena is one of my favorite ships. This hasn't changed with the IFHE rework. Abbye