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  1. FYI: Module demounts are free for the next 2 weeks. Abbye
  2. Abbye

    Des Moines legendary upgrade or range

    I've got legendary on my Des Moines, and Range on my Salem, so I've got both options. I like range on the Salem for ranged HE fights where the superheal shines. Abbye
  3. Abbye

    Drake: Range Mod or Reload+Spotter?

    Eye in the Sky was very useful for my grind, I recommend it. You are correct it won't be used on Goliath, however WG announced another free respec was due this year. I'd use EitS and just deal with it until free respec Abbye
  4. Abbye

    Skane Torps? Skane in general...

    Being lit for a GA is going to be a bad time for ANY DD. I found RPF to be invaluable at staying undetected as much as possible for most of the line, and if memory serves Skane was where I first implemented it. I think of the torps kinda like HE vs. AP.... they don't have big alpha, you use them to whittle down the targets. I went through before the skill rework, however if I was going through it again I'd probably take flooding for my 15th point (RPF for my 11-14). Abbie
  5. Thanks! Still working for now Abbye
  6. I've been wondering that myself, then I found a site that seems to show the values are TOTAL DAMAGE (LAST DAMAGE). If that is accurate than that would show translate to 4884 damage done the last hit for a total of 14652 with that named ship. Abbye
  7. Oh yeah. Good point. You still need to have 5x T10 unlocked to reset anything. Access to the RB isn't enough. From the wiki: "Any player with five (5) unlocked tech tree Tier X ships automatically qualifies for the Research Bureau. Obtaining Research Points in other ways, e.g. through Daily Missions or Dockyard events, also qualifies the player for the Research Bureau" If I'm reading that correctly, getting research points from dailies will do the trick
  8. @Hapa_Fodder This end match results not showing, sending us directly back to port, this is getting a bit tedious :( Abbye
  9. Abbye

    Explain this.

    Its like tackling a player who's already in the inzone, WG are just nice enough to give you the credit for the kill. Abbye
  10. Buy the free Tier 1 ship, problem solved. Of all things to make a stink about.... Abbye (Yeah I know, don't feed the trolls)
  11. They said on the Thursday official stream that there was a known number of people affected by this and to submit a ticket to fix it. I gave it another day, container still not here (am getting the missions like others), I've also submitted a support ticket. Abbye
  12. Abbye

    [ALL] ModStation

    Same here. Worked last week, but not today. Same resolution, remove MiniCarousel and it works, at it back in and black screen. Abbye
  13. Abbye

    German DD Missions

    If you look at the rewards for the mission that requires Felix or ZF you'll see you don't get tokens out of that chain, so it has nothing to do with getting the T7 and its perma camo. Likely wednesday we'll get another week long mission for 1k+ tokens... just like we did this past week. And all caps is rude. Abbye
  14. Abbye

    Nelson question

    I'm another that says never convert FXP for $, however be on the lookout for the FXP for 35db discounted rate that come around from time to time if you find yourself in that position. I believe the U.S. Memorial day holiday for one hits before the removal date, and holidays/events like that sometimes get that discount. Abbye
  15. Abbye


    Its still in BETA with expected drop outs until the constellation can be filled out. Once its live I expect it to be as good or better than any terrestrial ISP. Abbye