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  1. [edited] WoW I've had it. I HATE UPDATE. You have alienated your customers. I haven't been here long but I enjoyed playing. Now after update YOU ALL CAN KISS MY [edited]NEVER COMING BACK!
  2. k1nute

    The full FAQ of the CV Rework

    I agree wholeheartedly. I couldn't play until last night after update because of work. I wrote the previous post above before I even tried playing because I had lost my US carrier(taken from me). I then went and tried playing with my lower tiered Jap carrier. Might as well not have carriers anymore. What happened to fighters? I guess it doesn't matter you have essentially ruined carrier battles anyway. As I said I totally agree with above quote. I really don't want to even play anymore.
  3. k1nute

    The full FAQ of the CV Rework

    I sold my Langley to get Bogue CV after update the Bogue was taken from me and I don't have a US carrier now. Apparently I'm supposed to repurchase the Langley now to re-research everything to move up to next tier CV. This F*ing sucks. I'm not exactly sure but it looks like I've lost about 600-800 doubloons as well. I have just about lost all interest in playing now after this update. I preferred to battle with my carriers more than anything else and it gets taken away. Where do you get advanced warning about what updates are going to screw with. I guess after I use up my purchased premium of 80 days I have left I will resign from this game. I just got started and thought it was a promising game. I even purchased a couple of packages right off because I thought I would really like it and now this. No sir, I don't like it, I don't like it at all. I want a refund as well. I just do not like the changes. I have 80 premium days left refund me on that.
  4. k1nute

    Elite status on ships

    I have several tier 3 ships I've fully researched and upgraded but my tier 2 ships below them haven't been upgraded to elite. OK I've found how to sell my ships, right click on ship. How to dismount modules.
  5. I'm new to WOWS only playing a few days now. All my tier 1 ships have elite status, I can convert ship exp to free exp. How can I get the other ships I have to elite. I'm just cranking up ship exp but can't spend it cause I'm maxed out on modules and upgrades so I want to convert it but can't. I can't find help on this either, maybe I'm looking in wrong place but I cna't find out how to do this. Please help.