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  1. NovoStrix

    Events & Submarines

    Hi i guess i did not explain myself correctly.................... To get to the Riga it will coast u about 30k doubloons, by my calculations counting all missions and so on. Also i bought the Soviet Squadron and when i put a ticket in because i owned the Mikoyan already..... I was told i had to spend the 300 tokens to move up the chain of the event. Why in hell do i have to pay tokens for a ship i already own ????????????????????????????????????????????? GREED is the answer. As i said there will never be another event, i will die before that happens. NovoStrix.
  2. NovoStrix

    Events & Submarines

    That's 30,000 doubloons for ships that are not worth it, not counting time spent in pretty crappy ships. I would never spend that kind of money on those ships. Any ways i tried this EVENT and i will try anymore in the future. And i don't wanna see subs in my battles, that would be an automatic UNINSTALL.
  3. NovoStrix

    Events & Submarines

    Hi everyone, i just want to let Wargaming know that their "Events" like the Russian Cruiser Event was a futile exercise in GREED that i will never take part in again, whatever the Event. Also i want Wargaming to know that if they introduces their new sub stuff in co-op or random battles i will automatically uninstall all of Wargaming, that meas World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes. I said my piece, that's it. NovoStrix.