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  1. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    If that's what you think, I rest my case. You can't even recognize the fallacy in your claim. Have a good night.
  2. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    No, because statistically speaking, that just shows that if the same players who have access to the other Tier X ships had access to the Stalingrad, the average would drop drastically to levels below many of the other Tier X ships. What it does have is a marginally better performance in its intended role in CBs over Moskva. By that same note though, there are also plenty of other ships throughout the game that perform X role better than Y ship. And to claim that a ship is OP based on one game mode is also disingenuous. Again, from a scientific method and statistical analysis standpoint, you have to consider all the factors going into your numbers. It's misleading to compare two specific figures when the sample populations putting up those numbers are entirely different.
  3. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    Three unicums from our clans with 40+, can you point out the OP ship?
  4. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    Except it's not OP, as is the original argument. Look through the rest of the players in my clan with Stalingrads. They have plenty of other Tier X ships that they have higher average damage in. Are those ships even more OP then?
  5. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    I was referring to your cherry-picking of players to compare. If the Stalingrad were definitively better and unbalanced in the general game, you would expect all the unicum players to perform better in it than the rest of their own Tier X ships, no? As for your question, yes, we would take Stalingrad when we can, but you are still better off taking a mix of ships rather than just leaning hard on Stalingrads. In addition, there aren't always Stalingrad players available, and we do just as well with Moskvas.
  6. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    You cherry-picked one. The stats for practically all the others would disagree.
  7. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    As was stated before, that figure is deceptively high due to the fact that the generally more experienced players had them for longer. I guarantee it will come down.
  8. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    The Stalingrad

    If you browse the Tier X performance of unicum players with Stalingrad, you'll see that for the vast majority, it's hardly their best ship, even after hundreds of games. For some of them, it's even their worst ship.
  9. Fog_Carrier_Essex

    FTC to Investigate Loot Crate "Gambling"

    Just saw this in the news today and was curious what may come of this, if anything? FTC pledges loot crate investigation Since the legal definition of "gambling" varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, I doubt there will be any impact, although my entertainment law professor did reply that offering items that are no longer available for purchase is a legal grey area. Personally, I've enjoyed most of my purchases myself. Thoughts? Interested in what the community thinks.