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  1. La_Noif

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    I played few times on CV as practical way before it hit to EU server. I very much liked to play on new CV (Better than old one) and I liked airplane perspective view and how they attack to enemy ships. BUT it still needs tweaking to buff and nerf. I don't know the true power of mid and high tier CVs because I only have IJN T4 carrier and it feels quite weak. AA fire feels mainly strong. Damage on T4 carrier airplane to enemy ship is terrible (well... what can expect by T4?). Also, it is a big worry for other ships who use concealment expert. It feels useless now especially on DDs who want to try stay hide and torp snipe enemies ships so I feel a bit pity for them. I'm more between neutral and positive.
  2. Currently this weekend I have got painfully to watch this NA weekend teams and MM has totally abandoned me. Right now I m having 8 matches losing streak and I have to lose my patience because my team is always same: slow, passive, weak, no kills. As Eu player on my NA-alt, I feel I must carry my team all-time vs pro enemy team and my teammates can't do anything to win or don't want a win. Teammates just sail straight and eat all torps, not looking around about flanking enemy ship. Can't do this anymore. Dislike this MM faceslap me.