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    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    Who you kidding?? Over 90% of the PRs you will ever see are players that payed the 24K gold and the followup 35K gold. Nothing wrong with that, just don't blow smoke up my [edited]and tell me you got it by grinding.
  2. An interesting idea but historically and operationally inaccurate. The immediate response of a ships Damage Control party is to put out fires and stop flooding. Corrective Maintenance and Repairs are usually performed post engagement and inport. Yes, if Combat Control Systems or Engineering are down the crew will try their best to bring them back online. But other than relighting a boiler or rerouting power through a different electrical buss the chances of bringing a system back online are minimal. Perhaps a Signal Flag giving 3% chance the crew can restore a random destroyed system during the Damage Control cool-down?
  3. I really like that World of Warships (WoW) has a General chat channel during matches. I like asking questions about the game, commenting on another ship’s camo, offering tactical advise (aka lying to the other team), or just saying “Hi.” to a player I know. When World of Tanks (WoT) removed General chat it removed all of this interaction and simply put… it made the game less fun. I can understand why the Developers did it, they removed the channel in response to noxious conduct in chat. Yes, it eliminated ratting out teammate positions, but from what I’ve seen in both games the vast majority of undesirable conduct in chat is by unhappy dead players. Admittedly, WoW isn’t even approaching the toxicity that WoT was trying to address, but I’m hoping to head off this undesirable possibility by proposing two simultaneous changes to chat during a match: 1) Adding a non-selectable channel. 2) Making player transfer to the channel automatic. Here’s how it works; As soon as your vessel is destroyed you are automatically transferred to the new non-selectable channel. (Call the channel… Davey Jones, Graveyard, Iron Bottom, etc., have a contest to name it, whatever.) All dead players from both teams are automatically moved to this channel, also dead players cannot select any other channel. Since General and Team chat can't be selected, dead players cannot help or hinder players still active. They can cheer, cry, comment, or rage in the cemetery all they want. The only exception would be players in a Division retain voice communications -though I believe this to be moot since most players that group in Divisions use 3rd party voip-. This could also greatly improve the learning curve for players. Everyone could comment, give advice, critique their own or other players maneuvers and tactics, etc. Even after the match has finished. I’m not a proficient techie so I don’t know how much of an added load this is for the servers, but to minimize load a 1-minute timer for channel shut-down could start as soon as the match is finished. Does this seem viable? Is it worth the Developers time to create? If successful could it also be implemented in WoT? Thank you for your time and your comments in advance.