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  1. Chezik

    Massive nerf to secondaries coming

    Welp, there goes my fun times in German BB's. Unless WG could give manual secondaries to all German BB's as an innate and unique trait of the line perhaps?
  2. Chezik

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    I'm happy LWM hard work on testing ALL the turning radius stats is being recognized. Kudos Mouse!
  3. Chezik

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    It didn't work the first time, it won't work the second. There is no way to keep people from racking massive amounts of team kills with this. You can't. You can't balance out not paying attention. Unless, of course, you removed team damage from anything besides competitive modes. Then it would be fine. It would be just fine.
  4. Chezik

    Jingles Voiceover Issues

    I have also been having this issue since 9.5, mine defaults back to National+ voice overs on startup despite Jingles being selected.
  5. Chezik

    Commanders with special voiceovers

    He goes NUMNUMNUMNUMNUM! when you win.
  6. Chezik

    An experiment in getting better

    I really appreciate the feedback from everyone. I have decided to reset the RU BB line for a start. There are several reasons for this: 1. The armor scheme heavily rewards angling and punishes broadsides. Dumb mistakes will result in deletion, making sure angles are correct and nose is not towards things that overmatch will keep me alive. 2. The guns are both heavy enough to reward aiming well, and short ranged enough to reward proper positioning. 3. The fast recharging but limited DCP punishes not using DCP correctly. 4. The ships are slow and fat. Planning ahead for dodging and getting into position will be key. 5. There's no UU mission for the RU BBs so I'm not losing any progress on that. I'll be keeping a log of my progress through this thread, although it may not be updated frequently. The only "booster" I'll be using is my premium account and the military month contributor flag for that delicious extra 5% Tier 1 - Orlan First battle: Defeat, 366 xp. Solid middle of the pack game, probably the most fun I've had in months. A hectic, chaotic mess of a game with many laughs to be had. Lesson learned: WATCH THE MAP. I put myself in a position with fewer team mates and rather than retreat I made a stand. That was a mistake.
  7. Chezik

    An experiment in getting better

    That's also a big part of the problem I think. I keep bouncing around between lines. Having one line to focus on specifically will force me to learn the basics of that style, along with how to play as that class. I've been doing that since beta and I really feel like all the jumping around has hurt my ability.
  8. Chezik

    An experiment in getting better

    This is certainly a good point but I'm thinking the extra resources afforded by the RB will give me an incentive to slug it out. That and the desire to get better. That's why I'm planning on only doing one line at a time, probably the Soviet BBs (should be able to complete the UU missions by the end of the year that I have unlocked) because it's a particularly powerful line, I've got a 15 point captain dedicated (Ovechkin got moved to the Smolensk, another ship I have no idea how to play), and even with the few battles I have they're very forgiving ships. Once I've got them mastered I'll try moving on to another line and seeing how I do. I really do want to learn and I know the only way to do so is play more battles, I feel like I need an incentive to do so at lower tiers.
  9. Chezik

    An experiment in getting better

    You are correct, I like my big old battlewagons. I appreciate the advice. I do have to admit while I try to be smart about DCP I still sometimes use it an incorrect moments, and I don't change course/speed often enough when DDs are around. I've no intention of rushing this time, I really do want to learn to get good at the game. You'd think after 5 years I'd be decent but I've realized how far I have to go.
  10. Chezik

    An experiment in getting better

    I should clarify, the reason I want to regrind through the RB is because of the changes to UU. I have the missions unlocked for the Yamoto, the GK, and the Conqueror so I'll probably be holding off on them but the Kremin and the Wooster lines are ones I really need to learn and hope to earn enough points. Hope that helps understand my reasoning.
  11. Chezik

    An experiment in getting better

    I think that's the part that's most frustrating for me, I understand the actual game mechanics. I know HOW it works, I know which ships can bow tank, which ships to angle, which ships can pen my deck with or without IFHE, which ships I can do that to, which ships have turtlebacks vs spaced armor vs hull citadels, which ships have above waterline citadels, spotting mechanics, and which ships to aim at the snout bow on or wait for them to present upper belt armor. I just can't seem put this knowledge into practice.
  12. Chezik

    An experiment in getting better

    The hope is that the mistake was using FXP to jump over large portions of the grind. I'll give you an example, I used FXP to jump straight from the Fuso to the Yamato. Huge mistake. On the soviet BB line I went from T5 to T10 with FXP. I did FXP the FDG, but I had played through the German BB line up through the Bismarck (some FXP was used but each ship got a few battles). Again with American CL, I had the Cleaveland when the line split and jumped right to the Wooster, and I did the same thing with the German CA line from the Hindenburg. I just unlocked the Iowa but that was through skipping the Colorado and using FXP to unlock the modules on the NC, along with camo/signals. I think I have maybe 25 games in the NC, not nearly enough to learn the ship or the peculiarities of the guns, which if I had played the Colorado I'd have a decent feel for. My gunnery in the NC is trash because I don't understand the guns. I also, way back when it was available, grabbed a Missouri, played a few battles, sucked terribly, and it's a port queen now. The reason I'm considering this is because of the RB points, which should act as an incentive to actually do the grinds. I want to get better at the game. I really, really like the game. But the thought of going backwards without some concrete reward just doesn't sit well with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the German BB line up through the Bismarck. When I skipped the FDG it really wasn't in a good spot. The IFHE changes make it a much better ship I think. I love the GK, I'm just not good with it because I haven't fully grasped the mechanics/play style of high tiers before getting there. Thanks for the advice folks!
  13. Flambass' recent video on what he thinks is wrong with the game has me thinking. For those who haven't seen it the TL:DR version is it's too easy to advance through the tech tree, and people aren't learning game mechanics, maps, ship characteristics, etc before reaching T10. I know for a fact I'm one of those people. I've only got about 1700 random battles (and a bunch of coop, some operations, and a few ranked) under my belt but am sitting on multiple T10s. And hoo boy, am I bad. My gunnery is terrible, my awareness lacking, I've no idea how high tier maps work, and I can't effectively destroy enemy ships. My play at tier 8 and higher is simply atrocious and I often end up frustrated. Not because I'm losing (a lot) but because I personally am putting out terrible results and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. The ship I'm best in is the Scharnhorst. Why? Because it's the one I have the most overall battles in. I have a pretty decent idea of what I'm fighting, I understand the gunnery and armor scheme, I can see good/bad matchups on the map, and I can estimate how long it takes to flex. With that preface out of the way I've decided to conduct an experiment. I'm going to reset a line and actually grind. I'm going to play each ship, without shortcuts, until I'm back at T10. I'm going to learn the ships and tiers and maps inside and out. And when one is done I aim to work on the next. Why would I do this? Because there's no incentive for me to go back and play ships in previous tiers knowing I already have the next one unlocked with all modules with no idea how to play it. Because maybe if I start over on a line I enjoyed I can actually take the time to learn how to play. I've skipped through so much in pursuit of T10 that it's less fun to play than the low tiers when I was frustrated with the grind. Any pieces of advice for this mad scheme? Is this a worthwhile endeavor or am I just wasting my time?
  14. Chezik

    What are the chances this will come back?

    Yes, but WG won't make any money by bringing back that flag.
  15. Chezik

    Help Me Understand?

    It's all in game mechanics. While realistically a DD shouldn't be able to get within 8 Km of a BB without being seen and lit up with every secondary gun on the thing, it makes for a really bad time gameplay wise. It's the same reason even BB AP shells that arm on a DD don't just crack it in half, and gunnery hits below the waterline don't cause flooding. Way back in early alpha they had a flotation mechanic but that wound up getting scrapped, probably for good reason. It's the same reason the listed shell velocity is meaningless, actual travel time is about half of what it should be. It's also the same reason armor schemes are not realistic, as fun as it would be to sail around in a Yamato with the actual historic armor scheme it would certainly make life miserable for anything not armed with torps or massive guns. Radar/hydro seeing through islands, wonky dispersion on ships with historically very good gun directors, ships coated bow to stern in oil soaked rags and cans of gasoline, UK BBs 3d printing a fresh boat in the middle of combat...it's all arcade mechanics. If you're looking for any semblance of historical accuracy this isn't it. If that's what you're looking for you might check out a ship game about dreadnoughts, something about an admiral that is the ultimate perhaps.