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  1. Last 3 Commander Points on Yueyang?

    Spec out of BFT and do AR + RPF. I can’t imagine playing without it on yueyang. You have the gearings best in class close range guns but can’t torp other DDs - it’s imperative that you know when you are being flanked or rushed by another DD. It also lets you do good craplike hunt down asashios.
  2. Does Zao actually have a citadel?

    Yes, the Zao is basically all citadel when you are kitting away from a BB af long range. If they catch you at like a 45 degree angle away it will go right down into you.
  3. For Those Of You With DD Elite Pins/Emblems

    I'm 11 games into the Yeuyang averaging 96k damage. The main thing is that you can't die early. If you are decent, you will have enough huge 150k+ damage games that a few 40-50k damage games won't kill your average. You just cannot potato and die 3 minutes in doing 8k damage. Don't dive into a cap unless you know where the radar cruisers are. Be smart about conserving your health - don't trade badly. If you have multiple BB's in range, shoot one til you get a fire and the switch to another. DO. NOT. DIE. EARLY.