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  1. deadmeat2012

    0.8.10 interface buggy and incomplete

    Do you have any port side mods installed? I’ve had them cause new content like this to not display correctly.
  2. deadmeat2012

    Maybe next Ranked we do 3 tiers like Randoms

    I don’t remember which season it was but I’m pretty sure one of the early seasons was a two tier range. May have worked back then but now the low tier guys are gonna be severely hamstringed. I can think of very few cases I would purposely bring a tier 9 to a tier 10 fight(Black anyone?) but in a competitive game mode that’s already tuff as nails like ranked not a chance.
  3. deadmeat2012

    Farragut - damn the torpedoes!

    Fletcher is one of my favorite dd’s in game. I have every Fletcher in game and love them all.
  4. deadmeat2012

    Halloween event Captains.

    In the past that was not the case. All of the space/rogue wave/Halloween commanders could be transferred between ships. I honestly didn’t even look to notice that wasn’t the case this time. In any event I have plenty of other 19pt captains to farm elite Xp if need be and I rarely play all the ships in an event hence why I usually don’t spec them all.
  5. deadmeat2012

    Halloween event Captains.

    I usually try to keep at least one of the event captains unspeced since you can move them between the various ships in the event.
  6. deadmeat2012

    BB secondary activation?

    Just checked this on my Alsace since she has that front 152 and all the 152’s did turn and fire. Do you have your graphics settings low? Could be overriding the animate setting.
  7. deadmeat2012

    Names and numbers on premium camos?

    There are several great skinners on these forums that have released historical skins for most ships in game. (Including hull numbers)Take a look at the graphical modifications section to browse through them.
  8. deadmeat2012

    Opinions on Jutland in Ranked

    I’ve been running Jutland and Kit mainly this season and it can be a real beast. I have a slew of dreadnaughts and saved stars in it cause it’s like a cockroach. The heal is is a nice cushion, that coupled with the quick smokes allows you to pull away from an unexpected encounter with some health left. The 360 degree turrets are great for keeping fire on targets while your juking to avoid incoming fire. The quick throttle allows you to throw off the aim of enemies pretty effectively. i honestly haven’t mastered the single fire torps but am definetly gettting the use out of them. I had probably my best Ranked game ever in it today where I ended up soloing a JB and 2 dds to win the game. All with my hp well into the red.
  9. deadmeat2012

    Aiming Mods

    There is also a large selection in Aslains mod pack from various authors.