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  1. deadmeat2012

    SAILBLAHPBLAHPSAIL is the magic code

    Worked for me, no clue what I got but it worked.
  2. deadmeat2012

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Thank you, I found it. I had looked there earlier but skimmed the topic and missed the entries.
  3. deadmeat2012

    Setup for RB regrinds

    Unless I’m doing a split line I always just do the x2 bonus and try and stick with lines I have good capts on for high tiers. On my second burn through in pan Asian dds since I really enjoy that line except for the tier 6. Perma camos are nice but I find the biggest factor for me is having pre trained captains. You get so used to playing with those 19 pt captains it can be like stepping into the stone ages if you have to go with a low pointer.
  4. deadmeat2012

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    @Albrecht_Brandi Do you have another location for your EU DD camos? I lost mine with the mod folder change in 9.6 and would very much like to get them back.
  5. deadmeat2012

    [0.9.6] Modifications folder issue

    The issue here is they force delete the existing directory. So anything you had in there that isn’t in the normal mod packs( crapton of skins) got deleted too. I have a backup of my stuff on another pc but not everyone is that fortunate. if others are like me you’ve been collecting skins for years from different sources. I don’t even remember where I’ve gotten some of mine so the idea of having to replace them would really suck. On the issues of why this came up in the first place WG could solve some of this pain if they’d incorporate some of the most popular modes into the client. i can’t think of a good reason why some of the chat,crosshair, and alt interface mods couldn’t be incorporated as options.
  6. deadmeat2012

    [0.9.6] Modifications folder issue

    This is all well and good and I have no issue with reinstalling functional mods but I have an issue with my collection of custom skins getting deleted. I have a fairly substantial list of skins I’ve collected over the years and generally just move these from version to version. I ended up losing my entire France folder structure in this process. It’d be nice to have a client setting to save the content folder from deletion. Just my 2 cents.
  7. deadmeat2012

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    What the????? That's just loverly.
  8. deadmeat2012

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    Submitting a ticket now.
  9. deadmeat2012

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    So I ran a check and repair and now running a Check report but my client isn't creating a res_mods/ folder nor recognizing a statically created one. Anyone else seeing this before I submit a ticket?
  10. deadmeat2012

    Load my [edited]game

    Servers are up but somethings not right, its not creating nor recognizing the new version res_mods folder. Anyone else seeing that?
  11. deadmeat2012

    Premium camos...

    It’s not my link nor even my post. The link your referring to isn’t eve a link on this post. It’s just an image from the post I referenced.
  12. deadmeat2012

    Premium camos...

    I smell a troll.
  13. deadmeat2012

    Premium camos...

    This is easily resolved by using custom skins. There are a Number of great skinners on these forums that have historical skins for most of the ships in game. Personal I use a hodgepodge of skins from Tanz, zFireWyvern and USNA_76 as well as a few others. Just check out the graphical modifications section of the forums a mind you will find plenty of ships with names and numbers.
  14. deadmeat2012

    Ranked vs Ranked Sprint w/irrecoverables

    Honestly I had a very good run today using Benson/Kidd and Cleveland. Think I finished around 79%wr and got to one star away from 2 before I hit back to back loses. But I agree it worked when the team made a combined effort and didn’t spread all over the map. Based on MM monitor there are a lot of potatoes out there right now.
  15. deadmeat2012

    Fate of the USS Texas

    I suppose if someone really needed a push they could get visitor data from Patriots Point to compare what multiple ships at a single location can do to draw people in. Lived in Texas for 15 years and never made it to visit the Texas but I’ve been to the Lexington and the Yorktown so I think pairing them would be a great idea. Sadly I’m no longer a resident but will certainly pass this on to any Texans I know.