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  1. I run on a external nvme drive connected to USB 3 and it runs very well. As already said the bottleneck is going to be the interface you use.
  2. deadmeat2012

    Best Tier 10 Destroyer

    That really depends on your preferred play style. How high up the respective lines have you gotten?
  3. deadmeat2012

    Family Mighty Mo Pics

    Talk about ships passing in the night, just went back and checked my shots we were on Mo the morning of March 16th. Mostly rainy dreary day and we also had rented a Mustang Convertible. Our trip was actually to the big island but we did a day trip to Oahu to visit my old stomping grounds for the day (my dad was stationed at Schofield in the 80’s) so we had a full day of running around planned so we did Missouri and then headed to the north shore to check out Waimea bay while my wife dared me to go jump off the rock again. We had tickets to go to Arizona but timing just didn’t allow it. I have been to the memorial a half dozen times though my favorite visits were when my dad and I would go rent a 19ft sail boat and sail around in pearl past her resting place. Really love those photos of Mo in action, these are truly spectacular. Thanks again for sharing some visuals of that amazing ships life.
  4. deadmeat2012

    Family Mighty Mo Pics

    Wow I was there about the same exact time. I’ve done Lex and Yorktown but she was the first gun ship I’d been on....as long as you don’t count the Constitution. I really love wandering those old decks.
  5. deadmeat2012

    Family Mighty Mo Pics

    That is a truly awesome family legacy, thanks for sharing.
  6. deadmeat2012

    Does WoWs work on an external hardrive?

    Same for me and have seen no issues. I wouldn’t suggest your average external drive as they are usually low rpm spinning rust.
  7. deadmeat2012

    Where does WGC hide the "garbage"?

    Expose your computer to sunlight so you can kill the Gremlins inside. In all seriousness though if it’s generally slow and not just wows you probably need to run some cleanup tasks on your computer. You can edit your startup config to stop apps you don’t use from starting on boot up. (Msconfig) Run a virus scan which should also determine if you have any malware running in the background. If you have a traditional hard drive you can defrag the drive. Make sure your cooling fans are clean and spinning freely. Patch your system/drivers.
  8. deadmeat2012

    ST 0.10.5, new ships DB152

    So what did they do throw Friesland, Smaland, and a CL in a blender and this is what came out??? Any takers on this thing taking Smalands spot for FXP. I’m actually curious to see it though, if it is FXP I imagine I’ll be grabbing it. 4’s base reload on the 6” guns could be fun.
  9. They come in as a mission that you have to complete, check you missions screen. Also if your account is t properly linked they won’t show, I had to unlink/relink mine before this season to get the twitch drops to show up.
  10. I am still a full reset away from getting Vampire but I do have Paolo. Honestly Paolo is a very niche boat, while she is a fun DD in her own right I would get the Vampire first if you can afford both.
  11. deadmeat2012

    Does Friesland's captain become Dutch too?

    Curious how this will work too, I doubt I still have my actual fries captain as I dropped my blys captain in her and never looked back. Probably got sacrificed to the rework gods for ecxp. And since you can train captains to a premium I doubt I can force someone back to it.
  12. deadmeat2012

    This made me think of Dseehafer, a great lake bulk carrier

    My lord, I’ve known about the story of the Fitz since I was a kid. Never realized just how big and low those things are. That really puts some perspective on it.
  13. deadmeat2012

    When it rains, it pours

    Have to say something doesn’t add up. Every company I have ever worked for (and every colo we’ve used for that matter)has battery backups and a generator to deal with local power outages so the 24 hours to fully restore services doesn’t make much sense. And the fact it’s effecting multiple war gaming titles points to a bigger issue. Not sure how their services are spread out across Na but to have an online game completely tanked when one data center goes down does not compute. Timing feels more like a data loss and restore scenario. Certainly not trying to go tin foil hat here just saying there’s some holes in that story.
  14. deadmeat2012

    Godzilla vs. Kong in World of Warships

    Yeah just went back to the original shot to look at it again, definitely looks like a dual 5" mount there. Pretty sure I caught a shot of another forward. To bad she dies gloriously....
  15. deadmeat2012

    Godzilla vs. Kong in World of Warships

    So anyone seen any reference to what that ship is supposed to be in the movie that fires its 6 forward “guns” at Godzilla during the water battle? I’m assuming it’s total fiction as it looks like a Aegis style superstructure with a CIWS forward and what I can only assume are meant to be BB class forward turrets.